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  1. J.Gee says:

    THE craziest thing – in regards to LA mentioning Paul Hellyer! My husband and I were sitting outside on our fire escape in August – enjoying the summer night. Out of the sky came a UFO, it came down towards us pretty low and shot out a blast of light towards us. I have seen hundreds of UFOs in my day, but never have I been visited by one in this way – nor has one ever shot light out towards me before. The best way to explain the light was something like a photograph was being taken – sort of like a flash from a camera. After it flashed at us, it slowly manoeuvred its way upwards until it was out of sight. After this we went inside. My husband was in disbelief, I myself was concerned about the flash of light, why and what were they doing? I hopped online to google if other people have had a similar encounter when a woman I am very loosley connected with sent me a link via facebook chat to that very video LA mentioned, about the former defence minister going on record speaking about the fact that UFOs are real and that the US gov has been working with them for some time and that they WILL be touching down here and we WILL have to live with them. BAM. This wasn’t news to me obviously but the coincidence was uncanny. Just thought I would share.

  2. J.Gee says:

    Oh and one more thing…any word in regards to the size of the implants these people are getting removed?

  3. Cherry pie waiting for you, eh? While LA is usually interesting to hear from, that line alone raised the bar to new heights. Nice. Later fellas.

  4. simon says:

    that was plain awesome interview. werd!!

  5. darren says:

    This proves only one thing to me in the times of a depression the nephlin dollar is a good dollar

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