CCR 119: Save the Children! Exposing #Pedogate w/ Liz Crokin


DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN! There are many ways the elite cabal controls our world. But at the core of their methodology, is blackmail. The darker the blackmail they can hold over one another, the better leverage they have to pursue their own personal interests. These personal interests not only conflict with the good of the greater population, but they are the definition of the satanic mantra made famous by Aleister Crowley, “Do as thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law.”

With the combination of pride filled personal pursuits and the nature of blackmail, the type of behavior spread amongst the elite families members are shockingly dark. Morality is void. These folks have hurt, tortured, and even killed children and young people throughout the years. While researchers and authors have been suggesting this reality for many years, it’s only in the last year that much of it was confirmed for the public to see. Whether it’s controlled opposition or not, the revelations of Wikileaks confirmed a branch of our own political leaders who are deeply involved in this abhorrent behavior. With the knowledge about this reality spreading far and wide, journalists, reporters and other news media personalities with a shred of integrity have spoken out. These brave individuals were immediately silenced and even fired for the result of speaking up on these issues.

One such individual, is Liz Crokin. In this episode of Canary Cry Radio, we talk to Liz Crokin about EXPOSING PEDOGATE and what needs to be done to SAVE THE CHILDREN! Liz Crokin is an Award winning author of Malice, a journalist, sexual assault survivor, political junkie, and patriot. 


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  1. Karl Irving

    Just listened to the podcast on Save the Children Exposing #Pedogate…

    You need to look at the work of Elizabeth Loftus and the False memory Syndrome Foundation. The conclusion is that people do not forget abuse. Yet these councellors manage recover hidden memories that send people on a terrible vengeful The likelihood is that most of the people who Liz Crokin is saying were abused, were not abused at all,. They are more likely the victim of a subtle form of brain washing through really bad counselling.. Check out the retractor story of Beth Rutherford. Also look at the Australian False memory Association.

    1. Jeffrey Badders

      Quite on the contrary, the False Memory Syndrome Foundation has been shown in multiple investigations to have deep connections to the very same pedophiles the victims have accused. Some of the financial connections of the organization to Jeffrey Epstein, for starters, ought to raise alarms in the mind of anyone with a soul and half a brain. I submit to anyone else who reads this board that Mr. Karl Irving has “drank the pedophile koolaid” and is now spreading their propaganda… I urge MR. Irving and ANYONE who questions this to look up “False Memory Syndrome Hoax” or “Exposing the False Memory Syndrome Foundation.” We can no longer allow these people to silence their victims.

      “The CIA created a front group called The False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) to debunk, ridicule, and defame victims (and their advocates) of Satanic Ritual Abuse, pedophilic sexual abuse, and CIA cult mind control activities. The board members of FMSF reads like a Who’s Who of CIA contractors and ‘consultants’. Incredibly, Peter and Pamela Freyd, executive directors of the FMSF along with FMSF founder, Dr. Ralph Underwager, have fallen from public grace because they, themselves, have been involved in the very abuse that they claim is a result of ‘false’ memory on the part of the child.”- Ken Adachi

  2. Jo Trombley

    Good show! Two in one month, awesome!

  3. NoFreePass

    Great June 9 show!

    Regarding June 25 show:
    Let me get this straight. Trump is here to save the USA from evil Democrats who are devil-worshipping sex traffickers and child abusers? And the smoking gun is Wikileaks? And law enforcement is in on the cover up? It’s a tall order gentlemen.

  4. cool, a new episode! great job guys!!

  5. MsTree

    Another great podcast. HOWEVER…you both need to listen to this, because it goes even deeper as to why Trump has been put into place by the Lord himself. 😉 Please be willing to listen to it, in it’s entirety.
    Donald Trump Prophecy – Mark Taylor

    1. Víctor del Castillo

      Mark Taylor has been identified as a false prophet, he failed several of his prophecies before and the Bible says that if someone fail on their prophecies is because they were lying and those visions we’re not from God.

      Plus you can clearly see he is a showman not a humble Christian.

  6. Víctor del Castillo

    I think anyone not knowledgeable of how secret societies like freemasons work should not be lecturing people about Trump. She doesn’t know what is she talking about, it’s all a game for them, nothing more, nothing less. The overall agenda continues and now they have most evangelicals on their pockets. The only hope is Jesus,and Trump has not changed a little bit from that guy who said “I’ve never ask God for forgiveness” in his campaign, he’s not making good fruits, therefore I still don’t trust him, not a single bit.

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