CCR 069: The EU and Antichrist with Erika Grey


THE NEW WORLD ORDER is often coined as the goal for a small group of conspiring elite who are controlling the world’s monetary systems to bring about global governance. Many people in the evangelical Christian community who study Bible Prophecy use the phrase as a way to describe the coming global order as prophesied in the book of Daniel and Revelation. However, Erika Grey rejects such notions. In her research, the rise of global governance is not a conspiracy, but rather a public proceeding led by a conglomerate supranational institution called the European Union. According to Grey, it is the EU who are leading the charge to eliminate nation and state borders and to consolidate the rule of law for the entire world. In other words, we are not living in a New World Order, but in the Age of Empires. In this episode, Basil and Gonz discuss a different perspective on how the One World Government might be formed from a geopolitical standpoint and not the conspiratorial angle with author Erika Grey. They also talk about technology and where Erika feels the EU’s role is in the development of the Mark of the Beast and the Image of the Beast.

Erika Grey is an Evangelical Christian author, prophecy expert, teacher and commentator. Shes considered by Yahoo and the British publication Global Watch Weekly as a “major geopolitical analyst.”Erika focuses on current affairs, the EU and its relation to Bible Prophecy and issues that affect individuals living in these end times. Erika is known for her analytical approach, sound in depth research from recognized sources, and emphasizes geopolitical rather than conspiracy theories.


End of the World: The Revelation Prophecy

The Antichrist of Revelation: 666

The Revived Roman Empire: Europe In Bible Prophecy

The Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and The European Union


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  1. anon

    erika grey red flags:

    1. calls herself a prophecy expert
    2. calls anyone who thinks different than her, ignorant
    3. says the NWO was done and over with during the Bush administration

    however i agreed with her that the “AC” will come from a Jewish tribe and not Islam

    Ideally, people with novel ideas should state their views with humility and not insult their listeners by calling them dumb. humility isn’t calling oneself a “prophecy expert”.

    i did enjoy listening to the whole thing. interesting nonetheless

  2. Nobunaga

    Yeah there is no conspiracy in the bible…

    Why do the nations conspire,
    and the peoples plot in vain?
    The kings of the earth set themselves,
    and the rulers take counsel together,
    against the Lord and his anointed, saying,
    “Let us burst their bonds asunder,
    and cast their cords from us.”

    Even if you translate conspire to rage or rebel the motif of conspiracy is abundant through this paragraph. Rulers taking counsel together is a conspiracy… it is the very dictionary definition of it. Then going on to cite George W as as the originator of the phrase “new world order” lol quite fortunately the audio dropped out, hopefully by coincidence. Unfortunately she went on to use the ad hominim argument and label all conspiracy theorist as ignorant ! No citation of what conspiracy or any counter argument but just a blanket rite off of people using the trigger word “conspiracy theorist” which is pathetic and lazy, if you want to debunk something you refute it and counter the argument using logic not logical fallacies.

    If the kings of the earth are taking counsel together in an effort to throw of the yoke of the living God should we not be pointing this out…you know like exposing the evil works of darkness as commanded…Not impressed and i’m only 23 mins in.

  3. Nobunaga

    Sorry to criticize Erika but as a British citizen she is wrong to say the EU was not sold to us on business and trade agreements with other EU countries. Even today as UKIP rises those who want us to stay in the EU say we must stay in the Euro zone for the sake of our trade agreements or we will lose all our business and jobs…which is baloney. The EU was sold to the UK public as a common market that was the only term we heard was the “common market” so to say otherwise is false. I’m afraid she doesn’t seem to have any credibility at all.

    1. admin

      Nobunaga. Thanks for the comments. You’re right that she called all conspiracy theorists, and basically our entire audience ignorant. But I suppose at times protecting ones credibility outweighs addressing particular issues. Nevertheless, we didn’t disagree with everything Erika said. It is true that a lot of what these international orgs plan to do are published and many folks don’t pay attention. But as you experienced, it seemed the public was sold on key phrases like “common market” which sounds like a prime example of propaganda. If anything, someone studying these topics should have been able to see the discrepancy between the written documented plans vs the propaganda sold to the public. If they don’t jive, at the very least there is deception, and where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire.

      And we did bring up Psalm 83.

      1. Nobunaga

        True you did bring up psalm 83, I do not expect you to argue with your guests and understand the uncomfortable situation you guys find yourselves in with guests you dont agree with. What you said regarding propaganda v actual plans is also true but when someone calls this out you get dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist”…hope you see the irony..because that is exactly what she did. I didn’t find much i agreed with and the things i did agree with i have heard many times before but good interview nonetheless, and i wish her no ill will at all.

      2. Nobunaga

        True you did bring up psalm 83, I do not expect you to argue with your guests and understand the uncomfortable situation you guys find yourselves in with guests you dont agree with. What you said regarding propaganda v actual plans is also true but when someone calls this out you get dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist”…hope you see the irony..because that is exactly what she did. I didn’t find much i agreed with and the things i did agree with i have heard many times before but good interview nonetheless, and i wish her no ill will at all. Keep up the good work.

  4. anon

    didn’t they conspire at night to crucify jesus and jesus said they’d do the same to us one day?

    conspiracy is throughout the bible and all politics

    i think erika is afraid to be associated with the word conspiracy

  5. admin

    It is also of our opinion that the kinds of conspiracy theories she was probably taught a few years ago was more akin to the 1984 style tyrannical take over. Everyone was being warned of “communist take over” or “socialist take over” when really, I think Huxley’s Brave New World style take over is far more accurate to reality.

    The take over it more pleasure based, not fear based. Just look at how distracted everyone is with their orgy porgy centrifugal bumble puppy in this culture.

    1. anon

      Both Orwell and Huxley were right. Both are happening at the same time.

      If mainstream media is touting her as an important political analyst, you have to wonder about her.

      Saying that there are no conspiracies and the NWO is over, both play into kinds of disinformation.

      1. julian

        ok here is where humility and being truly openminded comes into play….

        is she a true christian? yes, in my opinion she is.

        does she have a different definition of what conspiracies are? yes

        I must admit, I wanted to shut down n booooo her toward the begining of the interview. but that was cuz I was “married to” some beliefs that she attacked as dumb. Once I realized that I was being just as closed minded as I accuse other christians of being. thats when I started listening to what she was saying. in reality its pretty much what we all believe “ufos, transhumanism, gifts of the spirit, spiritual warfare, etc…”

        she just says there is no hidden human hands guiding it all. its all in the open taking its natural/spiritually driven course.

        I think she had a lot of good points and was strictly coming from a “provable” pov rather than a “conspiritorial” one. And she still came to the same conclusions.

        in my opinion people need different ways to wake them up spiritually. Hers may be geared toward a different audience but shes fighting the same fight.

        So lets love our sister and cheer her on. She has a huge audience and is respected. Who is to say that God didnt place her there?

        just my opinion

        1. julian

          p.s. way to go Basil n Gonz! You guys really Dr. Future’d her. Way to show that christian love in the face of blatent insults and difference of opinion…. Big ups!

          1. elissa

            I disagree with you here:
            there is a big difference between scaling back from one’s full argument to offer what is palatable to the audience
            the outright dismissal & discrediting of those segments of that argument closest to revealing its error.

            One is the work of a minister, the other is the work of deception. It is the best strategy the devil ever had to get mankind to believe he does not exist, to deny conspiracies fueled by the very engines of satan, is to provide cover for that lie. She is not scaling a message to convey basics & lay the foundation for others to later elaborate upon… not at all. In fact, her enmity toward conspiracy perpetuates very cornerstone of the deception “it doesn’t exist”

            This is satan’s very campaign, his talking point, it is the sum of his framework of misinformation and distraction from truth. It’s the only weapon the minions engage to provide cover for the evil it actively seeks to shield.
            In this alone she can not be both a believer in the Word of God, that clearly tell us to trust GOD, not the authority of man, and then turn around to elevate the official published material as if it is some standard of truth in virtue of its authority… the two positions are mutually exclusive.
            This trap is both toxic and evil and whatever her original intent is, it can not factor in to allay the concern a christian has for the products of its work.

  6. elissa

    she dislikes conspiracy to the exposure of her ignorance overall

    she not only readily admits ONLY sourcing those documents prepared for public consumption, describing all they were doing as it is to be understood as the PR distractions to reinforce the illusion of deception, one which poses a threat even to the elect .. but she buys it!
    Worse still, in the vanity of her confidence about her deception, she furthers the enemy’s cause by chastising investigation, consideration, or even existence of conspiracy-

    If I didn’t love Gonz and basil… I’d have shut it right off.

    Both of you guys did well. You started the volley to squash this horsesh-t and I expect that as you get more comfortable & grounded in your calling, you will find the Holy Spirit rapping his Grace right out of your mouths at times of facing this non-sense.

    Just to point out a few of her complete misses:
    -this one world govt is the prophetic “last straw” for the Father: its satans best attempt to slam the door of humanity to TRUTH
    -it started at the time they were building a tower in Babel, not the end of world war II

    -she neglects Lucifer’s influence over the players and though she said she had “a lot”to say about Alice Bailey in that rat-tone screech.. (yikes!) she said nothing

    -she did not mention the UN in the first 5 min – right there, she is clueless
    -if it’s not a conspiracy, then what is Carnegie foundation, the CFR, Agenda 21 and Vatican II’s Lumen Gentium declaration that Muslims are included in God’s plan of salvation bc (catholic) worship the same creator as muslims (LG16 (126)
    -big miss on Robert Meuller’s 50y plan now up and running that our children be indoctrinated with disdain for Jesus and the Christian message for decades with Core curriculum…
    -differentiating the EU central bank from the fed….
    duh?! it’s the same group of elites that make up all global banking

    clearly she can’t
    distinguish the bars from the cage..

    obviously she has not given the time of day to anyone who has researched this subject.

    Heck she doesn’t even believe God if she denies a conspiracy on Lucifer’s side:
    Obediah warns us:
    All the men of thy confederacy have brought thee even to the border: the men that were at peace with thee have deceived thee, and prevailed against thee; they that eat thy bread have laid a wound under thee: there is none understanding in him.

    seriously, I’d have asked her if God was talking about empires or NWO in this warning
    Isaiah 5:8
    Woe unto them that join house to house, that lay field to field, till there be no place, that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth!

    but she revealed her hand as a bad egg at the end, didn’t she?
    we know full well who is concerned that time is short.

    nice work guys-

  7. Jon

    Yeeeah, that was an awkward listen, lol.

    Kudos to you guys for having her on, you both kept it classy. She was a tad rude and she seemed to lack any sense of humor concerning, well, everything. You guys are both hilarious and you always interject some levity, which is great. This interview felt like it needed to be on NPR.

    My two cents. The entire time it just felt like she was saying that there is no conspiracy because it is out in the open, what they have been trying to do…..she even dismissed the Alice Bailey writings. She is correct in that many if these ideas ARE out in the open. She is incorrect in her evaluation of the motives behind these ideas.

    Do the people behind these ideas believe that they are doing the devil’s work? In most cases, no. They believe they are bringing the world together in peace and harmony, and if they do believe in Lucifer, they believe that he is a being if light. There is no conspiracy in their view, it is simply the truth.

    Therein lies the missing puzzle piece for Erika. She belittles any and all conspiracy, when in fact, it IS a conspiracy, it is just that the conspirators conspire in the open! It is SO open and in the public view that, as a matter of fact, it is far more effective than a closed door meeting with a few powerful men. They have most people completely fooled thinking that there is nothing wrong with a united world to bring about peace. What could be wrong with peace, right??? You don’t want peace? You must be a terrorist. That is how the game works.

    Also taking into account the ton of material online and pre online proving that their indeed is credence and truth to small groups within the government conspiring against the general public, to say all conspiracy theorists are ignorant is simply….well, ignorant. A tell tale sign as well is when she kept touting the credentials and degrees of the people who agree with her. News flash. Degrees and accolades don’t mean correct, and frantically pointing to how much schooling a person has as some kind of validation actually sounds rather like that person is begging for acceptance. If you are that factual and assured, why the need to beg for credibility?

    She honestly just sounds like a person who is trying to stay credible to academia while talking about Christianity. Another news flash…..the world, and specifically academia, are controlled by Satan. I understand not wanting to sound like a nutjob, but this interview really makes her sound as if she is a disinfo agent herself.

    And how can you not laugh at Basil’s jokes???

    Keep up the great work.

  8. thetruthisstrangerthanfiction...

    wow… I came to leave my own little rant after listening to this interview, and lo and behold, my fellow tin-foilers pretty much beat me almost every point I was going to make!

    Overall, yes, I agree that she is indeed a sister who loves the Lord and yes, there were many sort of “basic” points that we would all probably agree with. (Salvation, the Lord’s return, etc., pretty big ones!), but then again, I too found myself almost wanting to turn off the podcast after hearing her so flippantly disregard “conspiracy theories”, as even her use of the term itself reveals how much she herself has unknowingly imbibed the indoctrination of masses, lumping everything that isn’t reported and supported by the mainstream press together as all crazy “conspiracy theory”… (so does she not believe the official Bin Laden 911 story?? Does she not believe Hitler was planning to take over the world and exterminate the Jews? those are all “conspiracies” according to the technical term.. ) Anyhow, I digress, I know I’m preaching to the choir here…

    (but dang, did everyone else flinch when she said “George W. Bush was the first person to call for a New World Order”..?) That kind of statement can be disproven in less than thirty seconds… yet she said it in such a cavalier way…

    Only other thing that really sort of bothered me, was that on top of her “conspiracy” mocking, she essentially presented all of her perspectives on the End Times from a paradigm that was strictly, or in fact presumptively, Pret-Trib.

    Normally I don’t mind when guests in interviews of this nature themselves hold such a view, it’s just that I suppose I’m used to the fact that most of the time, they at least acknowledge that other views like Pre-wrath are held out there and they don’t just assume that Pre-trib is a forgone conclusion. Maybe we’re just spoiled here in the RRN-sphere, and most of the time when the issue comes up, it can at least be discussed and perhaps new perspectives presented on the question, but this lady, no, she didn’t even so much as hint at thinking it could be any other way. Every single belief she holds about the Last Days is just “the facts” in her thinking, which is honestly a little troubling. WHile I am not discounting the many years of study she has put into the whole topic, I have listened to plenty of other prophecy teachers/researchers who are far less cocky about thinking they’ve got everything figured out. It was just a hard interview to listen to, and you guys really did show her a lot of grace, (almost to the point where I was wondering if it wasn’t erring on the side of softballing questions to her, to be completely honest…)

    I mean, like somebody else already said, she knows so much about the “real” purposes and agenda of the E.U., because she’s read almost nothing besides official E.U. literature…? That kind of statement is sorta silly even from a totally “non-conspiratorial” mindset. (if someone claimed they knew the real scoop about, say, a corporation like Microsoft, because they read nothing but all of the official literature released by Microsoft, they would be scoffed at, even by people in the so-called “real world”…)

    Anyways, everybody basically pointed out all my gripes already, so, love you Canary Cry listeners!

  9. youtube_archangel

    I too am very pleased with people’s discernment. I am sort of new to Basil and Gonz’s style. You guys are extremely nice and diplomatic. I find myself screaming counter points in my head. However, I do enjoy the side sarcasm from time to time. For example telling Krieger “he has lot’s of time on his hands.”

    I too tend glaze my eyes when anyone calls themselves an expert, and GBush coined the ‘new world order’ phrase? I guess she never looked at the back of a dollar bill. I think her idea of conspiracy is someone in a wife beater with strawberry ice cream stains shouting nonsense from his garage filled with UFO memorabilia. Heck the entire book of Esther is a conspiracy. i.e. powerful people ‘conspire’ behind the scenes for their own agenda against their enemies. Psalm 2? Isaiah 29?

    You guys did good, she never really would answer your questions directly, like the Alice Bailey quote. Oh well! El’ Shaddai bless her and you guys!

    1. thetruthisstrangerthanfiction...

      ” I think her idea of conspiracy is someone in a wife beater with strawberry ice cream stains shouting nonsense from his garage filled with UFO memorabilia”

      exactly Arch…

      It was the fact that what she was rejecting and mocking in her use of the term “conspiracy theory” was all-too-familiar hokey caricature we see constantly put forth in the media, rather than any serious consideration of any specific question. She made some comment like “I don’t give conspiracy theories the time of day cuz there just isn’t any evidence”, and I’m thinking to myself, “I’d bet my booties that she’s never for five minutes stopped and looked into something like the collapse of building 7, if she even knows it existed at all…”

      It’s frustrating whenever you hear people who are true Believers in Christ and also sincere students of the Bible yet still are entrenched in that type of old-line “epistemological paradigm”, which still gives total deference to mainline institutions, credentials, and media in terms of where we should go to learn “true facts” about things. It is the line of thinking which equally mocks “conspiracy theory” and the notion that one could learn anything “real” via the internet. Of course there is tons of nonsense out there in the conspiracy vein, but the sad reality is that I find almost MORE nonsense when I open up one of my kid’s history books from school..

      Anyhow, ranting again, it’s just that listening to this really just reinforced this conviction I feel about helping our fellow brothers and sisters breakthrough the psychological and barriers and misinformation that permeate so much of our modern lives. I mean, I know this woman truly loves Jesus, but listening to Erika just reminded me so much of the kinds of things I heard growing up re: the “End Times”, and the true ignorance therein. Several times she said something to the effect of “you mean in the last 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation” (like after she was asked by Gonz about a possible coming martial law scenario or something), which is really exemplifies the sort of mass-assumption involved with Pre-Trib..

      It really is a “worldview” in itself, if you ask me, a worldview which more or less assumes that:

      A) human history is progressing along according to what is prophesied in the Bible, but it is more or less an “organic” process fueled by people who may be deceived by the World, but are certainly not “conspiring” to actually consciously work hand in hand with nefarious spiritual forces or commit horrific acts of radical evil. Things like widespread secret SRA, or mind-control, false-flag events, or vast occult activity within various governmental agencies of countries all over the globe are all considered ridiculous and impossible (therefore one need not bother to look into the evidence to begin with)

      and B) the Anti-Christ will suddenly pop up out of nowhere in some kind of opportunistic yet conventionally political fashion, and THEN, after all the Christians have been secretly whisked away in a silent rapture(except for those “Tribulation saints”), suddenly the world will get really bad and messed up.

      I don’t even understand the point of learning about Bible prophecy when you hold this kind of eschatological mindset, but maybe that explains why so many mainline Christians DON’T study what the Bible says about it, because essentially it doesn’t for them anyhow, cuz they think we won’t be around for when anything really that heinous goes on, which if true, reinforces the thinking that nothing truly heinous could be happening right now, cuz after all, the rapture hasn’t happened yet so it’s basically just business as usual until it does, so, vote republican and go to church and pay your taxes. 🙂

  10. Dave

    Conspiracy or not, my thought is that her basic premise of a peace treaty and the tribulation and the 3.5 year yada yada yada is a non-starter. I’m sure I’ll be flamed for this but the Hal Lindsey, Nelson Darby mode of prophecy just doesn’t ring true.

    “And he (the Messiah) shall confirm the covenant with many for one week (7 years): and in the midst of the week (3 1/2 years) he shall cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease.

    Jesus caused the sacrifice to cease by the coming of the New Testament (Covenant). He was cut off (Crucified).

    Jesus began to preach in 27 AD. He was crucified 3 1/2 years later in 31 AD. The animal sacrifices which had pointed to His death were now to cease. This took place in the midst of the 7 years of the 70 th week.

    Jesus’ followers preached the message after His resurrection in and around Jerusalem until the stoning of Stephen in 34 AD, which is 3’/2 years after the crucifixion. Because of persecution, the believers fled from Jerusalem, eventually taking the gospel to the Gentiles. Acts 8:1… this last 7 years, the covenant was confirmed with many. Jesus wept over Jerusalem because of His rejection and proclaimed, “… your house is left unto you desolate”. Matthew 23:38; Luke 13:35

    The covenant had been confirmed with many Jews for one week (seven years) but now the covenant with the Jews as a nation was over. The Spirit of God would no longer be present in the Temple, the Hebrew’s house at Jerusalem. The gospel would go to the Gentiles and, of course, individual Jews, but as a nation Israel’s house was left desolate. They had 490 years set aside for them but, as a nation, had failed.

    The armies of Rome, the power that crucified Christ, which destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD, are called the abomination that maketh desolate spoken of by Daniel the prophet. Matthew 24:15; Luke 21:20

  11. julian

    I agree with all the very specific points everyone has brought up. She is waaaay off the mark when it comes to anything about conspiracies and pre-trib.

    But, thats the same thing I know we have all had to deal with when talking to other christians and even pastors. But just because she differs on “non salvation” issues doesnt make her a disinfo agent.

    im not saying I wouldnt prefer Russ Dizdar or Tom Horn to have her notoriety instead. But if she is publicly standing up for the stuff that we all do agree on, then how is that bad?

    I dont feel like I have to 100% agree on all aspects of someones theology to give a little fist pump when someone respected defends God in the public forum.

    The body of christ is diverse because all of us are different. We have to extend grace to fellow soilders even if they dont have it all figured out.

    “christian firing squads are in circles” -Tom Bionic

    1. thetruthisstrangerthanfiction...

      I hear you Julian, very good points you make. I guess it was the fact that she herself was the one who came out and started firing “shots”, while Basil and Gonz didn’t respond in kind. It’s just hard to listen to, because it’s so familiar, hearing mainline prophecy teachers speak with such bravado about what they are so convinced they understand, smirking at those foolish “conspiracy theorists” and so on…

      It’s hard for ME anyways, cuz I WAS that person, like so many others, who rolled their eyes at anything that would’ve sounded like it was just too “out there” to take seriously, until the fateful day when I actually took a real LOOK at some evidence, and then suddenly, I wasn’t so self-assured in my knowledge of prophecy, or arrogant in how well I thought I understood the modern world…

  12. Sim0n

    Her explanation about the book of Daniel being written for ppl in the tribulation is mostly speculation I think. Same with her bizarre ideas about 666 and antichrist. Sounds like she’s playing numerology a bit but hard to say. One could say she is on the fringe with many of her ideas like the rest of us but she tries to dissociate herself and avoid stigma from those she admires.

    Her ego was hanging out and what ppl say here is right: why get so uppity about conspiracy theories and credentials and getting along with the world?

    Her whole angle is partially correct but a bit naive…NWO or whatever one wants to call it will come about by conspirators and well meaning globalists and ignorant masses demanding it. Satan is behind it and he uses all means.
    Her ideas about aliens seems in line with what I think. I believe the one world gov won’t happen until the alien thing starts to heat up…eg wars go hot, aliens do the big reveal, they offer to fix and change how things work here. Technology and the promise of extended lifespan/new bodies, etc become a linchpin where the masses take sides against Christians and those who don’t want to play nice.
    My biggest disagreement with her is where the antichrist will come from. She claims tribe of dan or some bizarre thing. The bible plainly says the whole world will follow the antichrist and think he’s the best thing since sliced bread. I know Muslims won’t go for the same guy as the Jews. Same goes for Catholics. The only being all these religions would accept is one who is so overwhelmingly god-like he commands open acceptance, whether or not he claims to be the imam-Mahdi or Vishnu or Jesus or whatever. The only being I can think of would be an alien/human hybrid (which is to say human/nephilim hybrid) or something along those lines. We know he has human characteristics because of some of his nature(eg, likes men, not women)
    For the whole world to follow this person he DEFINITELY can’t be just a man. He has to be man+++
    Just my 2cents

  13. Glad to come here and see everyone already jumped all over this. I’ve only listened to half the episode because my commute was over and I had to go to work.

    Since everyone hit nearly all the nails on the head, I want to graciously and simply point out that from the start I realized her idea/definition of conspiracy was flawed and thus her reason for dismissing anything conspiratorial as an “organic road map to the tribulation.” Case and point, from the definition of a conspiracy:

    1. the act of conspiring.
    Definition of conspiring: a) to agree together, especially in secret, to do something wrong, evil, or illegal.
    b) to act or work together toward the same result or goal.
    c) to plot (something wrong, evil or illegal.)
    2. (continuing definition of conspiracy) an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.
    3. a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose…
    4. (Law) an agreement by to or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.
    5. any concurrence in action; combination of bringing about a given result.

    The first definition alone disproves her stance. Conspiracies are not simply secret plots to overthrow governments or secret plots to do something evil. They’re, in many cases, simply secret plots of groups of people together. She admitted this several times in discussing or admitting that much was done behind closed doors, but she only leaned on the fact that much was written in political publications or through statements.

    God Bless, her, she is a sister in Christ and she means well, but I think she suffers from some of the same problems I see in the alternative theories and or facts (conspiracy) movement. People get married to a personal idea and are heavily dismissive of anything that challenges it. If anything, I can say she has opened me up to examine the geopolitical world apart from presuppositions of what should happened based on personal ideas and beliefs I hold.


  14. Experts...

    What a mixture of truth and error. With experts like this, who needs amateurs?

    The first few minutes I kept thinking of what Paul would say.

    Christopher Booker’s description of the way the EU operates is correct: politicians know that the British do not want to be part of a federal European superstate — as a Brit, I can remember how we were bullied endlessly by the media to vote for the Euro. Politicians furiously denied that this was a stepping-stone to political union. Why? Because they knew that Brits would vote against it.

    But hey, what do I know, I’m just ‘ignorant’…

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