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CCR Special: The Prophecy Forum

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CCR Special: The Prophecy Forum

CCR TPF Special

THE WORLD IS TURNED UPSIDE DOWN! At least it seems that way. In the last several months, we’ve seen an increase in hostility in the Middle East with the rise of ISIS, the potential pandemic of the Ebola crisis, Russia and Ukraine get into it with Putin turning from leader to god, our national borders be completely irrelevant, the moral decline of our nation now being instituted through politics, two blood moons with two more to come, and many more troubling things. As a fringe Christian community, we’ve often kept our attention on topics like UFOs, ET’s, the Nephilim, and other paranormal subjects alongside the issues of transhumanism, technology, technocracy, and the scientific dictatorship which is presently on the rise. But it seems as though the major factor concerning 2014 that the this community ought to pay attention to is geopolitics. In some regard, geopolitics and Bible Prophecy have been synonymous for many decades. But bringing it back into focus is what drove the conference that will be held on November 14-15 in Dublin, Ohio with peripheral attention remaining on the technological developments that have been a part of the evolution of geopolitical warfare.

In this Special episode, Basil and Gonz speak to Doug Woodward and Gary Winkelman, two out of the five partners in The Prophecy Forum, a newly formed conference based company to hold discussion regarding how Christians ought to handle and tackle these current issues from a grounded, Biblical perspective. In fact, Gonz is the founder of The Prophecy Forum! With a team in place, they have been able to take what Gonz initiated and develop it into something credible and official. In this discussion, Doug Woodward and Gary Winkelman discuss the formation of The Prophecy Forum and what to expect at Dublin, Ohio.

This episode was also a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT to reveal that Canary Cry Radio WILL be at The Prophecy Forum! That means Basil and Gonz will be there together, and will be conducting two panel discussions. One will be on the topic of the youth and Bible Prophecy and will include Dan Duval, Josh Peck, and a couple of other young people who are into these topics. The second panel discussion will involve the topic of Transhumanism with Gary Winkelman, Doug Woodward, and Russ Dizdar.

Make sure to visit to purchase tickets for our upcoming conference A WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN: Decoding The Dramatic New Signs Hastening the Lord’s Return. Also visit the LIVE STREAM page to sign up for the LIVE STREAMING of the conference that will also give you access to the archives for 30 days. This event will be held in Dublin, Ohio on November 14-15, 2014 and will feature keynotes from, author and radio host Bill Salus, Russ Dizdar, Hagmann & Hagmann, Dave Daubenmire, Greg Evensen, and the rest of The Prophecy Forum Team.

MAKE SURE TO USE PROMO CODE: prophecypodcast to get a discount for either the physical ticket or live stream.


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