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THE WORLD IS TURNED UPSIDE DOWN! At least it seems that way. In the last several months, we’ve seen an increase in hostility in the Middle East with the rise of ISIS, the potential pandemic of the Ebola crisis, Russia and Ukraine get into it with Putin turning from leader to god, our national borders be completely irrelevant, the moral decline of our nation now being instituted through politics, two blood moons with two more to come, and many more troubling things. As a fringe Christian community, we’ve often kept our attention on topics like UFOs, ET’s, the Nephilim, and other paranormal subjects alongside the issues of transhumanism, technology, technocracy, and the scientific dictatorship which is presently on the rise. But it seems as though the major factor concerning 2014 that the this community ought to pay attention to is geopolitics. In some regard, geopolitics and Bible Prophecy have been synonymous for many decades. But bringing it back into focus is what drove the conference that will be held on November 14-15 in Dublin, Ohio with peripheral attention remaining on the technological developments that have been a part of the evolution of geopolitical warfare.

In this Special episode, Basil and Gonz speak to Doug Woodward and Gary Winkelman, two out of the five partners in The Prophecy Forum, a newly formed conference based company to hold discussion regarding how Christians ought to handle and tackle these current issues from a grounded, Biblical perspective. In fact, Gonz is the founder of The Prophecy Forum! With a team in place, they have been able to take what Gonz initiated and develop it into something credible and official. In this discussion, Doug Woodward and Gary Winkelman discuss the formation of The Prophecy Forum and what to expect at Dublin, Ohio.

This episode was also a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT to reveal that Canary Cry Radio WILL be at The Prophecy Forum! That means Basil and Gonz will be there together, and will be conducting two panel discussions. One will be on the topic of the youth and Bible Prophecy and will include Dan Duval, Josh Peck, and a couple of other young people who are into these topics. The second panel discussion will involve the topic of Transhumanism with Gary Winkelman, Doug Woodward, and Russ Dizdar.

Make sure to visit to purchase tickets for our upcoming conference A WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN: Decoding The Dramatic New Signs Hastening the Lord’s Return. Also visit the LIVE STREAM page to sign up for the LIVE STREAMING of the conference that will also give you access to the archives for 30 days. This event will be held in Dublin, Ohio on November 14-15, 2014 and will feature keynotes from, author and radio host Bill Salus, Russ Dizdar, Hagmann & Hagmann, Dave Daubenmire, Greg Evensen, and the rest of The Prophecy Forum Team.

MAKE SURE TO USE PROMO CODE: prophecypodcast to get a discount for either the physical ticket or live stream.


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  1. Great conversation, and the upcoming conference sounds amazing, but… did I actually hear one of the guests bashing on another certain online prophecy conference (I’m pretty sure I know which one he was referring to…) as if they had intentionally scheduled theirs just prior to this one, in order to like “edge out the competition”…? What’s up with that guy… I mean, seriously? Maybe I’m missing something in all the behind-the-scenes politics of prophecy conference planning, but dang… Seems like that sort of thing is just downright silly and unnecessary. We’re all in this together, and there are so few us in the Body awake to these things as it is, we don’t need to be getting petty like that over “competing conferences”, amen? I actually thought the idea of putting on an online conference to reach out to the folks who honestly can’t afford to travel to a conference was pretty awesome, and then I hear this dude just bashing it and talking about how much better it is to actually attend a conference in person and have an audience, etc… Sorry dude (whoever it was that said that) but that was pretty weak if you ask me…

    1. Sherry Dwire

      Thank you for your observation…I was stunned at that bit of backbiting, also. Whoever that was needs to do some reflection. Otherwise it seemed pretty interesting with the idea of staying with a theme.

  2. michele

    I agree and it has been on my mind as well as the slip of the tongue in the beginning. Not cool.

  3. Sherry Dwire

    But beyond human bad judgment, the conference sounds awesome. I am a great fan of Russ Dizdar and Derek and Sharon Gilbert, and from what I know of Doug Woodward, together with the other speakers, this has to be a very interesting conference. I believe that we believers that are aware need to have good advice about how to proceed through this murky world. I am currently in Idaho to attend a conference that will help me do this. I am thinking of streaming The World Upside Down. I use these videos for a Bible study our church does to keep up on current events and how they relate to Bible prophecy. May God bless your endeavor.

  4. Mark

    Since discovering your site a fortnight ago, it’s been a pleasure exploring CCR’s show library. The depth and variety of research and subject matter has proved fascinating. My interest and understanding of eschatology has greatly increased, and I’ve enjoyed the banter between hosts and guests. However, the commentary in today’s episode was borderline irreverent at times and disappointing. Winkelman’s casual attitude toward baptism and the ‘pardon my French’ slip up were frankly uncalled for. Either he believes in the power of being born again or he does not. Also the criticism of mega-churches was rather broad and one I’d recommend approaching with caution. While I agree that some such churches have ‘sold out’ to secular attitudes and humanism, many have not. In fact, I recommitted my life to Christ in the past year thanks to an outreach program sponsored through a mega-church. This church openly condemns worldly ideals that oppose biblical truths and does not shy away from teaching on end time prophecy either. Again, I commend your dedication and approach to the topics found here not to mention the time and energy required to produce it. God bless.

  5. I am also a big fan of the show and enjoy learning more about the topics presented by Basil & Gonz, but I agree with the above comments about the “bashing” of the other conference. Now, I don’t know the whole story about what may have happened behind the scenes, but those comments are totally unnecessary. It really came across as conceited and as if it was meant to make a mockery of the other conference and those speakers. It seems to me that we should all be building each other up instead of tearing each other down, despite any differences of opinions that we may have, if we are all truly brothers and sisters in Christ. Very disappointed in that attitude and those comments. Very un-Christ-like…

  6. Stephen DeNagy

    Nice summary, though light on content. But a really big BOOOO! to the potshot at the competing prophesy webcast scheduled for the week before your conference. Gee. Do your speakers REALLY think that that this competing webcast was actually planned to derail their conference? That it even could? This belief borders on frank paranoid. I connect with the pain of his (I think Mr. Winkleman’s) businesses suffering because of Obamacare. But that bitterness is clearly unresolved and comes across fiercely. Believe me, it was palpable even before the comments at the end. His expressed paranoia makes me wonder 1) does he really understand marketing and messaging, and 2) is he confident in the conference? Because that is exactly how it came across, a little angry, scared and a bit of hubris. I have looked at both conference websites, and really, your conference has a far better and deeper roster, it is quite a bit cheaper online, and seems much more organized. So, what is the problem? What is the worry? The outburst was unChristianly, and reflected badly on any expressed or implied marketing prowess. Rule number one of business (at least that we follow) has usually been this: Do not trash talk the competition! Especially when they, too, are Christians. Fortunately, the micro-meltdown was at the end, and will probably not be heard by many. Really, sit down and talk to someone about it. I will pray for you. I am serious, Shalom!

    1. admin

      He probably could have worded it differently. Will not comment on this publicly.

      Please email me at

    2. Stephen DeNagy

      PS: I see only 115 tickets remain. Congratulations, pretty well sold so far. Makes the comments even sadder.

      1. admin

        Again, I will not make any public comments.

        1. Stephen DeNagy

          Praying for the conference! Godspeed!

  7. Alan

    It seems apparent from some replys that jumping on the “holier than thou” bandwagon is easy for many. The man made a mistake and apologized. He was fervent in his speech and that leads to error at times. But, to question if he believes in Jesus as Savior (which is essentially what someone just did)? That’s a little too much. I sure hope that you don’t accidentally slip up!
    Thankfully, I have a Savior that saved me by grace and forgives my sins. You don’t stop sinning after salvation. If you believe that you are without sin, then perhaps you may need to check up on your own salvation.
    We were told at the outset that this podcast was a type of “flyby/special”. Please, in love, stop casting stones.
    Great job guys! Keep it up! Wish I could be in Ohio.

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