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As the Internet in its current iteration continues to get centralized by the beast system, we will share the methods we have been exploring to remain open, free, and censorship resistant.

One way is to begin migrating to web 3.0 or the decentralized Internet. To do so requires a little bit of technical know-how in the current state, as these methods are not widely adopted yet. But it is likely that in the foreseeable future, everyone will have a crypto address much like an email address. We already have ours.

CanaryCry.Crypto is both a domain on the decentralized web AND a cryptocurrency wallet address. 

In fact, we already published a very basic CCR info page at CanaryCry.Crypto as well. But you will NOT be able to access this website by merely typing it into your browser, because it does not exist on the current Internet. But you CAN see it if you follow this simple tutorial:


Step 1: Download the Unstoppable Domains browser (Mac and Windows): or Download the Unstoppable Domains extension for Chrome.

Step 2: Open Unstoppable Domains Browser (activate extension on Chrome).

Step 3: Type in “CanaryCry.Crypto” into the search bar of the Unstoppable Domains browser.

BOOM! You’re surfing the Decentralized Internet, and visiting our censorship resistant website and crypto address CanaryCry.Crypto! 


You can also send Cryptocurrency to Basil and Gonz using the CanaryCry.Crypto domain/address. The only barrier here is that you have to use one of these digital wallets or applications in order to use the address:

If you don’t know where to start, we recommend Atomic Wallet. Once you have your crypto in your Atomic Wallet, or if you have any of those other wallets/apps listed, simply type in “CanaryCry.Crypto” into the address bar instead of those long annoying public keys. Figure out your amount, and hit “send,” and you’ll send crypto Basil and Gonz! Super simple!

It’ll look something like this:

We accept:

Bitcoin BTC

Ethereum ETH

Litecoin LTC


Monero XMR


Dogecoin DOGE


We are constantly learning and adapting to new technologies that allow us to remain censorship resistant. In recent years, the threat to truth telling content creators on major platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, became all too real with many channels and accounts being deleted without warning, censored, and shadow-banned. Solutions to this problem don’t come easy, as the technology we are using is only as good as the tools available to us. But if we are going to keep up with the technocrats, we will have to stay sober minded with the ability to countermove, protect, and preserve ways to share the Gospel truth, for we know that when such things become illegal to the point of death, prophecies will be fulfilled. Until then, the church will have to stay up to speed during this transition into the age of MOIP (Money Over IP).

As we enter into the 2020’s, the world is quickly solidifying the technocratic, centralized, and corporate Internet infrastructure, where organizations like Microsoft, the UN, and the WHO dictate the behavior of the common citizens stoked by the hysteria generated by the mainstream media. As of this writing, the stay-at-home orders have remained for several weeks, with the virus “plan-demic” exposing our frail economic infrastructure, the worldwide supply chain, and the health industry.

In light of these convenient opportunities for the beast to persistently infringe on our personal rights, Bill Gates on behalf of world organizations are offering a vaccine and digital ID while open satanism is being celebrated by Microsoft ads. The satanic emergence is very real, and it will continue to occur on the Internet as it currently stands. As such, we feel called to keep pressing forward with tools that may help all truth telling content creators to withstand the oncoming storm.

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” ~Romans 12:2

Our job is to keep pressing forward until the Lord takes us home to be with Him. In light of the comforting fact that our eternal address is secure in Jesus Christ, we can examine the current and near future tools that will be available to make the Internet more open and free without the interference of the large corporate beast-o-cracy. The passage from Romans 12:2 also provides insight into how we might assess such tools, in that not only will be we able to determine what is of God and what is not, but discern the difference between good, acceptable, and/or perfect. Meaning the tools might be good and even acceptable, but not perfect, and still be under the will of God. Decentralization of the internet might be one of those good and acceptable, but not perfect situations in the current state of history while still being under the will of God, as it protects the voice of the remnant church preaching the Gospel on the Internet.


It’s pretty obvious when you stop and think about it. The Central Banks run this world. It’s in the name. Central. Meaning there is a central authority that gets to control and dictate how things work. The opposite of centralization is decentralization. It is “the transfer of control of an activity or organization to several local offices or authorities rather than one single one.”

The reason why the technological move towards decentralization is popular amongst libertarian minded folks is precisely because it exemplifies the distribution of power to multiple accountable parties, rather than one party.

The most obvious decentralized structure that exists in our world that we can all relate to is the United States of America. As a republic, there are 50 independent states (it started at 13 and grew), each whom can have their own governance down to the local office. While in recent years, the federal government have seized more and more power away from this decentralized structure of 50 distributed states, the notion of distributed power is actually present in our federal government as well. The three branches of our US Government, Legislative, Executive, and Judicial, is a distribution of power meant to keep each other accountable.

The reason why the US has been under attack from communists, socialists, zionists, and the rest, is because it exists as a distributed system, which means it’s more difficult to bend into compliance with the desires of a One World Order. However, the Internet changed everything by giving corporations, with the help of central banks and alphabet soup agencies, the ability to be the first-movers in social media and offer the world Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc. By allowing centralized authorities to offer these platforms for free in exchange for data, our rights were unwittingly being infringed while we helped give birth to the surveillance apparatus monster. Now that data is all anyone cares about, it becomes the crux of our conversation.


So with the idea of decentralization in mind, how does it apply to the Internet itself? Currently, the Internet is a monopoly. It may come as a surprise to you, but there is actually only ONE COMPANY that OWNS the TLD (Top Level Domain) .com, .net, .cc, .tv, .jobs, .gov, .edu and a few more that aren’t worth mentioning. The company is Verisign and they own the .com extension. It is why we have to pay a fee annually to own a domain with a .com or .net extension? Can you imagine the profit for this company to rent out .edu and .gov extensions to universities and governments? We are mere renters of virtual real estate that is owned by Verisign by proxy of the various domain and hosting providers. As of this writing, Verisign just made a deal with ICANN to allow charges that increase 7% annually to rent out a .com domain. 

So how is a decentralized Internet different? It distributes ownership and data using blockchain technology:

“Centralized internet relies on servers. A decentralized version would rely on a peer-to-peer network built on a community of users. Their internet-connected devices would host the internet, not a group of more high-powered servers. Each website would be spread out across hundreds of nodes on different devices, erasing the possibility of a single server crashing due to, say, a DDoS attack. Government overreach could also be curtailed…A blockchain protocol is designed to allow transactions across a distributed network without the need for a broker overseeing the process. Any information can be observed by anyone, and is encoded in a way that won’t let anyone mess with it.”

While there is a lot more to be said about the blockchain in both positive and negative applications, the purpose of this post is to introduce you to these ideas as we dive into how you can participate and access the decentralized web right now!


Unstoppable Domains is a company on a mission is to help people stay censorship resistant on the Internet in addition to assist in the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. And they’re doing it with decentralization.

Whenever you currently visit a website, notice that it always starts with “https://…” This is the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, which ensures a website is properly encrypted. These require a centralized client server to operate. In other words, you need servers behind gatekeepers who can hoard the data coming in. That data, which ultimately comes from unwitting people, is sold to other companies or the Government surveillance apparatus, or worse yet, out there on the deep web if certain companies get hacked, which at this point are many.

Enter IPFS, the InterPlanetary File Sharing, which is a project launched in 2015 to decentralize the Internet into a more peer to peer protocol. Their website (we know, they have to publish on https) gives more explanation than we will spend time here, but in short, it allows for an Internet that is not dependent on https protocol.

Instead of “https://” when you visit a website, you will see “ipfs://” Everything posted using this protocol becomes immutable, and the data decentralized to participating nodes across the entire network. Again, scroll to the beginning of this page to see how to access these websites.

What needs to be kept in mind is that much of what is happening on the surface like websites and applications will look and feel just like they do now. But how and where that information is traveling and being stored in the background is the crux of the issue. While it might be difficult to know that these systems are working the way they are supposed to on the surface, there is a tangible point of reference anyone can verify. That is the ownership of the domain.

The domain and cryptocurrency address CanaryCry.Crypto, will forever be under the sole ownership of Basil and Gonz. That is because we hold the private keys to the digital wallet on which the website lives on. In addition, you are now able to send Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, XRP and of course Dogecoin to CanaryCry.Crypto directly if you own or operate one of the virtual wallets who have integrated with Unstoppable Domains: see list here!

Since we control the private keys, no one can access the website, our cryptocurrency wallets, or even take them down without our consent. If large swaths of the population began doing this, you can see how the centralized power that companies like Verisign, governments and banks hold over the Internet and money itself will begin to degrade as the common citizens each take upon the responsibility of actual ownership of digital property and therefore digital money.


We understand that there are prophecies about the mark of the beast and image of the beast that may have to do with blockchain technology alongside AI, robotics, genetic, and transhumanism. The fulfillment of those prophecies surround the total genocide of Christians worldwide. Until that point plays out, it is imperative for us to keep pressing forward and making sure that the Gospel will remain open and free as much as possible in the Internet age. Our reason for speaking up about these topics is because we do feel called to keep watch of things coming right at us, and to keep everyone informed. We didn’t even scratch the surface of the information both in education, and in biblical consideration that all of this requires. But if we can collectively learn together as a community of faithful followers of Jesus Christ, then perhaps we can help save souls in this age of deceit! The war from centralized to a decentralized Internet may be the Revelation 18:4 moment for our generation.

“Then I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues.”



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