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CCR 140: Destiny Lab w/ Arkalogik

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CCR 140: Destiny Lab w/ Arkalogik

RHYTHM, RHYME, AND THE WORD OF GOD! Music has been the medium to express, preserve, and communicate ideas for centuries. In our modern world, the messaging of most commercial music, especially in the realm of hip hop, has become saturated with frivolous opulence, lust, violence, and the glorification of all kinds of human vices. But what if we could use that same medium and style to not only spread the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, but pack it full of the nitty gritty truths that are covered on podcasts like Canary Cry Radio?

Enter DESTINY LAB! Years before Canary Cry Radio officially hatched, a couple of mysterious believers named Arkalogik and Genetix figured out the formula to spread the Gospel by way of rapping about deep truths of the Bible. Topics like Creation vs Evolution, the Nephilim giants, GMO foods, Aliens, Demons, transhumanism and biblical eschatology were packaged and presented in ways that had never been done before!

In this episode, we are joined by Arkalogik of Destiny Lab to discuss the history of the project and where it’s going next!