Canary Cry Radio


Canary Cry Radio is a podcast broadcasted to apprise the Christian community of the impending push for a global lock down as prophesied in the ancient scriptures. It also aims for the general public to explore what the Christian worldview has to offer regarding the topics of a global governmental, economic, and spiritual conspiracy.


Basil & Gonz

Basil and Gonz were merely coworkers, working with their backs to each other every day for months. Hardly knowing each others names and never speaking, Basil and Gonz  shared a passion, an intrigue and devotion to learning the truth about the world around them.

Two ships passing in the night.

It wasn’t until a monthly staff meeting that Basil and Gonz caught hints of each others interests in social; economic and government conspiracies, Biblical prophecy, technology,  UFOs, demons, multiple dimensions and the rest.

Birds of a feather…

Basil and Gonz couldn’t stop talking to each other about the secrets, the cover ups and the experiences they’d both had regarding them. Basil had a special zeal for the political, economic and social toxins of today. NDAA, PIPA, ACTA, OWS, and American foreign affairs. Gonz had an impressive knowledge of Biblical prophecy, fallen angels, the new world order and more. Their conversations would lead down endless rabbit holes, becoming more and more complex, connecting dots and dumping their knowledge and passion into a crucible of insight and thought. Sometimes they would agree, sometimes they wouldn’t, but Basil and Gonz found out that their different perspectives and individual emphasis’ on the aspects of spirituality, conspiracy and technology provided perspective fueling a perpetual flame of interest.

Finally, Basil and Gonz decided to record their conversations and share them with whoever would listen. And so came Canary Cry Radio. A place where Basil and Gonz can share, discuss and expound upon the real important issues that simply don’t get enough attention in the mass media AND the church. Both Basil and Gonz have a passion to see these secrets brought to the light with a Christian perspective that they believe is crucial to making sense of the big picture. Canary Cry Radio hopes to be a place where Believers and Non-Believers alike can come, listen and discuss the truly important things of this modern life on planet earth.


The Hope

Ever since we have any record of human history, it seems a handful of the privileged have been working hard to gain power and dominion over the masses. From monarchies and oligarchies, theocracies and republics, various forms of political, socioeconomic and ecclesiastical systems have come and gone in an attempt to solidify control. The rulers, councils, kings, and pontiffs who have been at the head of such organizations have all been judged according to their ability to distribute services and goods to the people. Some have gone down in history as great leaders, while others tyrants. The 20th century reflected perhaps the bloodiest and most damaging century of known human history. Ironically, this came at a time when technological and scientific advancement soared to new hights. As we entered into the 21st century, whispers of conspiracy theories, totalitarian political systems, a global economy, and complete enslavement of humanity began bubbling on the fringes of internet conspiracy circles. But what we see brewing today in all of the various threads of our current world climate is an acceleration towards a one world government, one world economy, one world military force, one world spirituality, and a single man representing humanity at the head of this global system. Many see it as the necessary direction to attain peace, prosperity and security for all people’s of the world. Other see it as a potential totalitarian state where our freedom’s are given up for the sake of global peace. So as we find ourselves in the precipice of the most dramatic times in human history

What are we to do?

There are many who have given possible solutions to these emerging threats. Rebellion and anarchy are the most popular, but these things will not solve the issue. It will only create more chaos, confusion and a cycle of hate. Upon the dethronement of any centralized government or council, there would be no order or organization. This in turn will create chaos because of the elimination of all boundaries, laws, and rules. They would simply become obsolete. Many have suggested communism or socialism. But as we saw in the 20th century, these too have significant problems in practice no matter how great it sounds on paper. A totalitarian government as a solution gives rise to problems by the restricting of a free and open society. Still others have proposed a Technate or Technocracy. This is similar to what the film Zeitgeist: Moving Forward promotes. A mechanical society where machines develop and distribute the necessary goods and services while the human species is free to live out whatever lives they want. But again, similar to the Totalitarian government, a technocratic society would still have the problem of taking care of emotional and spiritual needs. What would happen to someone who decided to commit murder, rape, or other heinous acts? I have heard that they can be taken to a rehabilitation center which in theory sounds good, but would continue a cycle of drawing boundaries between what is and is not socially acceptable behavior. There would still be grief, pain, a sense of loss with friends, family and community. No matter what, true peace, true joy, and true freedom seem unattainable.

However, despite the dark projection of our future, there is a solid foundation where true hope, true light, true peace, and true freedom can be found. It comes in the most polarizing and controversial message known to man in the last two millenia. Its claims are significant and overwhelming but its implications are vast and eternal. It is the message that claims it comes from outside of space and time from an entity that claims it created the universe we live in. It is a message that has authenticated itself by writing history before it happens. It is a message that has been given to us which speaks into the very core of who we are as people living on this planet.

It is the message found in the life of a man named Yeshua.

If you have not accepted Yeshua as your personal savior, that’s OK. There are more barriers today trying to keep you from this message than ever before. But I would encourage everyone to investigate the truth claims about this man as well as the documents that have been handed down which give us record of his teachings, his actions, and his purpose. The documents I speak about are a collection of 66 ancient scrolls penned by over 40 authors which span over 1500 years, three languages, and various cultures, classes and social settings. Yet, we find that it is consistent, and tells about the nature of man, as well as historical events we have seen and can expect to see. Amazingly, this highly criticized collection of documents spoke about this totalitarian political, economic, and spiritual government thousands of years ago. And what we see unfolding right before our eyes is the playing out of these prophetic revelations. Investigate and come to your own conclusions, but we here at Canary Cry Radio are confident that if you honestly seek truth philosophically, historically, existentially, scientifically, and most importantly, spiritually, you will find yourself at the feet of a man Yeshua.

And through this man, we are confident that you will find true peace, true joy and true freedom.