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CCR 141: The Revealing w/ Huffman & Woodward

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CCR 141: The Revealing w/ Huffman & Woodward

WHAT DOES THE BIBLE REVEAL? There are many areas of theology that warrant deep discussion and thinking. Our history is littered with great men and women of God who articulated and defended the arguments for, not only the existence of God, but of the Biblical God being the most crucial and essential truth for personal salvation.

But what many people who declare themselves followers of Jesus Christ might be missing, is an understanding of the the cosmic eschatology, or the events of the end of the age, that is built into the salvation of our souls. As we find ourselves in a time when those who are warning about the days ahead are mischaracterized as “doom and gloomers”, “date setters,” and “tin foil hat conspiracy theorists” by both non-believers, and sadly, fellow believers, the need to grasp an understanding about our actual eschatology through the person of Jesus Christ is ripe for discussion. And here on Canary Cry Radio, you’re going to get that discussion today! We are joined by the co-authors of the The Revealing: Unlocking Hidden Truths on the Glorification of God’s Children! Gary Huffman and returning guest, Douglas Woodward!

In this episode, we dive into sanctification as a bridge between justification and glorification. We also discuss passages that might be alluding to glorified believers doing work as the end of the age approaches. Such interpretive possibilities brings light to a whole area of eschatology that many may not be familiar with; our glorified state and what we will be doing. While cultural Christianity preaches a basic heaven-hell afterlife with loose references to Scripture for comfort purposes, the potential Biblical reality of the situation far exceeds even the most popular science fiction of our day.

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