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CCR 156: False Light with Donnie Darkened

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CCR 156: False Light with Donnie Darkened

At the time of recording, we are mere hours since it was first announced that Donald Trump has been indicted. While many people are either in joyful glee, or outrage over the egregious abuse of the legal system, others are suggesting this is just another brick in the wall of deception being formed to lead sincere people away from the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Back in 2016, I published a video clickbaitingly titled “Is Donald Trump the Antichrist?” on the now terminated Facelikethesun YouTube channel. After hundreds of thousands of view, and tens of thousands of comments, it seemed clear that most folks didn’t think he was. Afterall, how can the only politician going AGAINST the deep state be the man of sin? But the video wasn’t exactly claiming that Trump WAS the prophesied antichrist, but rather a way to bring many people interested in such a question to actually study the Word and see what it says the man of sin will ACTUALLY DO. 

That being said, with Trump’s indictment announcement coming on the Thursday before Palm Sunday, it is interesting that the former President who is presumably innocent from any major crime is expected to appear in Court on Holy Week, leading up to Easter. The parallels to an innocent Jesus being brought before the courts cannot be missed. Whoever are truly behind Trump and his operation do appear to be educated on the Biblical account of Jesus, but also Biblical eschatology but with a flare of occult numerology and esoteric philosophy. Perhaps aligned with the kind of literature that was promoted by Q-Anon years ago. 

To help us examine this connection between Trump and the narrative of a dying and rising god, a beast that receives a mortal head wound, yet lives, and who might deceive the elect if that were possible, we welcome brother in Christ, Donnie Darkened to Canary Cry Radio! 

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