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CCR 158: The Protocol That Kills with Sheila Skiba, Roberta and Allen Stalvey 

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CCR 158: The Protocol That Kills with Sheila Skiba, Roberta and Allen Stalvey 

As we embarked into the 2020’s, we were met with the largest sociological and psychological experiment conducted in modernity. A “global pandemic,” declared by an international institution with unelected officials over-exerting their authority across the world, shut down everything from your local coffee shop, to five star luxury destinations thousands of miles away. It was a test of the communications infrastructure, to see how far and fast “critical” information would travel. It assessed how political authorities both local and federal, mainstream media outlets, and corporations would respond in a “once-in-a-generation” crisis moment. It of course tested the citizens of many nations their level of compliance, or more explicitly, obedience to these higher authorities. Then came additional levels of tests on society via the vaccines and boosters in response to the variants. 

As a modern day temple of sorts, hospitals became the center of attention during this period for obvious reasons. Institutional health authorities provided “protocols” to follow, attached with financial incentives, in response to stress, pressure, and uncertainties experienced in hospitals across the world. But what was meant to be a guide to protect and save, may have turned out to be a nefarious and discriminatory justification to kill.

We all know someone who passed away during the pandemic. And I’m sure many of us question the validity of labels like “covid” attached to those friends and family we lost if they were declared as such. And I am certain, that there are untold heartbreaking stories from the last 3 years regarding these issues. But as the saying goes, God is good All the time, and all the time God is good, which means even the worst tragedies can be a beacon for goodness and truth. 

It is with this heart that we welcome the authors of The Protocol That Kills, A True Crime Story, the persistent widow of our late friend and beloved colleague Rob Skiba, Shiela Skiba and co-authors Roberta and Allen Stalvey.


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