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CCR 159: The TRUTH About Christian Nationalism

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CCR 159: The TRUTH About Christian Nationalism

The truth about Christian Nationalism, is that it is a Psychological Operation, similar to one that our own US Government crafted in the post-WW2 era, when corporatism fueled a new brand of American Christianity that fused Faith and Government NOT to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, but rather to recruit young impressionable minds into joining the military and defend western civilization against communism! In the 75 years since these programs were installed, the culture has shifted much more secular with the rise of a nebulous Scientific Dictatorship and Technocracy influencing DC. Now, already over a fifth of the way through the 21st Century, a new mobilization effort has been under way. A manufactured civil war between those who are willing to die to defend the mythologized Christian America born in the post-WW2/Cold War era, against those willing to die for occult mythologies expressed as abominable progressive politics like Climate Change, Trans-Rights, and Democratic Socialism. Even worse, it appears those in control would like to eradicate the belief in Christianity by labelling the topic of Christian Nationalism as a Mental Health issue! This will lead to a western version of “re-education camps” but through “spiritual” experiences facilitated by Big Pharma 2.0 who will leverage Entheogens as well as Immersive VR tech to treat Christian Nationalism. 

Here are some main points to be made in this episode about the TRUTH of Christian Nationalism:

  1. Christian Nationalism is a nuanced conversation that can only happen with clearly defined terms. 
  2. Christian Nationalism seems to be a psychological operation that creates both defender AND enemy of the state! (Perfect vehicle to dismantle the United States, divide and conquer)
  3. Christian Nationalism will profile anyone [mostly Christians] who believe in any kind of Biblically based Eschatology as a “terrorist” and “extremist” who are “threats to Democracy”! 
  4. Christian Nationalism will be treated as a Mental Health disorder; Perfect candidates for the rise of psychedelic and virtually enhanced psycho therapies. 



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