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CCR 160: Flippy Origins

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CCR 160: Flippy Origins

On this episode, we revisit some old clips from Canary Cry News Talk spanning several years to show the evolution of how a segment of CCNT titled “Flippy Update” came to be. 

“Flippy is our colloquial name for the disembodied robot arms that are taking our jobs, enslaving our children, and flirting with our spouses. We use talking about Flippy as a way to explore the new, fun and exciting ways robots are taking over the world, and how there’s nothing we can do about it.” ~Basil Rosewater

The nature of podcasting is that it captures moments in history through the unique views of the people yapping away behind a microphone. Unique to the Canary Cry Radio RSS feed, and the “layer 2” Canary Cry News Talk feed are not only the unique eschatologically biblical worldview it presents as a foundation, but documenting the developing apocalypse for the end of the age. Going on 12 years in 2024, listeners of the show from its inception have been way ahead of the general population when it comes to staying grounded and thinking clearly and concisely about the world that is emerging before us. One particular thread of interest…ROBOTS! 

While robots in the context of end times bible prophecy (image of the beast) have been a steady theme since the beginning of the show, the decision to fire up Canary Cry News Talk offered a more consistent means to keep a finger on the pulse in the emerging take over of robotics and their many vectors from AI, supercomputing, quantum computing, law (personhood, rights, rites etc.), agriculture…literally everything. 

Past CCNT episodes clipped for CCR 160:

CCNT 055 “Beep Bloop Burgers” – 09.19.2017

CCNT 092 “Psycho Possession & Disturbing Databases!” – 06.05.2018

CCNT 123 “Robo-Doggo & the DNA Magic Box” – 01.23.2019

CCNT 126 “AI Discovers Hybrids & Russia Unplugged” – 02.14.2019

CCNT 129 “Moon Included & Zucks 180” – 03.06.2019

CCNT 170: CHIP IN, CHIP OUT & GET CHIPPED – 12.24.2019

CCNT 174: “Bore-ona Virus & SnitchCoin” – 01.29.2020 

CCNT 241: FLIPPY TAKEOVE – 09.11.2020 

CCNT 333: THREE THREE THREE – 05.05.2021

CCNT 406 ONE WORLD RITUAL – 11.03.2021

CCNT 512: BORG OF THE FLIES – 07.22.2022 

CCNT 616: SATURN SYSTEM BEAST – 04.24.2023 

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