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CCR 161: Kneel Before the ORB – Worldcoin Woes 

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CCR 161: Kneel Before the ORB – Worldcoin Woes 

This new Silicon Valley Uncle Sam wants YOU to have your eyeball scanned by the ORB, so that YOU can verify your humanity! Sometimes, the truth seems more implausible than prophecy!  

In Revelation Chapter 13, terrifying beasts emerges from the sea and the earth, embodying the collective supernatural force of worldly political power and influence. The second beast enforces a WORLD wide mandate requiring all people, regardless of status, to receive a mark on their right hand or forehead. This mark, known as the “Mark of the Beast,” is a symbol of allegiance and complete surrender to worldly authority over Divine authority. Without this mark, people are unable to partake in economic activities, indicating the profound surveillance and control the beasts exert over humanity.

We live in unique times. Here in the good ole’ USA, the introduction of bar codes and credit cards created MOTB fervor during the 1960’s and 70’s. Microchips have been part of the discussions for just as long. The rise of the Internet brought platforms for digital money like PayPal, who in 1999 offered $10 to anyone who who opened an account by giving their name, email, phone number, home address, and bank/cc info, and $10 more dollars for each referral (Enticing, but an incredible amount of info to give up at the time for $10 of internet dollars). 

The first decade of the 21st century would be met with social media (the rise of Facebook and YouTube) and our willingness to freely give away mountains of private information for the mere ability to participate in a closed, heavily surveilled/captured network. 

The economic crash in 2008 set up the the Rise of FinTech or Financial Technology in the 2010’s. A loss of trust in traditional banking institutions allowed startups like Square, Stripe, and Venmo to disrupt the market with innovative services like peer-to-peer lending, robo-advisors, and mobile banking. The 2008 Great Recession also gave rise to Bitcoin whose technological breakthroughs established the first transparent monetary network based on the computational consumption of energy using distributed ledgers creating digital scarcity and immutability, or “hard” Digital Assets. Bitcoin laid the groundwork for the emergence of the Crypto Markets and Smart Contract protocols; a self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement directly written into code, enabling automatic and decentralized transactions on the blockchain without the need for intermediaries. 

Of course, the 2020’s would be immediately met with a “global pandemic,” whose shut down and vaccine mandates sparked MOTB fervor not seen since the 1970’s! And perhaps rightfully so. 

And now here in 2023, the coalescing trajectory of money, science, technology and religion will make it more surprising if the MOTB prophecies DO NOT come to pass! 

But we don’t just say all this to be dramatic or to fear monger…

We say it because there are things out there that suggest no other conclusion. Enter something we’ve been tracking since 2021 called Worldcoin. 

On this episode, we will go through the multiple times we covered Sam Altman and Worldcoin leading up to the current moment in time, when the Worldcoin story has exploded into the Mainstream. As usual, we were early, we paid attention, and we covered all the admissions from the people involved along the way. While a ton of other podcasts are likely talking about this topic, you won’t get the kind of complete analysis, story arch, or biblical worldview you’ll get here. So let’s dive in…

Here we are on episode 357 back on June 30th 2021 introducing the world…to Worldcoin! We pick it up right after reporting on how Democratic Rep. Bill Foster of Illinois said that “Government must have power to reverse crypto transactions“…

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Canary Cry Radio #161 – 08.04.2023 – Pre-recorded

Kneel Before the ORB! Worldcoin Woes!

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