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CCR 164: Parallel Troubles – Belfast Meets Basil

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CCR 164: Parallel Troubles – Belfast Meets Basil

A fallen humanity is proven everyday with the myriad of ways in which we find ourselves in the midst of conflict. Whether it be and argument between you and your spouse, or authoritarian regimes pulling off genocide over geography, conflict is inevitable.

The conflict in Belfast, Northern Ireland, commonly referred to as “The Troubles,” was a complex and violent period spanning from the late 1960s to 1998. It involved political, cultural, and sectarian strife primarily between unionists (mainly Protestant, who wanted Northern Ireland to remain part of the United Kingdom) and nationalists also referred to as Republicans (mainly Catholic, who desired a united Ireland). This conflict was marked by intense urban guerrilla warfare, bombings, and civil unrest, including the most symbolic monument of division; a wall.

Your Best Buddy Basil recently visited Belfast, Northern Ireland and the Peace Wall that separates the Protestants and Catholics still to this day. 

Armed with professional recording equipment, Basil gives us a live boots-on-the-ground sound directly from the Peace Wall walking from the Protestant side to the Catholic side! He also sat down with an artist named Johnny who lived through much of the conflict and still lives in Belfast today. 

The hope for this episode is for one to expand the knowledge base of recent international history to better contextualize our current geopolitical tensions that continue to intensify. 

No matter what side you take in war, it is important to remember that we are all descendants from a fallen Adam and Eve. Ultimate justice will not occur until Jesus returns and bring a new heaven, new earth, and New Jerusalem!

Canary Cry Radio #164 11.11.2023 – Recorded Live to 1s and 0s

Parallel Troubles – Belfast Meets Basil

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