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The PODFATHER! Adam Curry Interview LIVE | CCR 165 | CCNT 688

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The PODFATHER! Adam Curry Interview LIVE | CCR 165 | CCNT 688

Canary Cry News Talk #688 11.13.2023 – Recorded Live to 1s and 0s

Canary Cry Radio #165 11.13.2023 – Recorded Live to 1s and 0s

The PODFATHER | Adam Curry Interview

Deconstructing Corporate Mainstream Media News from a Biblical Worldview

Declaring Jesus as Lord amidst the Fifth Generation War!

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The PODFATHER | Adam Curry Interview | CCR 165 | CCNT 688

The man who literally invented podcasting, Adam Curry, joins us as he shares his faith journey!

Just like how none of us would be here if it wasn’t for God creating Adam, it is true, that THIS PODCAST would not exist without God creating Adam Curry, the Proto-sapien of the Podcasting Profession, A pioneer in Parsing Politics breaking down the philosophies behind the propaganda; ChatGPT said he was “the symbol of cool for an entire generation glued to their television screens.” (1980’s when Adam was a VeeJay on MTV). Not only did he co-develop the VALUE 4Value model (which is how this show is alive right now)…He co-developed the technological groundwork for the podcasting revolution we see today (and still pressing forward with Podcasting 2.0); and not only that….he can more than competently operate a flying machine (perhaps one day with EM anti-gravity tech)…AND HE WAS JUST BAPTIZED! (Hallelujah Amen!)) it has finally happened, the PODFATHER has graced us with his presence here in these tattered cages of the Canarium. ADAM CURRY!

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