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CCR 166: How to Mint Freedom with Patrick Holland

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CCR 166: How to Mint Freedom with Patrick Holland

Canary Cry Radio #166 11.24.2023

How to Mint Freedom with Patrick Holland | CCR 166

Declaring Jesus as Lord amidst the Fifth Generation War!

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If you’re someone who pays attention to world events, especially politics, you may feel dread and hopelessness upon absorbing the myriad of ways in which our federal leaders choose to serve themselves and the interest of lobbyists rather than the will of the people. Change is often promised, but never fulfilled. Or if there is change, it’s usually for worse. But all hope is not lost! The only caveat is that you won’t find it in DC! Rather, it begins with you and your local representation. 

There are many people who don’t get too excited about getting “political” since the mere idea of entering into a conversation with a politician directly about an issue seems too personal and perhaps even life threatening. Yet, to practice our constitutional rights would mean to make our voices heard loud and clear to those who are elected to represent us. But how? And who has the time? 

In this episode, Basil speaks with Patrick Holland from the Missouri Freedom Initiative, a “clarion call for individual states to reclaim their rights for their residents using powerful tools such as (but not exclusively limited to) the 10th Amendment and anti-commandeering doctrine”. In early 2023, bill SB100, a constitutionally grounding economic pursuit to make gold and silver coinage as legal tender, nearly crossed the finish line and become law in Missouri. But twisted democrats got in the way and spoiled the bill by invoking disturbing levels of loyalty to government decreed paper notices of fiat debt, Nazi’s, Confederates, MAGA and even a “Zombie Apocalypse” as part of their reasoning to kill the bill. The battle was lost, but the war wages on. 

As we enter an election year, there are many ways in which you might be able to impact your local community. Even spending a few minutes to write an email to your local rep with some basic copy-and-paste info can add up over time and volume. In that sense, our local governments are like an archaic form of social media. Whatever “we the people” make trend on the desks of our representatives will get the most attention from them. This isn’t just in theory, groups like the Missouri Freedom Initiative is proof that it works. If enough of us send emails to our representatives on any given issue that include information like links to documents and articles that serve as evidence to support or push back against something, the more ammunition and confidence our reps will be able to move on our behalf. 

In America today, many of us have been lulled to sleep and accept whatever terms our governments shove in our faces, whether it be local or federal. The passivity isn’t a mere product of our culture, but in fact due to the spiritual weight of evil that has been growing evermore present in this great age of deceit. But it’s time to rattle some representatives’ cages! 

Can Canarians across…well mostly America (do what you can out there wherever you may be International folks)…make a difference in their local communities by not just leaning on the Constitution, but on God who gave us the ability to understand the value of our freedom and sovereignty? 

Check out the Missouri Freedom Initiative: 

Full video: Missouri SB1000 Sabotage by Dean Plocher 2023:

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Missouri Freedom Initiative

(417) 827-3146