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The Bible, Bitcoin and Beasts w/ @PastorCoin | CCR 167

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The Bible, Bitcoin and Beasts w/ @PastorCoin | CCR 167

Don’t Worry! This is not an episode to shill a meme coin. It’s about the Bible, Bitcoin, and Beasts. A conversation with Pastor Alin a.k.a. Paster Coin.  

In our last episode, Basil had a fascinating conversation with Patrick Holland to discuss making gold and silver coinage as legal tender in the state to reflect the US constitution. Gold has always been considered God’s money. But we (basil and gonz) are Millennials, the last generation in human history to remember a time when the modern computer was NOT in every home across the world, let alone in the palm of everyones hands. Nevertheless, our childhoods were defined by television programs, films, anime, the advent of video games, and of course, the Internet. While the Internet has changed the face of almost every industry, there is one that remains yet to be completely transformed; money. In fact, it can be argued that we are currently at a point in history where fiat will become digitized in the form of CBDC’s while seekers of sovereignty, liberty and freedom will be drawn towards the breakthroughs in encryption and digital scarcity found on the Bitcoin blockchain network. 

Our guest Pastor Alin (@PastorCoin) is the author of The Bible and Bitcoin: A Theological Exploration of Human Time, Energy and Bitcoin. We discuss his faith journey as well as how he got into Bitcoin, and what his thoughts are on the Beasts of Revelation. 

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Canary Cry Radio #167 12.01.2023 – Recorded Live to 1s and 0s

The Bible, Bitcoin and Beasts w/ @PastorCoin

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