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Cruel Logic w/ Brian Godawa | CCR 168

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Cruel Logic w/ Brian Godawa | CCR 168

While many end timers are looking for the individual that might fulfill the antichrist man of sin prophecies, it’s important to consider the antichrist spirit and its consistent presence since the fall of man. In contemporary America, it was the return of marxism in the form of “woke” culture that drove the American political divide into something unrecognizable and irreconcilable moving into the 2020’s.

But behind the movement are very weak and brittle philosophical pillars that do not hold up to critical thought, analysis, and real world situations. But how does one even begin to understand how that might be? Award winning author Brian Godawa does it through storytelling. 

In this new “theological thriller,” Brian Godawa presents CRUEL LOGIC: The Philosopher Killer! Could you defend your beliefs if your life depended on it? You’ll find out how the characters of Cruel Logic do when they face this very situation. 

“Charles Cullen, a brilliant university professor and ruthless killer, makes a daring escape from a hospital for the criminally insane.

Dr. Joseph Kallinger, the psychologist who examined Cullen, is called in to help find him with a burnt-out cop who thinks Kallinger’s diagnosis is to blame for the situation they’re in.

On the college campus, Evangelical Christian Danny Ranes arrives for his freshman year and falls for bold and beautiful Shavonda Jackson, who introduces him to social justice and identity politics.

Danny begins a life-changing journey of deconstructing his faith and is drawn into a network of radical activism. He is forced to make a dangerous choice that may change his life forever.”

Canary Cry Radio #168 12.15.2023 – Recorded Live to 1s and 0s

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