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Demolition Davos 2024 with Carl Teichrib | CCR 169

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Demolition Davos 2024 with Carl Teichrib | CCR 169

Canary Cry Radio #169 – 01.12.2024 – Pre-Recorded on 01.09.2024

Declaring Jesus as Lord amidst the Fifth Generation War!

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What is the Global Cooperation Barometer and what is Coopetition? 

Carl is back to help Basil and Gonz analyze and break down what to look out for at this years World Economic Forum meeting in Davos! 

The Davos 2024 theme of “Rebuilding Trust” is a hilarious admission to completely losing the favor of the general public. Can the WEF dig themselves out of this deep negative public sentiment and bring new excitement by being less authoritarian? We’re not too hopeful based on the presentations on the itinerary. 

Their agendas for the prestigious snow capped rendezvous promises driving fundamental principles of trust such as “transparency, consistency, and accountability…” which once again proves they are admitting not being transparent, consistent, nor accountable for their horrific social agendas!

Sprinkle in some Transhuamism, Multiverse Predictive Programming, World War 3 and some chitchat about a possible Canary Cry Award Show and you have yourselves another episode of Canary Cry Radio where we Think Outside the Cage!

2024 Davos Crystal Award…googley eyes reference for basil

WEF Faith In Action

Episode 703 of CCNT