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Alt Faith and the Promethean Fire | FLYBY

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Alt Faith and the Promethean Fire | FLYBY

The rise of Alternative Media has already began to splinter as we get pushed into Network States. Last year, our grind on Canary Cry NewsTalk began to reveal how the social engineers may be getting ready to split the Judeo-Christian ethic in America to divide us on religious and spiritual lines. In this Albert Pike-ian context for World War 3, we are witnessing the rise of what can be described as Alt Faith, where the words being used as very much rooted in traditional Christianity, yet the nuances are more akin to occult knowledge and the rebellious nature of Prometheus. In this short FlyBy, Gonz walks us through why the Daily Wire said “Christ is King” is antisemitic, why Candace Owens said “Christ Consciousness is rising” and why people like Alex Jones are marching towards the dangerous path to become tools for the Beast that will eventually destroy the Harlot in judgement, yet be thrown into the lake of fire along with the False Prophet.

Canary Cry Fly By – 03.30.2024

Declaring Jesus as Lord amidst the Fifth Generation War!

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