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Aleister Crowley and Adolf Hitler: The Ideology of Evil

Aleister Crowley and Adolf Hitler:
The Ideology of Evil


Adolf Hitler and Aleister Crowley, the great black magicians of the 20th century, shared similar ideologies.  Their worldviews were influenced by the European occult movements of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.  Informed by the ideas of Freemasonry and Theosophy, both of these significant personalities supported the doctrines of the survival of the fittest, the primacy of the human will and the ideal of a feudal slave state.

Both of these monstrous individuals were initiates in Luciferian secret societies.   Crowley entered every secret organization that would let him join—he was known to be a member of Freemasonry, the Order of the Golden Dawn and the Ordo Tempi Orientis, a German satanic group.  He also founded his own magical order: the Astrum Argentum, or Silver Star.  After WWI, Hitler was initiated into the Thule Society.[1]  The occult Thule secret society included in its membership judges, police chiefs, professors, and industrialists.  The Master of the Temple was the bald, opiate-addicted occultist Dietrich Eckhart.  He trained Hilter in many of the secret teachings of the ancient mystery religions.  As Eckhart lay dying in December, 1923, he famously said:

            Follow Hitler! He will dance, but it is I who have called the tune! I have initiated him into the ‘Secret Doctrine’, opened his centers of vision and given him the means to communicate with the Powers.    Do not mourn for me: for I shall have influenced history more than     any other German.[2]

Hitler acknowledged the influence of Dietrich Eckhart upon his personality and outlook in his influential book Mein Kampf, or My Struggle.  The final sentence in the final chapter of the book is reserved for a sentence glowing in admiration for his occult Master:

            I should like to mention the name of a man who devoted his life to reawakening his and our people, through his writing and his ideas and finally through positive action.  I mean: Dietrich Eckart.[3]


“The slaves shall serve…”


Aleister Crowley, who called himself the Beast 666, advocated the aristocratic rule over the ignorant, servile masses;  “the slaves shall serve” was an oft-repeated phrase in his writings.  Crowley stated:

We should have no compunction in utilizing the natural qualities of the bulk of mankind.  We do not insist on trying to train sheep to hunt foxes or lecture on history; we look after their physical well-being, and enjoy their wool, and mutton.  In this way, we shall have a contented class of slaves who accept the conditions of existence as they really are, and enjoy life with the quiet wisdom of the cattle.[4]

Hitler’s malevolent regime institutionalized this particular doctrine of demons.  Slave camps were set up in the conquered territories; millions of workers were forced in the most squalid conditions to make armaments for the Third Reich war machine.

Both of these evil men believed in the promotion of what they believed to be the fittest people and that the weak and defenseless in any society should be exterminated.  Crowley stated:

Should we not rather breed humanity for quality by killing off any tainted stock, as we do with other cattle? And exterminating the vermin which infect it, especially Jews and Protestant Christians?[5]

Hitler began sterilizing and/or killing who he deemed unfit early in the Nazi regime.  In 1933, the German government instituted the “Law for the Prevention of Progeny with Hereditary Diseases.” This law called for the sterilization of all persons who suffered from diseases considered hereditary, including mental illness, learning disabilities, physical deformity, epilepsy, blindness, deafness, and severe alcoholism. With the law’s passage, the Third Reich also stepped up its propaganda against the disabled, regularly labeling them “life unworthy of life” or “useless eaters” and highlighting their burden upon society.  Soon, a compulsory euthanasia program followed, and thousands of individuals disappeared from institutions in Germany, never to be seen again.  Hitler approved the systematic murder of over 15 million civilians, and millions more soldiers died over the course of WWII.  A detailed system concentration camps devoted to war and death production were placed throughout the Third Reich.

Both men also believed in the cold, loveless of breeding human beings.  Hitler created a breeding program for his elite soldiers in the Shutzstaffel (SS) called the Lebensborn.  Members of the SS were encouraged to have as many children as possible.


New Age


Both Hitler and Crowley were both New Agers—Crowley promoted the emergence of an illuminated New Age, or New Aeon, and constantly emphasized his ideal for new order of human existence in his writings.  Hitler frequently referred to a New Age in his speeches, and considered his Third Reich a new political entity for a Nietzschean New Man:

One cannot argue against the claim that the Nazi world view and major elements of the New Age Movement are identical. They should be, after all for they both grew out of the same occult root: Theosophy. Their respective cosmogony, cosmology and philosophies are identical.[6]

There are a number of peculiar connections between the Beast and the German dictator.  Aleister Crowley spent time in Germany near the end of the Weimar Republic, during the time of Hitler’s years of ascent into the Chancellery of the German state.  Also, Major General J.F.C. Fuller, a devoted occultist and follower of Crowley, was one of only two Englishmen invited to celebrate Hitler’s 50th birthday party.


Triumph of the Will


Crowley emphasized the primacy of the human will, and had this tenet codified in his occult religion as his Word and Law—Thelema,[7] or will in Greek.  Crowley thought of himself as a Prophet of the human will, stating:

I had been prepared in solitude to become such. I was now, little by little, to enter upon my life as the Prophet of the Law of Thelema.[8]

In Hitler’s Germany, Leni Riefenstahl’s film Triumph of the Will was released in 1935 and became the best known piece of cinematic political propaganda in world history.  The film begins with Hitler coming down out of the sky in an airplane, poised as a descending savior of the German nation.[9]  One critic commented “Hitler is cast as a veritable German Messiah who will save the nation, if only the citizenry will put its destiny in his hands.”[10]  Hitler, the dominant antichrist figure of the 20th Century, scorched the earth with death and destruction while following his own true will.

These aforementioned demonic values serve as the model for the New World Order, where the principles of Crowley and Hitler will cover the entire planet.  Considering all the similarities in their connections to secret societies and occult doctrines, the near carbon-copy correlations in thought and ideology between Crowley and Hitler cannot be dismissed.


William Ramsey

Author:  Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and the New World Order

Writer and Director of the new film:  Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley

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