The World In The Bondage of Egypt w/ Chad Schafer – CCR 151

This episode was recorded on April 3, 2020. You can watch the livestream of the episode here: There is Biblical evidence of succession from the gods of Egypt, all the way to our world today. In fact, everyone staying inside is very much akin to the passover feast in Biblical history. In this episode, [...]

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Seven Interviews Unsealed at Hear The Watchmen! – 147

In this episode, seven watchmen who lead the conversations at October’s Hear The Watchmen conference in Orange County, California, each sit down with Basil for a short chat. Sharon Gilbert, Steven Bancarz, Gary Huffman, Mike Kerr, David Heavener, Carl Teichrib, and Chris Taylor from Don’t Let Them Burn round out the seven. Hear the Watchmen [...]

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CCR 143: Satirical Deconstruction of Esoteric Hollywood w/ Jay Dyer

THE SCRIPTURES SAY THERE IS A TIME TO WEEP, AND A TIME TO LAUGH! This is a highly accurate description of what it’s like for those who expose the esoteric deception that is rampant in entertainment media on a daily basis. The occult powers that shape our spiritual and social worldview seem obscure and nebulous [...]

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