CCR 050: Confessions of Mr. M

CONFESSIONS OF MR. M. We were contacted by someone who claimed to have knowledge of high level U.S. government operations. He requested to come onto the show and give his insights, experience, and knowledge pertaining to various topics of interest including drones, military weaponry, government connections with entertainment media, shadow operations and more. While we [...]

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CCR002: Internet Tracking and Utah Data Center

WHAT IS THE LARGEST DATA CENTER IN AMERICA, LOCATED IN UTAH, KEEPING TRACK OF?┬áBasil and Gonz discuss Internet tracking, the NSA’s controversial Utah Data Center as reported by the Wired article,┬áThe NSA is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say), British telecom’s “Soul Catcher” implants, and the spiritual questions that we will [...]

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