Sharon Gilbert

Seven Interviews Unsealed at Hear The Watchmen! – 147

In this episode, seven watchmen who lead the conversations at October’s Hear The Watchmen conference in Orange County, California, each sit down with Basil for a short chat. Sharon Gilbert, Steven Bancarz, Gary Huffman, Mike Kerr, David Heavener, Carl Teichrib, and Chris Taylor from Don’t Let Them Burn round out the seven. Hear the Watchmen [...]

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CCR 029: Derek and Sharon Gilbert Interview

PEERING INTO DARKNESS IS NOT FOR THE WEAK IN FAITH! Basil and Gonz are joined by the co-hosts of PID (Peering Into Darkness) Radio, Derek and Sharon Gilbert. Topics discussed range from how the Gilberts got started into PID Radio, the theory of evolution, domionism, to what they believe will be the characteristics of the [...]

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