Utah Data Center

CCNT “Rand’s Ribs, Data Dockers & Fake Faces” – 11.7.2017

This is another episode of Canary Cry News Talk! Our weekly podcast discussing various news reports and stories from a Biblical worldview. If you haven’t subscribed to the CCNT feed, definitely do that first. In this episode, we discuss Rand Paul’s ribs, data storage on clothing, and fake faces being made by Artificial Intelligence! YOU [...]

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CCR002: Internet Tracking and Utah Data Center

WHAT IS THE LARGEST DATA CENTER IN AMERICA, LOCATED IN UTAH, KEEPING TRACK OF? Basil and Gonz discuss Internet tracking, the NSA’s controversial Utah Data Center as reported by the Wired article, The NSA is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say), British telecom’s “Soul Catcher” implants, and the spiritual questions that we will [...]

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