FLYBY: Burning Man ’18 – Boots on the Ground!



In the book of Numbers, Moses sent out twelve spies to scan the land of Canaan, the future promised land for the children of Israel. What they saw (descendants of Anak [Nephilim]) frightened ten out of the twelve spies so much, that they lost faith in God, and subsequently suffered the consequences. But Caleb and Joshua saw this as an opportunity to put their full faith and trust in God, that He would lead them into the Promised Land despite how unfavorable their odds appeared. In this otherwise hopeless circumstance, it was the faith filled outlook of Caleb and Joshua, that helped advance God’s promise. In a very similar way, it’s likely that 10 out of 12 young people today who call themselves “Christians” would abandon their faith in God and succumb to the fleshly deviance of an event like Burning Man. But the crew of believers who set up the Camp of the Unknown God were equipped not only with the truth of the Gospel, but the knowledge and spiritual discernment to attend Burning Man for evangelism in the model of Acts 17. Their report is much more akin to that of Caleb and Joshua, who were upfront and honest with the terrifying prospects of what they saw, yet deeply encouraging and faith filled, that God would lead to victory.


In this very special Canary Cry Radio Flyby, a report FROM Burning Man, as Basil sits down with Carl Teichrib, Jen Doe, Bob, and Justen Faull (Skywatch Tv) at the Camp of the Unknown God. From profound conversations where the Gospel was preached, to disturbing moments of overwhelming sorrow and grief, the team share their experiences amidst the dust filled playa. They also share the uncovering of a nefarious agenda inspired by a psychedelic spiritual experience with ayahuasca, to deceive what could potentially be millions of unsuspecting Christians all around the world. Such an important discovery could only happen by the providence of God. But it’s important to keep in mind, that none of this would have been possible without the listeners and long time supporters of Canary Cry Radio who faithfully and prayerfully contributed to the project. Thank you for your generosity! Without exaggeration, your contribution may have helped prevent a massive infiltration of dark spiritual influence to hit millions of Christians!

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Carl’s Website

Skywatch Tv

Canary Cry News Talk

The Joyspiracy Theory


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  1. Pamela Gibbs

    Why would you not tell us what this potential spirtual deception being promoted by a major Christian ministry might be or at least hint at it enough that we can figure it out so as to start praying against it?
    I’ll throw a name out there. How about “Hillsong”. This ministry and its music is reaching most evangelical churches today and it is deeply rooted in the emergent church movement. I can easily see how they can use the mantra like vibrational tones and rhythms of their music to create trancelike states to open up portals and channels into the human psyche which will allow demons to enter into unsuspecting people. In fact I believe this is already happening.
    Add alittle micro dosing of DMT to a communion wafer and people in churches will be tripping out with demonic experiences that they will attribute to the Holy Spirit.
    Jesus delievered me out of tbe new age movement and made me a new creation in Christ. I used to be involved in the shamanism and the occult so I understand exactly what they may be trying to do by creating altered states of consciousness.
    This is evil to the core and needs to be exposed ASAP.
    We need to be using our weapons of warfare under Christs authority to defeat this evil from the pits of hell!
    So ease dont delay in coming firward with what you suspect could be going on!
    Thank you!
    In Jesus!

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