CCR004: Ghosts and CISPA

GHOSTS CAUGHT ON FILM LOOKS LIKE AN ALIEN GRAY! After briefly responding to a comment posted on the website Top Documentary Films of Gonz’s film Age of Deceit: Fallen Angels and the New World Order, the boys discuss the new CISPA bill which is attempting to take away our internet freedoms under the guise of “cyber security.” They wrap up the show with a discussion of ghosts from a biblical perspective and talk about a testimony of Dave from the UK. Below is an image taken by Dave while in the tunnels. Check it out and compare it to the picture of “Lam” who Aleister Crowley allegedly contacted into a satanic ritual.





CISPA is SOPA 2.0:,0,259413.story

Netflix FLIXPAC:

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Bible References: Luke 16:19-31, 1 Samuel 28

Dave’s pictures: picture 1, picture 2, picture 3

The Truth Behind Ghost Hunting

Dr. Michael S. Heiser


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  1. Matt in Columbus Ohio

    Hey guys! Thanks for doing the show. The topics are important. And you’re viewpoints are appreciated. So keep it up!

  2. hi guys i love the logo above i think it sums it all up very well have my blessings ti use all of my footage and testimony anyway you wish so long as it is for good and to warn others of the dangers of the occult and ghost hunting and of course ultimately to glorify god
    all ghost hunter should know they may well find themselves becoming the hunted !!

  3. David

    I’ve watched your movie and have listened to your pod-cast and think that you’re views on the subjects you’ve discussed (thus far) are quite thought provoking. Looking forward to hearing more on these subjects you’ve been covering.

    I was raised a Catholic and, although I do believe in much of what the Catholic church teaches, deep down I also feel that it (as well as other organized religions) has been compromised and think that there many things that are intentionally being hidden from us. So, listening to discussions, like what you cover in your pod-cast, and learning what I can outside of the church has been very important to me. Recently discovering the Book of Enoch was a pivotal moment for me, personally.

    Anyway, in regards to spiritual photography, like those above, can be very subjective. Because of the human brain’s to attempt to comprehend what it sees, many times we “see” things that may not really exist. When I look at the first photo, if I concentrate, I can see faces in many places (in the patterns of the bricks and dust, etc.) and some even overlapping one another. Could they be spirits? Perhaps. But, without being there to experience what Dave experienced myself, I can never really know.

    What I believe, however, is that if they are spirits, they are not “good” spirits. I believe (as you do) that all human spirits/souls are in other places right now and not roaming the earth. And, thanks to Enoch’s accounts, I have a much better idea as to where they are right now.

    Great show – hope to hear more in the near future.


  4. for david ..please read this email i received a few years ago from the founder of the assap rev lionel fanthorpe regarding this and other footage we captured i hope this helps you
    Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2011 07:13:56 EST
    To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Dear Dave,
    Further to our recent phone conversation, we have now had another very careful look at the material on the memory stick.
    Firstly, there does definitely seem to be something abnormal here: the kind of anomalous phenomena that we love to study in ASSAP. Secondly, weird as it all is, we would emphasise that there is absolutely nothing to fear. The powers of light are infinitely stronger than the powers of darkness. We have nothing to fear but fear itself.
    What might the images and sounds mean? What might be causing them?
    The first possibility is that they are traces of departed human beings. If so, the worst they can do is to try to frighten us. They have absolutely no power at all to harm us.
    Another possibility is that they are non-human psychic entities of some kind. Even if the manifestations are caused by what are popularly called demons or imps, again they have no power to do anything except to try to frighten us.
    Third possibility is that manifestations of these types are from another dimension, or, perhaps, the result of time glitches. If time is susceptible to faults and breakdowns (the teleological equivalent of earthquakes, but in time not in 3D matter) we might be able to see and hear something from the past while the breakdown lasts. They are only transitory things, and time seems to repair itself quite quickly. No ill effects from being there when it happens.
    Once again, having studied the very interesting evidence again, we can positively assure you that there is absolutely nothing to fear.
    Warmest wishes, prayers and blessings,
    As always,
    Your friends,

    Lionel & Patricia

    Patricia and Lionel Fanthorpe, BA (Hons), FCP, FCMI, FRSA, Cert. Ed., Member of Mensa,
    Partners in the Fanthorpe International Management Consultancy,
    Rivendell, 48 Claude Road, Cardiff. CF24 3QA, Wales, UK
    Tel: 02920-498368
    Fax: 02920-496832
    Mobile: 07767 207289

  5. my opinion is option 2 in lionels explanation is the correct one ! trust me david im no weak minded fool by any means . the problem is you only have a small part of our story not the full one . if this is dust its very interesting dust . you are a christian yes ? prove to me that jesus is real ? or god is not just the result of dust ? or some persons mind ? do you see my point here david

  6. all i can tell you is five of us saw the very same things we took photos of it video voice recordings you name it wee did it my now very good friend lionel fanthorpe said ( in his 50 years as a scientific paranormal researcher that has taken him all over the world he has never seen such remarkable and obvious evidence of the supernatural .and david when 3 people are in a room alone and the voice recorders have 4 voices on them and voice number 4 tells you to **** *** !! you take notice in a way i wish you had been with us david but then again i would not wish this burden of truth on anyone .i have been place most people would fear to tread i have seen things that most people would freak out over just a simple man with an
    extraordinary testimony and the picture above has 7 faces in it and all on the same theme Demonic ! here is the link to the ASSAP you can find out just who lionel fanthorpe is and his credentials

  7. admin

    Thanks all for the kind words. I’m elated that you guys are enjoying the show.

    With regards to the picture above, i find that if nothing else the figure featured on the right is convincing enough, regardless of whatever else my brain can decipher in the dirty walls. The thing i find most interesting about the photo (keep in mind that i consider myself critical of spiritual photography) is that when compared to the sketch of Lam. Whether it is Lam or perhaps another being that resembles it, there is very little “interpretation” needed. The facial features are so clear and proportioned it leaves very little to the imagination, in my opinion. Also what i find interesting is that next to the figures face is a very clear hand that seems to be grasping something. Very VERY intriguing.

    A critic would argue that if the photo was taken with a long enough exposure, the figure may simply be a blurred picture of the person on the right, moving out of frame as the picture was being taken. What i find interesting is the reflection of the camera flash off of the human subjects reflective jacket. This to me signals that the subject was already out of frame at the time of the camera flash. When cameras use a flash there is no need for an excessively long exposure time. therefore the blurred human image theory is ousted in my opinion.

    Now for some science! As i will hopefully be able to share in future episodes, i have an intense interest in quantum physics (as the study may hold answers in regard to the connection between realms, dimensions, time space relations etc. etc.) In this particular photo (and in many like it) im reminded of an article from Scientific American published a few months ago.
    The article was basically theorizing that reality as we know it may not exist in a sort of concrete physical sense as we suspect. But more like a projection interpreted by our brains, a la, much of quantum physics focuses on photons/light and how they react to space and time. Anyhow, without getting too much into it, basically the theory states that reality is based on pulses (the example used was a camera flash) that illuminate our reality by first flashing it from the “front” (front being a term all too elementary, i know) followed by another from the “opposite direction”, and what is revealed between these pulses is “reality.” …i know what you are thinking. But as abstract and unnecessary as that concept sounds, i find it interesting to apply to this photo.
    As you can see, the flash of the camera reflects off of a shiny part of the human subjects jacket, creating an almost blinding light. Now perhaps the intensification of the light reflecting off of that surface passes back through space, through the apparition, whatever it may be and in whatever dimension, realm, etc, it may exist, (photons are tricky little buggers known to visit some unique places and do some unique things) revealing it to the camera for that fraction of a second. And viola!
    Now of coarse this doesn’t quite work the same way applied to all spiritual photography, but it’s fun to apply a high paid scientists theoretical explanation of existence to explore the supernatural 🙂

    Food for thought.


  8. david i was a very violent cruel angry man most of my life i used women like throw away items i got what i wanted by stomping on people without a care i lived a selfish arrogant lifestyle but then in a single moment all that changed then the tables turned and i became the victim for a change i was humbled in ways most people couldn’t even comprehend ! i have seen first hand just how low and vile mankind can really be first hand . i have experienced every evil trait of mankind and indeed in the past indulged in them to the full . all this changed when i had a serious motor cycle accident that left me in a wheelchair for four years i was attacked persecuted by my former enemies and victims alike the ultimate poetic justice or divine !! you decide i watched my father die in my arms also my brother and now many of my close friends and all while enduring pain beyond your worst nightmares
    oh boy have i got a story to tell then one day i had had enough 12 failed surgeries on my right leg and all this other stuff on top and it kept coming at me …so i made the decision to end my life and i might add take some of my persecutors out at the same time !!
    well when my right tibia broke yet again for the 10th time i was screaming in agony while waiting for the paramedics to arrive to take me off to hospital yet again !! i looked up and screamed into the sky
    i *******g hate you you B***** well david no thunder bolt came down and struck me dead heaven knows i would have welcomed that with open arms .. they took me off to hospital and stabilized in a cast and told me to come back to see the amputation specialist ..well arounf a month later i went back and had one more of 100s of routine x rays then my doctors were talkinf to each other looking very puzzled they then called me in

  9. they sat me down and showed me the x rays and said we have no clue how or why but your tibia is healing like crazy after almost three years after bone grafts stem cell treatment every trick in the book my leg was fixing itself .. you would think david i would be jumping for joy ..well sorry i was in total despair
    and i wanted to just die ..and one day as i lay on my bed i just broke down and again looked up and begged for a sign just to show me that there is more to life than just pain misery disappointment followed by death ! i mean really david i wanted to know why do we humans bother to struggle through life only to end up rotting in the ground ? well cutting a long story short i began to learn to walk again and then i remembered a promise i had made to myself only months after my bike accident when i was surfing the internet about ww2 tunnels i thought to my self if i ever get to walk again i will visit these interesting hidden places ..well thats just what i did and almost right away scary freaky stuff kicked in
    and we captured some bizarre pictures and video so like fools we went back looking for more and we hit the paranormal jackpot in four sites on four separate occasions
    the moral of this story is this david we should all be very carfull what we ask for
    now some bible verses for you ( Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him. Matthew 6:8
    so i ask you what would an evil man such as me need ? this is the very short and compact version by the way ..i have left out all the supernatural stuff
    so dust or all in the mind you say david oh my dear friend i wish that was the case
    because i would just get to the end of my life and die and rot in the grave
    end of story . i used to fear death no i fear what awaits us after death
    i hope this helps you david i really do take care stay safe

  10. David

    Thank you, Dave for taking the time (and caring enough) to share this experience with us (me). Please don’t think that my previous comment above indicates that I feel your experiences are less than genuine. I don’t think that at all. My comment was only to indicate how photography of spirits can be subjective.

    For me, the important part of hearing your story is that, in the end, you found Jesus and he now a part of your life. No matter how that happened, that is the part of the story that should bring hope to anyone who has heard it.

    And to what you were saying, Basil, there’s a lot more going on in God’s universe than we humans can comprehend, that’s for sure.

    I have never come in to contact with a supernatural being, like you have Dave (and I think you mentioned an experience in your pod-cast Basil), and hope I never do. I’ve always known there are evil spirits out there without having to meet them. Never would I invite any of them into my life, let alone go looking for them. I guess God, and my belief in him, has spared me from that experience.

  11. David

    Funny. I was just thinking about this a little more and reminded myself of a thing or two that I thought I’d share.

    Occasionally, my wife and I do enjoy watching a scary movie. Sometimes, after watching certain movies (depending on their content), I do get that apprehensive feeling when walking into dark room – is “something” in there waiting for me?

    When ever that creepy feeling comes over me (before I can get to the light switch), all I have to do is repeat in my head – and remind myself – that “the Lord is my Shepperd; I shall fear no evil” and the feeling instantly goes away.

    So, are the evil spirits all around us, all of the time, just waiting for a moment of weakness to corrupt us? When I think about things like this, it seems to me like they are. This just reaffirms to me that there is no such thing as Casper the “friendly” ghost. 😉

  12. hi again David hey don’t sweat it its all good here and i understood your meaning np as to never going looking my defence weak as it is initially i was interested in ww2 tunnels and nothing else and i contacted the owners of a subterranean exploration website to see if we could get a tour of these fascinating sites and indeed this we did as a young guy as our tour guide whos name i will keep secret who we later found had been using ouija boards in these places for years in fact his mother and father had been taking him to these sites even as a child and were both spiritualists further research into this lad revealed that his father had killed himself . and this young guy in his mid 20s is obsessed with dark places and often conducted seances while stoned out of his mind with his friends in fact he was all over youtube at one point and i have snatched his many videos and have them on file here trust me they are horrific to watch once you know the truth behind the true nature of the things he thinks he can command at a whim like some performing animal in a circus for his own amusment ! i can tell you this when i got separated from the group deep underground these spirits made good use of this opportunity and made there presents known to me immediately and very effectively with terrifying results ! i was frozen to the spot the ambient temperature plummeted in a second
    and i was struck with outright terror that iam unable to convey to you in any words total dread comes to mind ..then i could hear foot steps walking around me even pieces of chalk crushed under a foot that i could not see . and i wanted out of there fast i called the others including the young guy who i might add said right off what did you hear dave before i even uttered a word of what had taken place !!! we then made our way out and at the last moment i took out a small cheap digital camera and took one picture up the shaft that led to the surface ..when i got home i got the shock of my life when i looked at the picture then then after trying to call my friend al there was a knock at the door and it was another member of our group
    al video camera in hand looking realy shook up he too had captured some footage from his sons video camera the old man manifesting it was so fast if you blinked you would miss it but when he slowed it down frame by frame it was astonishing to see .. so we went back looking for more
    and boy did we find ..the last timne we went out was on halloween and yes i now know the true meaning of this night !! if i had back then i would have stayed at home but i had to know this was no fluke so we went out and hit the jack pot !

  13. the site this picture was taken in is well known now here in the uk people now camp out there on all night ghost hunts i did some research on this and other sites and it has and still is being used for demonic rituals by local covens and satanists .in fact that night we kinda disrupted them as we left the site
    they must have been on there way in and heard us deep inside and panic
    dropped at least 5 bottles of sealed minaral water bottles in fact i still have a recording of this as we went in and just as i say whats all this water doing here we get a scary Evp and this is in the deep ultra low frequency saying
    Leave the water ! and leave it in here ..the scary thing is i can now recall
    thinking that very thing in my own head ?? (can they project into our minds ??
    david im just a simple guy poorly educated and im struggling with all this and i have been seriously frustrated with the lack of interest when trying to warn people only to be mocked or just called a hoaxer i can do no more i tell my story to anyone willing to take the time to hear it and i gove iot for free with no reward other than if i can help just one person or stop one ghost hunter from partaking in this paranormal russian roulette spiritual suicide then i have done my best . i have nothing to gain and my only reward is ridiculed and character assassination but what kind of human being would i be if i did not at least try be it in vain to warn others of the dangers they are in by looking for these things ..its so bizarre to me know humans will believe in anything from ufos to the sasquatch but when it comes to the almighty they trun cold and hostile
    i used to wonder to myself does god have a sense of humour ? does he laugh or cry ? well he must be laughing at me right now a man that always diligently mocked this sort of thing above and beyond the call of duty and now here i am
    one of the people who i was so against !! and heres another verse
    ( Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you seems to be wise in this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise.1 Corinthians 3:18
    i am that fool .. we as humans will only become wise when we learn that our own worst enemy is our own ego pride and arrogance ! this is what play right into satans hands will we ever learn i cry

  14. sorry for the typos my eyes are not what they used to be guys

  15. david that is the big questions i have asked myself are they around us all of the time or do they need an invitation ..well as far as i can tell the bible tells us they need to have a legal right to attach to us ..i did see a very interesting series on youtube claiming they hate being around humans for any continued length of time and prefere abandoned buildings or places
    the truth is i just don’t know but i do know they can follow you regardless of where you are or go i wish i knew ..all i know is my life changed as sson as we all sat down and tried to make sense of it all ..modern science tells us these things can not and do not exist and anyone who claims otherwise is crazy . i do find it rather amusing when i see the likes of richard dawkin ranting on about the god delusion and people like him and have a kinda smile on my face thinking that mans in for the shock of his life bigtime
    or even steven hawkin saying there is no god again god must have a
    good laugh at that one too ! my gut feeling is these things are indeed all around us all of the time the bible tells us lucifer was cast down with his angels if hell is for the end of time when he will be cast into hell
    then it must be safe to assume he shares our earthly abode ! and its only through gods goodness that a veil separates us but i also think this a veil separates us can and does get breached for many reasons .

  16. David

    “Then whosoever heareth the sound of the trumpet, and taketh not warning; if the sword come, and take
    him away, his blood shall be upon his own head. He heard the sound of the trumpet, and took not warning; his blood shall be upon him. But he that taketh warning shall deliver his soul. But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.”

    Ezekiel 33:4

  17. i would like to say this are there any friendly spirits ?? well lets not forget god is a spirit ! and his angels or messengers all are spiritual beings as indeed we are or will be when we die i have spoken to way to many people on and off youtube that know by heart every word in the bible and claim to be clean and holy then go on to cast people that won’t subscribe to their views or interpretation of the words in the bible into that burning lake of fire ! lets not forget these verses

    Judge not, and you shall not be judged: condemn not, and you shall not be condemned: forgive, and you shall be forgiven: Luke 6:37

    Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.Matthew 19:26

    we know very little about anything not of this world ! we must never forget that

    1. David

      Yes, I agree that there are spiritual beings, like God, the Holy Spirits, and his angels. But I guess I don’t consider them the same as “ghosts” – or at least don’t speak of them in the same context.

      I have no personal experiences with ghosts, but I do have experience with the Holy Spirit (or at least I believe I do).

      It’s difficult for me to explain it, but there are a handful of moments in my life when I can distinctly recall a “turning point” or event that helped me make a decision or learn something that changed my direction (for the better) forever.

      When this happens to me, it is at times of unmistakably clarity of thought or discovery- my heart and mind filled with happiness, determination and compassion. That’s about as best as I can put the feeling into words. I just “knew” I was inspired by divine intervention and it was the right – I feel “enlightened”.

      For me, it’s not a physical encounter (sounds, apparitions, or manifestations) I experience, but a “spiritual” one. My heart feels full. These are not the kind of feelings I get when I hear of the encounters other receive when they encounter “ghosts” or supernatural beings. The obvious reason being that they are not beings of “light” but of “darkness”. And thankfully I’ve been spared from having to experience them.

  18. well i think ghosts are real but not thinking
    conscious beings more like a video replay of past events by some bizarre quirk of time and space we hear many stories of ancient battlefields apparitions and very commonly the witnesses report thatthey only see half of these ghostly figures from the waste up and at ground level like they are walking on some long forgotten or buried roman road this has been reported many many times all over the world know as a residual haunting this of course is only my own thinking on ghosts but spirits are are quite different !
    when we came out of this place i was being woken up twice every night at the same times 11.55 pm and 3am like clockwork for three weeks and i knew there was a dark oppressive and very sinister presents in my bedroom and the room was almost pitch black no outside light seemed to get in not even the street lights outside
    i looked at the clock o the wall and it said 3am then my wife woke up and i said to her go back to sleep its only 3am she then turned on the lights and said no its not its 6.30 i looked at the clock and it indeed said 6.30am . yet only seconds before i had looked at it myself with the lights on also i was having the same dream every night that woke me up in terror the interesting thing about this dream is that i had had it before only when i was a child of 6 years old i would wake up screaming but i could never tell my mother or father what the dream was about because i was an innocent child but this time i was fully aware it was about the things in the pictures from thoese tunnels

  19. hows that for 10 on the freaky scale . it was then that lights started flickering all over the house where ever i went in any room as soon as i turned on the light it would start flickering but not in the room i had just left tv would turn on and off right in front of myself and my wife . my dog would growl and bark all night long and rush around the house like he was chasing somthing . he would just look transfixed at a spot on the wall or ceiling the best omne was my brother sat in my house while my old mother who we look after
    was telling him about things she had seen or heard and he was so skeptical and was just in the process of saying she was seeing things when a heavy table clock slammed down flat on the coffee table right in front of him . that i have to say was one of the funny moments be they few . you know david i don’t worry anymore if people mock me because i know life is short for us all and as the big guy said every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess
    and i will be vindicated before him !! 🙂 i have much more to tell and will over time then it will be all here for all to see

  20. Josh

    Please keep the radio shows coming. They all have been home runs so far. This may become one of my favorites. Any plans to do some interviews? My suggestions Doug Hamp, LA Marzulli, Richard Grund, Dr Future, etc.

  21. Hi Guys Really love the show and the format. Ran across you on RRN the other day. Look forward to hearing more from you. I just started up a podcast myself. Would love if you gave a listen.

  22. Dave uk

    i would like you to remove all of this footage from your website gonz i have asked you once and you have ignored my wishes satan gets enough media coverage i do not want to aid him any further understand i have destroyed all of my own copies and want nothing further to do with it also please remove all of my posts including lionel fanthorpes email thank you in advance

  23. bob

    the pics show…..nothing. Maybe a dirty lense? You will need more than smudgy pictures to prove anything to the curious.

    1. Make the heart of this people calloused; make their ears dull and close their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts, and turn and be healed.” Isaiah 6:10 help your self to a white stick on the way out friend ..its on me BOB ! dirty lens wooooo ha ha ha ha ha ! Matthew 7:6 !!!
      got nothing for you ..

    2. Dave

      and one last thing regarding the curious !!! god does not reveal his hidden secrets to the curious
      and wise . only to the down trodden and afflicted or broken hearted ! (Luke 10:21 In that hour Jesus rejoiced in spirit, and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes: even so, Father; for so it seemed good in thy sight . you know bob when i run into people like you along the way it makes me understand just how lucky i really am .. a tip for you and indeed others curiosity will not lead you to the truth look what it did for the cat ? and bob the pictures you see here are only the tip of the ice berg ! the images you fail to spot can be seen my hundreds of others as clear as day maybe you should be curious as to why that is ?? there is a veil between the physical world and the spiritual one and god has his finger on the over ride switch he decides who can see and who cannot . one day everyone’s curiosity will be satisfied bob even your own the only thing is it may be too late to do them any good if you get my meaning . i wish you well bob i hope you find truth sooner rather than later this post was an after thought . regards Dave

  24. Chris

    I’ve found Jesus through Brazilian spiritism. So, how about spirits that praise Jesus? Great shows. thank you

    1. Dave

      the bible tells us to test all things and hold on to that which is good
      2 Pet. 2:1). John said our duty is to “test the spirits,” and Paul said: “Test everything. Hold on to the good.” (1 Thess. 5:21) many people have been saved from the occult as you have.. some words that may help you
      ( Matthew 9:12 But when Jesus heard that, he said unto them, They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick. maybe we should call a para medic for bob lol just kidding 🙂

  25. Ed Willard

    Basil, I found CCR through your interview with Josh Peck. I have listened to CCR 93-4 through present. Now going back and starting at the beginning. Currently on CCR 004. At a point in this discussion you, Basil, express some frustration in that theTtranshuminists/New Agers seem to be moving headlong into “the beast” system. You said something to this effect, “…have they never heard of the beast system, have they never read any of the bible…”. I understand your frustration. I experienced the same thing years ago when a European Union publication cover displayed a woman (Europa) ridding a red beast. It was so in our face. On contemplating this it dawned on me (likely by the Holy Spirit) that the Globalists CANNOT avoid fulfilling their place in scripture. It is written, it will happen. They can’t “see” what they are doing, being blinded from the truths of God. Love the show!

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