CCR 007: The Inhumanity of the Illuminati

ILLUMINATI INFLUENCE AS PROOF FOR OUR SIN NATURE! Basil and Gonz discuss the Illuminati on the eve of their 236th birthday. Instead of talking about the various facts, the guys talk about the inhumanity and the personal side of the Illuminati based on the writings of a whistle blower who goes by the name Svali. They also talk about the nature of conspiracy and how popular media outlets like Wired Magazine frown upon conspiracy theorists.

Svali Speaks:

Psychology of Conspiracy Theorists:

The New Socialism:

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  1. Arnn

    Can’t wait to get home and pop the ipod in–best radio show on the internet!!!

    Keep up the great work fellows–I’ve been bragging about you guys here in Oklahoma. I imagine it won’t be long until your show goes live with live call-ins and emails.

    Grace and Peace,


    1. admin

      Hey Arnn,

      those are some very encouraging words my friend. Thanks so much and keep spreading the word. We will certainly start doing emails very soon. God Bless you and yours.


  2. Jalana

    Although you guys are new to me – I’ve been in this stuff 20+ years. You have a fresh new style of presenting that keeps the listener wanting for more. Great job on the Doug Hamp. Interview as well…keep em coming!!!

    1. admin


      Thanks for the encouragement. It’s great to know that someone whose been looking at this stuff for so long can listen to our rambling. 🙂 thank you!


    2. John Wyatt

      Hey guys…just found your web cite by accident so I’m listening for the first time. Really enjoyed your show and the material you discussed on the Illuminati. Glad to hear voices supporting some of my thoughts over the years. Maybe I’m not nuts after all.

      1. admin

        John, I’m glad the good Lord lead you here. We’re elated you’re enjoying the show! please keep comin’ back and we can all not be nuts together!


  3. Jalana

    One more thing…when Doug was talking about the ACs recombinant DNA – that POV I have not heard before by a non-secular commentator (or maybe Tom Horn or LA Marzulli) anyway …I first learned about that stuff from the 90s Spider Man CARTOON which Disney XD Channel still broadcasts on weekend nights. It makes absolute sense because of what is stated in Gen 10:8 Nimrod BEGAN to be a mighty one in the earth. See Tom Horn’s Forbidden Gates, Chapter 18 work on News With Views. Thanks again!

  4. David

    One of the reasons why I think that the illuminati get away with so much of what they to do the people outside of their “family” is because of what they’ve been preaching to us regarding evolution.

    Evolutionists want us to think that life here on earth isn’t anything special. But rather that it’s abundant in the cosmos and that we’re nothing more than advance animals (descended from monkeys) that – just by chance – evolved. And, because (to them) we’re nothing more than animals, we can be treated as such.

    It’s quite ingenious (albeit diabolical) when you think about it.

  5. Brother P.

    Gonz on video games (around 29:30):

    …on the surface they seem so innocent, y’know … but at the same time, it’s like, “What are you doing in these games?” I mean you’re basically … falling into the spirit of murder … you just mindlessly slaughter people, and it’s like, “Oh, okay!”.

    Absolutely. The idea that this is consequence-free is ludicrous.

    …I’m in a generation where we grew up with video games … it’s just strange for me to see my friends who are y’know, late twenties, about to go into their thirties, and they’re still, like, totally into video games.

    I feel exactly the same. They appear to be glad to be plugged into The Matrix. I just don’t get it.

    Basil (on Svali’s 4:30 a.m. training sessions):

    …it brings me back to y’know, the countless nights that I spent all night long playing video games. Y’know — playing until the sun would come up…

    Déjà vu. I’m about ten years your senior, yet grew up in the gaming generation (although in my day it was Commodore computers rather than Xboxes etc.). Someday I shall be called to give account before God for the countless hours, days, weeks, months I squandered upon costly electronic entertainment. …And of course I won’t be able to.

    It’s surely End-Times stuff: I find it significant how the computer revolution began at the same time as the Sexual Revolution and the occult boom of the late Sixties — just after the recapture of Jerusalem by Israel. (The first message on the ARPANET was sent in 1969.) Doubtless it was part of Satan’s countermove.

    I have come to regard phenomena such as video games and online pornography (which is a modern epidemic that has hooked not only adolescent boys but married men, married women, and even young girls) as being in essence technological conditioning tools, used to great effect by our Enemy. Scientists have discovered that both pornography & video gaming alter brain function and one can see in the younger generation the effects of normalising these things.

    How do we get off-grid? I’m not a fanatic who wants to live unwashed in a commune in California, doing my business in a home-made lavatory, but I am concerned about how dependent I am on technology.

    What to do?

  6. Awake & Aware

    I prefer the term, “Conspiracy Analyst”.

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