CCR 008: 2012 Prep & Basic Apologetics

CRAZY PREPPERS FOR DECEMBER 2012! Basil and Gonz discuss some general principles of “2012 prep.” It’s not simply about being prepared physically, but also enjoying each day we do have until something goes down, whether it be doom and gloom like some profess, some kind of spiritual evolution, or perhaps nothing at all. Most importantly, it is the spiritual preparations that are most integral. The guys also talk about basic apologetics and the way to defend theism over atheism and agnosticism.


Chart given to me by an atheist:

The chart fixed:

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  1. the only portal this dudes going to jump into is a boeing 747 when he runs off to buenos aires
    with all the cash he gets from silly people that believe him lol

  2. as for the people stocking up on guns and food well this in my opinion is pointless why fight it if its going to happen there is nothing you can do to stop it so go with the flow also i have seen many people who claim to be christians doing this very thing but this is in direct contradiction of scripture and what jesus teached ! Luke 9:3 take nothing with you !! also Luke 17:33 Whoever tries to keep his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it.!! if we stock up and prepair for the end of the world by trying to save our skins then we have zero faith in god ! its clearly written we must live by faith

    1. David

      I am reminded of Paul’s letter to the Romans.

      If done for the glory of God (and not your own), then it cannot be pointless.

      Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. As Paul stated in his letter, by living in Christ, we are all members of the same body and like a body, each of us has our function or purpose. If the Holy Spirit tells you to store food, then store food.

      Romans 12

      “3 For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you. 4 For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, 5 so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. 6 We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith; 7 if it is serving, then serve; if it is teaching, then teach; 8 if it is to encourage, then give encouragement; if it is giving, then give generously; if it is to lead, do it diligently; if it is to show mercy, do it cheerfully.”

      1. Hi David thank you for your post all iam saying here is if its gods will for our lives to end then his will will be done .everyday i live by faith i trust him to meet my daily needs and he does you know i have proof of this fact would you like to hear a wonderfull testimony to this fact ? my life has taken a supernatural u turn over the last 3 or 4 years as you know i was a real bad ass kinda guy and still can be at times .. when all this went down and the five of us came to the sobering overnight conclusion ! that God has to exist ! i started looking up instead of in dark tunnels and and abandoned places for ghost and spirits in search of this holy spirit i had heard so much about and ignored all of my life i was as far from god as anton lavey i had no idea of gods laws or word ..ok when all this freaky stuff started to kick off in my house i got talking to the big guy and i had no idea where to start so i said ok you win i get it your real ! so now what do i do ?? well David i got a REPLY one word just jumped into my head in voice a male voice soft but firm ! i thought i was going nuts the word was a word i had never heard in my life and on that i swear before almighty god as my witness ( deuteronomy!!) ok so i did not have a bible at that point so i googled the word in fact i couldn’t even spell it right at the time i read it online and boy oh boy when i got to the part that said let there be none among you found !! fear ran right through me like a cold rush of ice water Fear !! took on a whole new meaning in my tiny cave man type mind . so a learned gods laws

        1. for David part 2 so then i understood just how evil i realy was and just how badly i had broken his laws all of my life on a daily bases . cutting a very long story short i got to work changing my ways and it is a tough up hill struggle don’t let anyone tell you otherwise i dee these saved by the blood of christ perfect i don’t sin people all over the internet that is a slap in the face of any true and new struggling believer and sad as it may sound in the last couple of yeas the biggest stumblinng blocks i have come up against is other christians telling me just how much in error i am and iam on my way to hell . anyway i soon understood what a vast task i had before me to change my whole life style and the first thing on the list was to marry my long term partner who i had been with since i was 16 years old who i might add i had treated like a door mat i had cheated on her 100s of times over 30 years but she stood by me she endured everthing so i was out of work on sickness benefits after my motor cycle accident that left me crippled in a wheelchair for over 4 years thats a story on its own right there ! so i got my lazy butt back to work i was struggling to make a living i gave up the free handouts form the goverment and told them to stick it and i sold everything i had to get my small modest company up and running but the first year was hell and i had this old outboard motor in my shed so i fixed it up as i fix outboards and boats too and i put it on ebay to try to make enough money for a small and modest wedding to put right one of the big wrongs in my life to honour the woman who clearly loved me to bits alison my now wife go to part 3

          1. part 3 ok David here comes the proof i spoke of i had this old mercury v6 on ebay but it would not sell times being hard and all .. so i siad to god come lord give me a chance here im trying to do the right thing and marry the woman .. this was in the morning about 7am well later that night when i was in bed i had a phone call from a very drunk and upset old friend i had not heard from in a long while called mike who had lost his wife to cancer only a year before very sad indeed mike is a very wealthy man e type jags classic bike big house by the beach all the trimmings ! well he said to me Dave i have this bike here i have been trying to sell it on ebay and i have been messed around by tyre kickers and i can’t be bothered anymore i have all the money i will ever need and the one thing i really want i can’t have (my wife jean)
            i tell you David as tough as i am this had me in tears my heart was breaking for mike as i know how it feels as many of you people do to lose a loved one well after a long debate with mike about reasons i wouldn’t take his bike and he should sell it and keep it himself he then said if you don’t take it we will fall out so i told him i would call him in the morning hoping he would sleep it off and think better of it ..but in the the morning he was on the phone telling me to come pick up the bike so i did it i put ht e thing on ebay that very day for £2000 and the bike sold within 20 minutes of being listed and to top that the guy turned up with the cash the very next morning

          2. he gave me £2000 cash didn’t even start the bike and went away very happy so you see David i never doubt gods willingness to provide for his people if we have a true honest desire to do the right thing
            so i got hold of my very good friend Rev Lionel Fanthorpe wgho you may have heard of and he performed the wedding in a liitle country pub near here and alson is now my wife and i know just how lucky i have been to have her as my soulmate and now my wife .. the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence and i have been burning my candle and both ends since i was a teenager but now i know what is important in life iam no longer materialistic in anyway i give to the poor i visit the sick i do the best i can this is just part of my long and complex story
            i will add more as time goes by if your interested . i hope this help you David or anyone else who doubts god mercy and goodness i don’t i just fear him because most christains i have met and talked to have blind faith wich is how it mean’t to be but i have proof as he gave mne the signs i asked for as oyu have read in my other part of my testimony in the ghost podcast that basil and gonz did a few weeks ago so this fact worries me greatly
            i don’t have faith i Know hes real and he knows i know you tell me am i cursed or saved

          3. only god knows this and when i see arrogant peop0le all over the internet christians and none chrisitans fighting condeming each other into hell fire for nothing more than a difference of opinion i shake my head in horror and disbelief it seems every bible reading christian knows the mind of god and is willing to condem anyone and everyone into a lake of fire at the drop of a hat i have lost count of how many christians that have said im evil andon my way to hell or i was even accused by one of trying to buy my way into heaven for feeding the poor ! and this guy has a huge following on youtube
            i see this world with new eyes David but to see the truth out in the world we must start by looking inward first i know this to be true 100%

      2. ps sorry for the typos i cant see what im typing in this small box 🙂

  3. and if this dude jumps their will be a portal alright about 3 inches deep when he goes splat with just his boots sticking out 🙂 as for the end well if it comes let my house be ground zero nuke me baby vaporized in less than one second before your body even has time to say ouch ! remember they can only kill you .
    your going to die anyway .i don’t fear death i fear what awaits us after death

  4. and i hope i get to hear basils testimony beofre the end of the world ! 🙂

  5. before sorry

  6. ok this is how my mind works now ! anyone that thinks he or she knows the mind of god simply because they have studied the bible from cover to cover and can quote from at will is deluded and it is a big insult to him God is not a book god is not a christian and jew muslim or the worst anything else dare i say this if christian could see past there own noses and desires for a moment and look at the bigger picture through history they would not be so willing to cast people they don’t like or disagree with into that lake of fire just look at what mankind has done in the name of jesus christ !! the crusades and holy inquisition to name but a few ! yeshua (jesus did not say the the meek shall inherit the earth or blessed are the merciful for nothing !! he mean’t it ..fundamentalist religion is a doctrine forged in the bowls of hell itself in my opinion
    all of them be it chrisitanity islam or anything else and any god fearing human being that uses bible verses or any other book as a fear weapon to control is in serious danger of ending up in that hell that he or she cast others into . i am not a christian i hate that word (christian) to me it stands for evil doing torture totalitarianism ! totalitarianism jesus never once said be a christian did he ? he said pick up your cross daily and follow me the word christian is invented by mankind . the bible the word of god ? or written by men ? inspired by god ? can god inspire men ? well take a look at me ! i am not and never will be a (” CHRISTIAN “) i am a true beliver and follower of the great iam the almighty yahweh yahshua jesus whatever you call him i know he real and he knows i am so who cares what the world of men think
    welcome to my new way of thinking

  7. and finally every day people that have known me all of my life laugh and mock behind my back old dave must have gone soft in the head they think because i overlook or ignore there mocking as a sign of weakness when only 3 or 4 years ago i would have stomped on them with violence well i say this i have found a better way a stronger way the right way for once in my miserable existence in him i have found a greater strength to endure . and if any atheists get to red this i highly recommend it to all to learn from this testimony of mine if you can navigate your way past the bad spelling ! i tell you this much i lived a life of greed lust anger hate violence was my best friend but since all this took place i can tell you this i have never know such inner peace was possible i used to toss and turn at night full of rage at people that had done me wrong plotting in my head how to kill them and get away with it .. no i have never taken i life but i have come very very close on sevral accasions ! well people all that torment left me and for the first time my eyes are open wide i have clear thought i hate injustice and wrong doing and i do the best i can in thanks for this wonderful gift
    this liberation from spiritual blindness and know this my eyes are firmly set on things to come i care not of things of this world anymore
    everything i do i do for his gory in thanks for my release from bondage
    of my own making ! AMEN TO THAT !!

  8. for his glory !

  9. do we have to stand in the streets preaching the word at the top of our voices ? maybe some are called to do this but others are called in other ways .its easy to preach to total strangers that don’t know you and i might add every dirty deed or secret but when you let the people around you that have known you all of your life see the changes in you the way you live and think this too is a great witness for the almighty . anyone can make a video on youtube but when others see the dramatic changes in you then maybe they start to think what changed him ! sadly many don’t think like that i have lost count of how many of my former enemies use it to mock or ridicule me and my family who now also believe but i take comfort in this every knee shall bow every tongue shall confess ) and only then will my tormentors understand what i have tried in vein in most cases to do and why .hell i have even tries to warn many of my former girl friends of this revelation too sadly many of them don’t see the message i try to convey to them ! that is my fault and my burden for being such a womanizing predator in my past the old story of the boy crying wolf ! the only problem is of course i speak the truth . so you see some of us have more to repent from than others this is my cross

  10. other words of comfort that i cling too ! everthing the big guy said would happen have indeed happened the world will hate you for my names sake ( they do ) they have comne out of the wood work from all drections
    Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him. ( he did and he proved it 100%)
    No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, says the LORD (that too many of my tormentors and persecutors have died sudden and in bizarre ways another long story !) The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.
    ( i fear him more than any other and i am learning every day i now know he had a hand in my life from the very start only now do i see the jigsaw puzzles pieces fitting together )

  11. more words of comfort and learning Realize Your A Fool And Then Become Wise ( 1 Corinthians 3:18-23 ) i am that fool the more i learn the more i realize how very little we know again all of what god is can not be explained by man or placed into a book since we are finite beings, how can we relate to an infinite God? beyond our feeble human minds ! this is why i look on in horror when i see the way christians conduct themselves on youtube and other places of which we are all guilty im sure . this is why i can relate to what jesus teached about being humble and meek forgiving others loving our enemies thats the realy tough one for me . i have made so many of them . i can honsetly say i have seen and indeed done every evil trait of mankind we are vile cruel things who really do deserve destruction for our wicked ways and i for one would be the first in line for the big chop ! thank god for his mercy and goodness i have been up close and personal with pure spiritual evil i have seen it and it has seen me and i have the photographic evidence to prove it as you can see for yourself is it fake ? you decide for yourself after all wee have free will who am i to interfere in that god given gift . these things are real they are all around us all of the time we just don’t see them . can they control us ? only if you allow them to do so ..they can put thughts into your head suggestions
    if you like but it is up to us to act on them one way or the other
    you see guys i really do have an advantage over most people not all but many i have seen them as i say .but this also worries me with regard to faith .. if you see a tiger then you don’t need faith because you have seen one ! have i seen god ? no of course not but i have seen spiritual beings and in my small inferior human way of thinking you can’t have one without the other .

  12. Arnn

    18 responses!! I’m got some reading to do!!

    On the Two Zero One Two: I like the argument that the Mayans would have predicted their own doom before the doom of a future society. I think 2015 may be something more to watch out for (see Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and the principle of Schmita).

    On abusive police officers–I’ve actually been pulled over by two nice one’s in the past year!!! Amazing!!! However Phil Zimbardo (he of the Zimbardo prison studies in the late 60’s)has a really good TED talk on situational evil using Abu Ghraib as a case study which also ties in with the Milgram studies. It should still be on the TED talk website.

    On the case for Jesus as the final causality and real God: If the devil is the “ruler” of this world (John 12:31), then contemporary literature, film, and art should present as hostile to Christ. Go and read how Christians are presented in non Christian novels, movies, and art–they are characterized as imbeciles at best and/or hostile evil people at worst. Just read any Stephen King novel, go to the movies, and or look at such art as Serrano’s P— Christ. More recently a 2011 issue of Art in America had “religious” art (none of which involved islam) which could only be described as blasphemous towards Christ. I’m currently reading a re-issued Dan Simmons novel–“Phases of Gravity”–where the Christian folks are portrayed as simps. All this proves that “worldly” art is at war with Jesus. Which should further prove that Jesus is the true God. If he weren’t then the “god” of this world would be friendly towards Christ and his people, and the U.S. media would be Israel and Christian friendly.

    That’s my two cents.

    Be Blessed Gonz and Basil. I really dig you dudes!! You guys have been a blessing.


    1. admin

      it’s interesting you bring up Phil Zimbardo. I just ran across that ted talk about a week ago, I think I even sent it to gonz. I think it would be interesting to maybe do a show on it. We talk a lot about the police and in the midst of all of our frustration I hope we communicate that we still see them as human beings and not monsters. (even if sometimes the resemblance is uncanny.) I recommend everyone check out the Ted talk.

      – Basil

      1. Arnn


        That’s cool about Phil Zimbardo–he’s a high energy guy! I myself have experienced synchronicity on more than one occasion since listening to you and Gonz, so I not to surprised that you ran across that lecture recently. Speaking of synchronicity–when I mentioned I got pulled over by a friendly officer (a rare thing) it actually happened twice in a month by the same guy! This in a city that probably employees several thousand police officers!!! I better drive slow for the next fifty or so years!

        Grace and Peace,


  13. KevinH

    love the picture of the cliff jumper 🙂

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