CCR 009: London Olympics and The Book of Enoch

RUMORS ABOUND FOR THE LONDON OLYMPICS! Basil and Gonz discuss the potential false flag attacks at the London 2012 Olympic Games based on an email from a listener. The guys also discuss a solar eclipse on May 20, 2012, as well as some basic information and thoughts on the Book of Enoch.


Illuminati Card game and London Olympics connection:



Information on the book of Enoch:

Solar Eclipse:,_2012

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  1. Arnn

    I just recently heard of Paradox Brown–interesting stuff. Really like that cover art on his webpage–takes me back to my idylic childhood on the banks of Coffee Creek!

    1. just checked out that site now bookmarked thanks for posting

      1. Arnn

        There’s a lot to digest on that particular site, UK Dave. I’m watching the movie right now, also been reading Hamp’s “Corrupting the Image”–the two correlate really well.

        Be blessed.

  2. Arnn

    Wow I hit google and under images that terrorist nuke twin towers pops up right next to the pentagon burning! Creepy!!

    1. admin

      Crazy right? Check out more of the cards. it’s eerie.
      – basil

      1. Arnn

        Certainly is! Not only is the message they purvey unsettling, but on a subtle level they carry that same disturbing quality that tarot cards do!

  3. Arnn

    Interesting side note on the topic of internment camps in the face of disaster: Harry Turtledove’s most recent novel “Supervolcano” shys away from alternate history to natural disaters where one of the main characters ends up trapped in a camp.

  4. Here’s what my wife and I do before we read any scripture: We pray to God to fill us with the Holy Spirit so we can understand what He’s trying to teach us. We do this when we read from the Book Of Enoch as well and it makes a lot of sense to us – that is, we don’t find anything about it to be “uncomfortable” to us.

    We can’t say the same for when we’ve read anything from other works (like the book of Mormons or the Watchtower).

    So, for us, the Book of Enoch is a very important piece of scripture (if I can call it that) that sheds a lot of light and understanding on to other writings within the Bible. If it didn’t have any significance, then I would think God would somehow let us know.

    1. admin

      I totally agree. Im glad to hear you and your wife have looked into it. If not “scripture” it is definitely a compelling pice of literature that seems to gain credit by scripture, and that ain’t for nothin!

      What are your thoughts on passages such as the Assention of Enoch into Metatron?


      1. This passage is not familiar to me. Is the name “Metatron” in the text somewhere? I have three sources of the Book of Enoch and I can’t find that reference (name) in any of them.

      2. I found this link:

        Which talks about “3 Enoch”, a book written by a rabbi in the third centruy who, like Enoch, had visions of Heaven. This is not the book to which I’m referring.

        My “Spidey sense” tells me that someone’s trying to pull a fast one on us.

        This is not the book to which I’m referring. I’ll do some more research, but as of right now, it seems as thoug

        1. Sorry… a book written in the fifth or sixth century.

        2. admin

          There are several “Books of Enoch” that make up what we are referring to as “The Book of Enoch” that have sort of been compiled like the Bible. 3 Enoch was written by a Rabbi, or “High Priest”,allegedly in the first or second century (somewhere around 100 AD). Although they can’t necessarily trace copies of it that far back, that is when the Rabbi Ishamael indeed lived.

          The Name metatron is referenced, although the name can take different forms. All of which should be similar though.

          Anyways, yes there are three books of enoch, each written at different times. And if you ask me they just get stranger and stranger. While some people only refer to the first book of Enoch, and while most Christians ignore them all together, many esoteric and occult groups worship and try to bring about some contents in the later books. So I feel its a good idea to check them out!


          1. Thanks, Basil. Well, I guess there’s a reason we haven’t read these additional “Books of Enoch” (apart from THE Book of Enoch of the Dead Sea Scrolls).

            I just read the first two chapters of this “3 Enoch” and I got that un-easy feeling again. I think the Holy Spirit is telling me to stay away from these additional books.

  5. Notice, in that “Combined Disaster” card, the large chunck of debris under the clock in the shape of a triagle? Possibly one of the lighting arrays from the London Olympic Stadium?

    1. admin

      Definitely a possibility, it seems the foresight and detail in the cards are the most eerie part about them. Even the card depicting the twin towers shows the explosions almost in the exact same spot as where the planes hit.


  6. Arnn

    If not that then symbolism that the “all seeing eye” is present during the calamity.


    1. admin

      Yes, the presence of the Eye would be a key detail for their dogma. Initiating such an event without the eye of horus to see it (even symbolically) would lack some satisfaction in the minds of the architects of the disaster, im sure.


  7. guys maybe we should rememeber these words spoken by a great dude some time ago !!
    Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.( Matthew 6:34) trust in him 🙂

    1. admin

      indeed! but let the believers not ignore the future. What if Noah hadn’t worried about the flood? We must always draw peace about the future from our faith in God’s plan. But having foreknowledge of impending difficulties and not preparing both spiritually and physically for hardships is not what was in mind, i’m sure. Yes! take refuge in Christ. But! A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it. (prov 22:3)


      1. well yes as you say but i already know the plan and the outcome the powers of darkenss lose god wins ! its all good in my book . i don’t value my life anymore its just a temporary situation so why worry if your numbers up then its up what does it matter how or where you life ends you forget what i have seen bas or gonz ! i know its all true . i say again ( Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it.Luke 17:33 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it ..Matthew 16:25 you see i don;’t believe in this magic beam us up we don’t want to die rapture stuff . god is a spirit we are flesh and blood
        II Corinthians 5:6-8
        “Therefore we are always confident, knowing that, while we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord: (For we walk by faith, not by sight:) We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.” the way i read this is we have to die in the flesh safe to assume this means literally Die
        but then what do i know i am after all just a human being with limited understanding of the supernatural world 🙂

      2. as to Noah well he would have gone to heaven sooner and god would have had to have gone to plan B whatever that would be ( Big Cheesy Grin ) you have read the bible from cover to cover so you know the big plan and the ending so why worry about your life its the non believers that we should worry about .

      3. you guys are still young with your whole life ahead of you so i understand your thinking but i have seen all this crappy old world has to offer i have seen first hand what humans will do to fellow human beings i have watched many of my friends and family die.. been there seen it done it all now all i do is mark time
        until the end comes i have seen the world change so very much
        and for the worse i will be 50 next year god willing when you get older you will be less worried about the things we have no control over ..just go with the flow as my departed buddy used to tell me .

        1. i love this really makes you think what he does think ?

      4. yes its true only dead things go down stream but if you fight against the current you will become tired and drown anyway ( Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.Matthew 5:12 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.Matthew 5:11 bring it on baby im good to go woo hooo ! if our goverment want to kill us so be it . this world sucks anyway .. a freddie mercury song springs to mind come on bas & gonz sing along
        who wants to live forever lol

        1. or even better if the bombs going to drop i will set up my 15000 watt sound system and play at max with all my amps clipping till they blow up while a play air air guitar to this

          1. give it too me one more time BOOM ! now thats a plan

          2. admin

            haha dave,
            While you and I have similar personal feelings toward the status of our mortality, I still feel like a disaster is a believers call to action. It is when the world needs us most! We are the salt of the earth after all. And if surviving a disaster, even if to share the light with only one person, is ones God-ordained mission, then so be it! If your mission is over here on earth and you get called home? Hurray! but it’s all a matter of perspective. I’m glad to see you’re ready for whatever comes though, thats half the message me and Gonz are trying to communicate!


          3. Good Point Basil i stand Corected !

  8. Jonny

    Yep, there are a lot of things pretty fishy about the Olympics.

    Too many people due to pile into the city (it’s bad enough already) and it’s perfect for a false flag event of some kind. Everyone I know who works in London thinks that it’ll be a clusterfudge. Our infrastructure is at it’s limits as it is right now.

    Podcast brought up some points that reminded me of what Rik Clay had to say on the Olympics, a few years back.!

    1. Arnn

      In the amount of time it takes me to hit play, step away for a second to google Rik Clay, then go back to watching this the Olympic committee removes it. How weird is that?

      1. Arnn

        Scratch my last thought–the computer was hanging and paused on 23 seconds.

        1. Arnn

          Fascinating interview by the way. Thanks for sharing.

          1. Jonny

            You’re welcome.

            Rik Clay was a passionate fellow, if even half of the UK was as questioning as him we would be the most transparent nation on earth, it’s so sad what happened to him.

  9. Arnn

    Anyone have thoughts on the NATO summit and the whole Chicago evacuation (marshal law) situation? Heard about it a few weeks ago and Buster Wilson brought it up on AFA/AFR radio today. Maybe I should look at the illum cards for a Sears tower!

    1. admin

      I believe it’s partially an experiment to evaluate the baby steps into instituting martial law incrementally across the nation. but those are my personal feelings.


      1. Arnn

        Just watched the news–four anarchists were arrested in Chicago–nothing major–most of the stuff they had consisted of weapons one might find at a medieval fair, still it made national news. P.S. thanks for catching my misspelling of martial law–I must have had The Marshall plan on my mind.

  10. you know guys if our goverments wants to kill us all and cut the population down this would be a simple matter of just selecting the appropriate poison or slow acting biological agents and simply introduce it into the mains water supply or food chain why go to all this trouble of fema camps false flag attacks starting ww3 and destroying the air water soil for 1000s of years and making the planet a radio active waste land this just does not make any sense to me i think if they want to kill us all they will find a way to do it that won’t destroy the earth in fact they may have already done it to us via the food we eat all thats left to do is to release the biological triggering agent and we are all gone they just clean up the mess .

  11. Hey guys. Thanks. have been puzzling about the triangles. Nobody seems to have noticed them over here. I feel like i’m living in a surreal dream. Good to know you noticed the plain flippin obvious. Good I know I’m not the only mad one. Shalom Brothers. Andy

    1. Arnn

      Shalom Andy. Keep your head on a swivel–sounds like your in the area of the ’12 Olympics.


  12. Chris

    This video may be of some interest its a Chinese TV commercial for the London Olympics.


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