CCR 013: Alice Bailey’s New World Order

NEW WORLD ORDER AS PENNED BY ALICE BAILEY HAS NEARLY ARRIVED! Basil and Gonz discuss a section of Alice Bailey’s book, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, entitled, “Steps Towards a New World Order.” The guys break down these 9 steps, where they are flawed and potentially dangerous, as well as analyze how this plan has already been implemented in the last several decades.


The Externalisation of the Hierarchy:

Chinese Commercial:


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  1. Arnn

    I saw that militant Chinese commercial a couple of weeks ago on the Olympics show (CCR 009) I think Chris posted the link. At any rate it seems harmless enough on the surface, just a little bit of Manga with primitive WWII firepower–nothing that could hold up to English and American might.

    But on a deeper level it definitely carries a disturbing tone about it—something I wouldn’t want to watch more than once. Mayhaps there’s something subliminal in it. At any rate, time to fire up the ol’ Ipod and have a listen.


    1. Living in London, mayhaps I’m being paranoid when I am suspicious of such imagery.
      I’m tempted to fob it off as nationalist propaganda though, pretty crude at that. Though I do wonder how China would react if here in London we produced an advert portraying bombing of Hong Kong? What the heck is with troops firing off automatic weapons though? Though I guess China’s populace are used to brutality from their own government. Perhaps there is a cultural element that I am missing though!

      1. I have just realised that I use “though” far too much in my sentences. Ha.

      2. Arnn

        It was so old school, Soviet era propaganda!! Suprised they didn’t have a bunch of goosesteppers parading in front of Breznev or Kruschev!!! I prayed and will continue to pray for you and your city during the ’12 Olympics.


  2. Hey Guys!

    I can totally understand how you can relate the Venus Project (which I assume is promoted in Zeitgeist 2 as the utopian society) to Brave New World or some techno-communistic dystopia.

    But personally I don’t see how this form of society is a bad thing. For one, there would be no ruling class, being essentially a true meritocracy, resources being allocated via distribution algorythyms. But I don’t want to argue that point, because if there was a ‘transition’ to this form of society, there would up to a point be vestiges of government which is unavoidable, because this wouldn’t be an overnight event, it would be gradual and by unanimous consensus. I do agree that if this was a superficial speedy transition, there would likely be a ruling elite established and they would obviously have sinister motives.

    The entire premise of (the Venus Project) it is that as a culture we are indoctrinated into ways of thinking and ways of approaching problems (which are essentially flawed world views). If this form of social engineering was accomplished you would virtually eradicate the people that would always be looking to take advantage and exploit people/systems, because the *need* would not be there. Though granted there would probably have to be some form of police/safety measures for the psychologically unbalanced ect…

    The main reason that I agree with Jacque Fresco and not Peter Joseph (though I have great respect for him despite his spreading disinfo) is that we are already conditioned as citizens, so when you remove need- food, housing, medical care, liesure, by logical extrapolation you do away with some of the great disparities in material wealth we see in society. I would recommend listening to any of Jacque Fresco’s lectures if you haven’t, simply because he does not have the stigma attached to him that Peter Joseph does.

    I totally agree that if everyone turned the other cheek that there would be no violence, but you need the pre-requisite social conditioning to make people understand that violence is self perpetuating.

    There are some extremely similar themes between a resource based economy and New World/New Age writings, but I think the true danger would be having something like this usurped by a controlling power to create the ruling elite we fear.

    1. admin

      Right well thats just the issue Jonny,
      The fact is that too much power would be held in the ruling class. Too much power is already bestowed on the ruling class and it always has. But in this scenario, the middle and lower classes being equalized, there is little fear that the ruling class would be threatened.

      One of the biggest issues stems solely from the nature of humanity. I find it very hard to imagine that if we were all equalized economically and socially that all motivation to rise above would dissipate. You cannot equalize greed out of a human being. Neither can you empower greed out of a ruling class. You see where i’m heading with this?

      In fact if you were to be able to do this, it would take such extreme social conditioning it would be on par with 1984. You would have to erase the very possibility of “betterness” out of the very language spoken. You would need to stamp out the very thought of a better life. As long as people know that something better exists, they will scratch for it. And the grass will ALWAYS be greener on the other side of the fence. There will always be a better utopia.

      As we mentioned in the episode several times, we are all for everyone having what they need. But keep in mind that what Alice Bailey and many other globalists describe as a utopia is promoted with their own leadership in mind. You see? If one thought they could be a part of the ruling elite, of coarse they would fight for generations to establish it. Not to mention that the same people pushing for this globalization are the same people receiving inspiration from the demonic.

      Thats all not to say that American capitalism is whats right for the world. Besides, we know that some form of this globalization will definitely take form. It is written, after all.
      It is a very pretty picture, this utopia. But it’s painted on a black canvas.


      1. Hi Basil! I knew I might hit a chord with you guys. I am inclined to agree to disagree outright, since I do no believe that we share the same outlook. I actually have had the same arguments with my family over this.

        Also, I would like to say that I would happilly like to be convinced that certain behaviour is irrevocably ingrained within human nature. I have yet to be convinced.
        With my views on this, for the sake of clarity, I am coming at this from an entirely socio-psychological stance. Not a Biblical slant, in that I believe as a society, certain traits and attitudes can be attained (or removed) through certain conditioning.

        As to the “equalization” of classes. This would not be an issue, for if this form of society were to be attained the class divide would be eradicated, by higher levels of education. Again, I am only advocating this as oppose to our current governement and recognise the inherent problem with educating the masses sufficiently. This is partly why I believe that rather than an equal society being established, we will simply have something approaching Brave New World.

        The crux of the disagreement we have is that you believe that as a fallen race, we are inherently evil and the only Jesus can show us the true path. I too believe this, but, I also believe that social conditioning plays a huge roll in shaping us as people.

        I agree, conditioning greed out of the ruling elite we have would be virtually impossible. But I disagree that motivation would dissapear. We all want to leave the world a better place than we found it and money or power does not always play a dominant role with this, take Tesla for example.
        But establish a system where betterment is a societal goal where everyone plays there part, then you have progress. But I do see how I may seem to be echoing the sentiments of certain esoterics. Which I haven’t actually read any of, though I certainly will endeavour to in the future to understand the religious implications.

        I also agree that current globalisation has a hidden and dark agenda, with ruling families jockeying for the lion’s share, but I do not personally believe that Jacque Fresco is inspired by the demonic. He is a deeply cerebral man that I have a huge amount of respect for him and his research.

        I’d close with that we do not have a true form of capitalism right now anyway- socializing private debt via bailouts while coporporations avoid tax and maximize their profit. We are edging towards a truly corrupt social-fascism.

        As I said I think we should agree to disagree as I do understand your views, but I did want to at least play advocate to Fresco. That being said I do look forward to any response you wish to give.

        1. admin

          First, i am more than obliged to agree to disagree. Although at the very core we might not have to.

          I admire your scholastic view point on this matter. And i too, when i approach the issue through my sociological lens, i am inclined to believe that something to this effect can be achieved. But only through enormous shifts in social conditioning, as you said. The very context, the modern equation or algorithm of thought, if you will, would have to be eradicated. This process would take up to a hundred years at least, in my opinion to extend past generational stubbornness. Just imagine an entire generation of first world citizens who, in order to lift the other 5 billion people in the world out of poverty, had to give up there comfortable lifestyle? If you averaged out every global citizens standard of living, the result would not resemble and american middle class. Which i believe is what a lot of people see in there head. The result would be tiers lower than that. Livable, yes. And no doubt there would be some who would be happy to make the sacrifice for the greater good. i have known some personally. But the great majority would be dissatisfied to have all that they’ve worked for, or dreamed for, or what have you, taken away to equalize the global standard. To say otherwise is a pipedream.

          I do believe that the system can be achieved, but it would not be pure nor complete without the eradication of want. you see? Want would either have to be satiated or corralled to align with the corporate want in order for the system to run smoothly.

          Tesla, like Einstein, was an amazing man, and other men with their genius were the same way. They truly were not inhibited by the trivialities of materialism or elitism. I believe it is an intrinsic characteristic of their genius. Progression, discovery, innovation, perhaps even humanitarianism in some cases were their motivation. But the problem is that it truly takes a certain level of intellect to free ones self from material motivation. The average man, in ANY form of modern social structure, is more or less motivated by material things.

          Now, specifically to Bailey’s new world order, and that of the rest of the shadow government, to achieve a working version of utopia, MASSIVE population reduction is not only suggested…it is planned. And this brings a whole new curtan into the theatre.

          I suppose in summation I would agree that American capitalism is not all that it’s cracked up to be, that goes without saying. But I also have to say that, yes, it is possible to install a globalized sort of framework and have the human race more or less cooperate. But when i have to sit down and take a full scale look at it. Knowing what i know, in light of everything, I do not believe it would be for the best.

          But like i said, agreeing to disagree is all part of the game when dealing with things like this.


          1. There is no doubt that it would take a massive paradigm shift for people to even consider something like this, and taking into account the materialism and corruption in our world it’s fully possible and more than likely that such a state will never come into being. If I was to truly advocate such an organisation of society, it would have to be through mutual consensus, this requires our collective education, awareness and empathy too be far higher as a starting point which admittedly is way beyond humanity at present.

            I will disagree that people’s lifestyles would be downgraded though, if it were to happen, I believe that the world’s resources could provide what even us in the west would consider an extremely comfortable living. But- a moot point considering that we will likely be stuck with our current norms for a long time yet.

            Aside from debating these points, a globalist shift may not be so far off, you guys are right in saying that it won’t be anything overtly sinister. What I mean is our financial system is about ready to implode, which is pretty scary and not even experts know ‘what comes next’ in terms of financial institutions. But I believe these bodies of power are (a partly failing) attempt at enslavement through indebtedness.

            But on the other hand, the false victory could very well be construed as an abolishment of the financial systems that are such an issue right now. Deep down I do not believe this though, we are all far too comfortable with the notion of capitalism, even if it is in desperate need of redefinition and cleansing of parasites.

    2. I totally agree that if everyone turned the other cheek that there would be no violence, but you need the pre-requisite social conditioning to make people understand that violence is self perpetuating.

      Hi Jonny… I think the statement you make here begs the question; Is ‘turning the other cheek’ something that can actually be achieved via social conditioning?

      The bible, basically from beginning to end, seems to totally refute that very idea. The entire history of the Israelites serves to show that no external structure can bring about real change within the heart. The Law was given to show the sinfulness of man, that we are incapable of doing the right thing, and neither can we be coerced into doing the right thing. Only the presence of the Spirit of God, working in a person’s life through Faith, can allow this to happen. This is why every single “systemic” approach to achieving peace and equality in history has failed, and will fail. No matter how humans might try to configure the distribution of goods or whatever, there is always, by necessity, some form of “administration” required. (and, like you said, “some form of police/safety measures” to deal with those who don’t conform to the “social conditioning”…) Thus, there is always an “elite”, an elite who are in the very least, fallen and sinful themselves, but in the context of what Basil and Gonz are talking about here, the ones promoting this agenda of globalization and a resource-based economy are in fact taking their cues from the fallen cherub himself!

      That is the whole point of understanding the significance of Alice Bailey and the “externalization of the hierarchy”. It’s not just that there is a danger of the envisioned global economic/political/religious system being usurped, but rather this is the absolute and undeniable intention…

      1. Hi truthis! Maybe it cannot be achieved through conditioning or education. But I do believe massive steps can be made through this.

        As I replied above, I am not coming at this from a Biblical standpoint. And acknowledge that history does not show anything approaching an equal society. But on this point I believe history is a false indicator of what is possible on a societal level, since we now have the technology to house, clothe, ect… Everyone, conflicts born of scarcity and disparity could be removed.

        People helping keep such a society ‘safe’ would ideally be under very strict codes of conduct as to what they can and can’t do. And this would be a temporary measure during transition. But that was not a point I wished to argue.

        The only reason I am coming close to arguing a globalist agenda, is that I do not believe Peter Joseph and Jacque Fresco are advocating or represent globalism in the terms that we mean and undersant when talking about the elite or their doctrines.

        Personally I believe Peter Joseph has done some damage to Fresco’s reputation, essentially usurping his ideas. I just do not like his stigma to be attached to the good work that Fresco has done. So feel the need to say something to attempt to distance his association with Zeitgeist (as Fresco himself has done officially since him and Joseph have a big disagreement in what is appropriate and what is not).

        1. I understand that the globalism envisioned by almost everyone who thinks it’s a good idea, is not imagining the kind of globalism being pursued by the so-called “elites”. (after all, who’s gonna stand up and say, “Yeah, I WANT to be a slave!”?) But that is sort of the whole point…

          Most people have some intrinsic understanding that things like war, devastating poverty, etc., are wrong, and this is the very thing that the prince of darkness know full well, and is totally exploiting through it all. (but, if you don’t believe in satan or the spiritual realm, then yeah, you’re having a totally different conversation when it comes to all this stuff…) But if what the Bible says is actually true, then the one-world government that will come about will not come about without the mass population embracing it with open arms. It will absolutely be the “version” proposed by Fresco and many others, where it is supposedly all about equality, and freedom, and all that good stuff!

          That is why the writings of someone like Bailey are, again, so telling, because the “New World Order” she is proclaiming is supposedly one that will be super great for the “average joe”, but yet her teachings and ideas are totally coming from spirits she is channeling. (hmmmmm…)

          But as for “conflicts born of scarcity and disparity”, I would have to ask how many conflicts in the world today could accurately be said to be the result of “scarcity and disparity”? Is that why there have been troops in Iraq and Afghanastan for the last decade? Is that the reason behind all the ramping up between Iran and Israel? Does scarcity and disparity really create military conflict, or is it more the other way around? (after all, is it the desperately poor people in the world who have the missiles and planes and everything else?)

          The more you look into it, the more you see that it is the same circles/forces creating these conflicts, and problems, and inequalities, who are turning around and promising the world solutions to these things. That is the same old “Hegelian dialectic”. That is the fingerprint of the devil…

        2. admin

          One of the problems I have with Fresco is his position that money is the root of all problems. I don’t believe that to be true.

          But I do believe what the Bible says to be true:

          “The LOVE of money is the root of all kinds of evil,…” ~1 Timothy 6:10

          Money can be a really good thing. It’s essentially the way we exchange goods and services. There is no inherent evil with it. However, the love of money does cause all sorts of problems because…well just look around and it should be self evident.

          Wiping out the monetary system is not necessarily the answer. While there are plausible “better” systems that manage the distribution of wealth, ultimately, it always goes back to the condition of the human heart.

          1. Holy cow! How weird is this? I just wrote a big thing about that verse, and the whole topic of money and the spirit of antichrist this morning… (I should probably hurry up and finish it so I can go ahead and post it…)

  3. Hey, great show guys. Basil, I was really glad to hear you mention your thoughts about the possibility of a false “defeat” of the NWO somehow being a component of the overall plan. This is something that really made a lot of sense to me when I was first encountering all this stuff a couple years ago. It would totally fit into the whole Hegelian approach we’ve already seen being used so many times before (thesis – antithesis – synthesis…) I remember when I was first learning about 9/11 and the Illuminati and everything, I couldn’t help but ponder the mass psychology already present from things as pervasive as Star Wars. (i know it’s super corny to bring up Star Wars, but hey, it’s part of the cultural “fabric”, right?) Anyways, the point is, virtually everyone hates the idea of “empire”. Even if people laugh at the idea of there being any sort of globalist elite, they still instinctively detest the concept of a bunch of cronies ruling everything. If, somehow, there was an event that “unveiled” the NWO (or at least a small portion of it), then it does make sense that Satan wouldn’t hesitate to totally throw them under the bus for the purpose of furthering his own master plan (the installation of his phony “hero”/government…) Not saying I think it’s a definite thing or anything, just a very intriguing possibility…

    Anyways, that Chinese soccer video was definitely odd. I’d be very interested to find a translation of the words that are being sung. Very strange indeed….

    1. I was wondering what on earth they would be singing about as well. Can’t get over how strange that video was. Maybe I’ll post the video at work and see if anyone can give me the general gist of it. I’ll post it here if I get a reply.

    2. admin

      thetruth….-right on. Satan, through the global elite are the ones who continue to perpetuate evil. At any given point, Satan will be able to stop the flow of evil (which ironically would be the most evil thing he would do). It would cause everyone to suddenly “awaken” to the reality that peace on earth was somehow achieved or attained.

      Now I tried to finish this thought in the show but I was unable to so I will continue it here. The mere fact that “peace” will be the result of the deception is why I am so passionate about being a watchmen for the Church, but also a sore spot for the Church.

      One reason is that our church is really big on outreach. They’re all about helping others and making the world a better place. Now I am all for that; again it’s not an easy topic to talk about. BUT, my concern is when the antichrist will appear to be the culprit of peace.

      Consider what the mission statement of our outreach program is:

      “Engaging a global movement, Building a network of church partners dedicated to long term sustainable change.”

      Now it sounds wonderful on the surface. But what happens when the “Savior” shows up with an ultimate “solution” for what appears to be “long term sustainable global change”? Many are going to buy into it. They may even praise God that such a man appeared to instill peace on earth. This is my concern.

      I would imagine that not everyone will buy into it, but certainly those who are passionate about outreach might. This is not to say they should stop helping the poor or needy; far from it. But I think the danger is there and those who do outreach should be educated on the topic.

      Another mantra I’ve heard in our church is that we are “world changers.” While again it’s so positive on the surface, after going through the necessary steps for a New World Order, something doesn’t sit right with me. Alice Bailey deliberately states that the system for the “Christ” must be built before he reveals himself. I am simply afraid that the Church is helping build that throne for the antichrist.

      At the same time, I know it’s inevitable and God is in control, so that keeps me sane. But it’s a constant struggle.


      1. Amen Gonz…

        I too have gone through my own little journey of coming to a deeper understanding of the whole social justice thing with the church today, and how it in all likelihood plays right into the Great Deception….

        It’s SO subtle, and sounds SO good, I look at it and just think, man, it’s really quite ingenious (evil genious, of course…)

        I myself have personally known many people, who started out in what would’ve been considered a very “solid” biblical position on things, and then I watched them over the last ten years or so gradually drift away from the “uncomfortable” parts of the Gospel, instead wanting to focus on “outreach” and being “missional” and whatnot. Slowly, the emphasis on social change trumps the message of the cross, and I’ve seen many peole make the eventual transition to what is nothing other than outright Universalism, where they uphold Buddhism or catholic mysticism or whatever as being just as valid, because we all have the same “goal” of making the world better and solving social problems, etc. Really grieves my heart actually… It’s the whole “emergent” movement or whatever, but really it has entered into the “bloodstream” of so many churches, under so many different guises, that the emergent term is really pretty useless now…

        I was actually just watching this (youtube) documentary on the Emergent Church like yesterday, where they were talking about how so many of the more famous “emergent” teachers like Brian McLaren, Tony Jones and Rob Bell, have all been super influenced by this particular German theologican named Jurgen Moltmann. Moltmann’s big “contribution” was writing about what he calls “The Theology of Hope”. Basically it’s nothing more than the idea that the world is going to get better and better, rather than worse and worse. The notion that things will get worse in the world is regarded as “negative” and “defeatist”. But I’ve actually found this to be a very insightful way of testing where a particular church, or pastor, or whoever is coming from… Are they in line with the concept of the “theology of hope”, thinking it’s all going to get better, (and that we should be a participant in this global progressiveness), or do they believe what the Bible actually says, and know better?

        Anyways… I think the stuff you’re bringing up here is really very significant, and that the social gospel thing is going to play an increasingly larger role in the ecumenical shift towards a one-world religion…

        1. Hey truthis, you wouldn’t happen to have a link to that documentary? It sounds really interesting.

          1. Sure, it’s called “The Real Roots of the Emergent Church”.


            The part on Jurgen Moltmann starts at around 1:27:34

            The film also gets into other issues such as “contemplative prayer” and panentheism. Overall I think it’s pretty well done.

          2. Arnn

            Also Jan Markell and Eric Barger cover a lot of ground on the emergent church–Jan’s website is just check the archives. Here is a direct link to previews on Eric’s teaching on the emergent church:

            That documentary that truthisstranger cites is fantastic–the pastor that made it is the same guy that did “they sold their souls for rock and roll”–cool guy–love his surfer dude accent.

  4. admin

    Hey Gonz here, just wanted to jump into the conversation. I love the thoughts everyone is putting into this topic. This is exactly why Basil and I wanted to start the show. Keep it up!

    Jonny-I used to be a proponent of the Venus project. I thought it was a very good way to fight for human freedom in the way we desire equality, justice, and general human happiness. But as I gave it more thought, it began to sound more utopian than what some of the globalists have in mind.

    First and foremost, a RBE (resource based economy) run by algorithms to develop and distribute goods would still have to be programmed by humans. Upon any sort of malfunction, the human would have to be the one to fix it. But once again, the power will lie in those who hold the key to the mechanism. In other words, it would be a sort of technocratic society, where those who understand how to run and program the machines will have the capacity to cause global harm not only to the environment, but to the people. Furthermore, upon a malfunction of the system on a large scale, say for example, the production of a certain food product containing unhealthy amounts of a certain chemical that poisons the masses, and the entire population might be wiped out. These are the potential dangers of a system dependent on a computer system.

    The refutes I’ve heard to such a concept is that people will be free to grow their own food, or develop their own computers etc. Everyone will be working for the betterment of humanity because everything will be transparent, open, and free. But again, this runs into some basic problems. Say someone develops a technology that he thinks will benefit society but society rejects it. That person might feel resentment and rejection that might lead him to commit suicide or develop evil technology. Now if you are suggesting such emotions will be wiped out due to social conditioning, then we have a whole new set of problems again. It’s akin to the transhumanist who believes that we should essentially cut out the part of our brain that feels emotional pain. At that point, are we still human?

    And if the computers go to the point of A.I. then there are all sorts of new potential hazards in that regard as well that I won’t get into here.

    So the bottom line is that although it’s a magnificent theory (even though I would say it’s a neo-marxist form of communism run by technology) it is merely impossible to attain, mainly because it would take monetary systems to develop a system that declares to wipe our the monetary system. It’s just not realistic in that sense. I think a RBE is a good idea, I just don’t know if we can get there.

    But on the other hand, something that IS practical is focusing on the Holy Spirit given to us freely by God. The peace that comes to the individual when they seek Jesus is and does change lives.

    My contention about the Venus Project or any other utopian social theory: We are trying to fix an internal problem, by external measures.

    Jesus Christ provides an internal solution that once it manifests externally can benefit society.

    As someone who studied Sociology in college, I’ve heard all the social theories. The Venus Project is no different than age of communism, except it’s built on technological measures instead of political. In any case, I hope it gives you food for thought.

    1. Thanks for the reply. These comments certainly have made me consider some different points of contention!

      1. So it’s in Cantonese- so probabably not official propaganda since it’d be in Mandarin for that.

        No one knew Cantonese to give the gist of the song though.

        1. Oops replied to the wrong post!

  5. jim

    very interesting conversation all,thanx! Can’t change the heart externally is what nails it for me.Really liked age of deceit btw,peace…from Saskatchewan……

    1. Arnn

      Welcome aboard Jim!


  6. Frank

    The Chinese video is interesting. I ordinarily would dismiss it, but the new Batman movie has shown in a preview an “American Football” (soccer = football globally except america) game interuppted by a terrorist attack of some sort.

    Time will tell, I hope nothing happens tho.

    1. Arnn

      And welcome to you too, Frank—looks like the message board is a growin’!


  7. Hunter McReal

    Yeah I told my friend the same exact thing. “I just want you to know that if something horrible happens at the olympics… just come talk to me to maybe get some clarification. But I’m not telling you anything more.” hahah

  8. Chris

    You rock! Fantastic thoughts. Thank you

  9. Chris

    One more thing: the “Chinese Olympics commercial” is really Euro 2012 soccer commercial. Also, apparently the beds for sportsmen are too short in London. This could be a good way for sportsmen to choose NOT to live in one group (see: Munich).

  10. countessarcadius

    they go on in the article to say that they think that LUCIFER is this misunderstood sacrificing angel and savior of man, the UN has entire books on THE REAPPEARANCE OF THE CHRIST, well, after much research, THEIR CHRIST THEIR AVATAR, WHICH THEY ADMIT IS NOT JESUS, THEY SAY WILL MANIFEST ON THE PHYSICAL PLANE, AND IS NOT HUMAN! this CHRIST OR AVATAR, THEY ARE ALL DOING this new age prayer called THE GREAT INVOCATION,to bring about THIS CHRIST, THAT ISN;T HUMAN, the UN has literature that states that THEY ARE WORKING TO BRING THE SPIRITUAL HEIRARCHY TO RULE MANKIND;S AFFAIRS LIKE BACK IN THE DAYS OF ATLANTIS! what???????????the HEAD OF THE HEIRARCHY WILL BE THEIR CHRIST, THEIR AVATAR! who they admit isn’t JESUS or HUMAN, wow, how enlightening? in THE UN’S BOOK THE RAYS AND INITIATIONS,
    (Alice Bailey, ‘The Rays and the Initiations’ pp.754-755). Goal of the Plan – Initiation: All who wish to enter the New Age ‘on the physical plane’ [alive] must undergo an ‘energy activation’ or ‘rebirth’ – usually marked by a subjective trance-induced ‘light experience’ where one meets either a ‘spirit guide’ or one’s ‘higher self’ (no difference since ‘all is one’). This ‘altered state of consciousness’ will eventually lead to a ‘Luciferic initiation’ into the ‘new humanity’, or a vow of allegiance to Lucifer as god. Those who cannot (no souls) or will not (‘not sufficiently developed in their spiritual journey’) will be sent on to their next life in a global ‘cleansing action’ THIS IS THE UNITED NATIONS SAYING THIS PEOPLE! THERE ARE MANY GROUPS THAT ARE RAISING THE CONCIOUSNESS THE VIBRATORY STATE, AND THIS IS THE LUCIFERIC INITIATION THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT,SO MANY PEOPLE WITH GOOD INTETIONS DISALLUSIONED FROM RELIGION ETC, FALL FOR THIS DECEPTION, THERE ARE OTHER GROUPS LIKE THE GFL, WHO ARE DOING THE EXACT SAME THING AS THE UNITED NATIONS, BUT THEY SAY ALIENS, THE UN ADMITS OUTRIGHT LUCIFERIAN ASCENDED MASTERS! WHAT THE ??????????

  11. Jonas

    Hi Basil & Gonz. Thank you for another great show. I listen to several christian podcasts but Canary Cry is currently my favorite. I have been hesitant to study occult literature, so I was happy with the summary of AB’s book you provided.
    One thing that has not been mentioned in the responses so far is that there seems to be ideological parallels between the steps outlined by AB and the ”commandments” of the Georgia Guidestones. Thus the crisis or cataclysmic events that AB sees necessary in order to bring about a NWO may lead to a significant reduction in world population. The discussion of whether or not it is possible to lift 5 billion people out of poverty becomes less of a problem if 90 per cent of the world population is wiped out. Let’s pray that Yeshua returns quickly and saves us from these crazy people.
    Link to an article about the Georgia Guidestones:
    God Bless, Jonas

    1. Hey Jonas,

      Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I can understand your hesitation to studying the occult and the dark side. But it’s all about knowing your enemy and as long as you keep this approach and consciously keep on the armor of God, the Lord will protect us.

      We will definitely have Dr. Stan on in the very near future. The concept of over population is a complete farce. Ever been to the American midwest? Lots of land there 🙂 The distribution of goods is the issue. Really it’s resource management which people control and people are sin filled. We think we ourselves could do it better, but really we couldn’t. And as far as the actual depopulation of the earth, if and when it happens, it happens. The Lord is our shepherd and if it is in His will for us to go through that, than so be it. It’s the ultimate demonstration of martyrdom.

      God bless and keep listening!


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