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CCR 016: Rob Skiba Interview (Part One)

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CCR 016: Rob Skiba Interview (Part One)

ARE THE NEPHILIM RISING AGAIN? Basil and Gonz have a special guest: Author, Researcher, Film Maker, Rob Skiba. They start the conversation talking about the recent massacre in Aurora Colorado of the shooter James Holmes in the premiere of Dark Knight Rises. They then get into some of the material Rob Skiba has researched. This one covers a lot of ground including the sons of God, the Nephilim, Hybrids as well as Nimrod/Gilgamesh as the Antichrist and more.

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Natural News:

Above Top Secret Forum: (this is the page that discusses someone posting 24 hours prior to the actual event of a potential “blood sacrifice” during the opening of Dark Knight Rises. I could not find the actual post.)

Picture Comparison Holmes-Laughner: