CCR 016: Rob Skiba Interview (Part One)

ARE THE NEPHILIM RISING AGAIN? Basil and Gonz have a special guest: Author, Researcher, Film Maker, Rob Skiba. They start the conversation talking about the recent massacre in Aurora Colorado of the shooter James Holmes in the premiere of Dark Knight Rises. They then get into some of the material Rob Skiba has researched. This one covers a lot of ground including the sons of God, the Nephilim, Hybrids as well as Nimrod/Gilgamesh as the Antichrist and more.

Check out Rob Skiba’s Work:


Natural News:

Above Top Secret Forum: (this is the page that discusses someone posting 24 hours prior to the actual event of a potential “blood sacrifice” during the opening of Dark Knight Rises. I could not find the actual post.)

Picture Comparison Holmes-Laughner:


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  1. Arnn

    Interesting reference websites listed. Haven’t listened to the show yet. Have heard on the news that they are screaming to take away large capacity magazines. Been speculating this may be a excuse to get rid of the second amendment.

    1. Arnn

      Yep–I guess I’m not the only one that thinks “Manchurian Candidate”

      To illustrate a brief moment of pathos–I was checking on my elderly mother on Friday and she was totally freaked out. I says “Ma, whats wrong?” And she says “It’s this news–they keep showing the shooting.” So I’m like “Turn off the news.” But I also say before we conlcude the topic: “Ya know, it sure reminds me of that movie–the one where Angela Lansbury plays Laurence Harvey’s mom even though he’s like the same age she is.
      And Mom says “Manchurian Candidate.”

  2. Brad

    what a fantastic show. i had to take a break and go for a short walk outside. the possibility of a pandemic and the cure being the mark is imo terrifying! i had a kidney infection a few weeks ago and i would have done anything to get rid of it faster.. would i be able to say no had i been infected with some terribly tormenting disease and the only cure being the mark? i also have 2 small children, what would i do if they were suffering with something. the ideas and the worries just run rampent in my head. LORD JESUS COME QUICKLY!

    1. I hear ya. But then, I believe that’s why God gave us John 14:12, Mark 16:17,18 and James 5:14,15. We just have to start believing and walking in it.

  3. KevinH

    awesome show again :). I had the exact same thought the other day about the Olympics being a crazy place for that type of event what with there being people from all over coming together in a very small area then dispersing again shortly after. also cant remember who pointed it Olympics logo looks like it says Zion. I asked my wife without telling her anything about it and she iut I think L.A. had it on his blog but the Olysn’t into this stuff at all but she thought it said zoiz before 2012.

    about the brain thing that we only use 10% I think that may be a miss understanding. from what I understand its not that 90% of our brains are un used but rather our brains only use about 10 % at a time with different parts activating and deactivating with different activities. I would need to do more research to know for sure though.

    also been following the dark night shooting pretty closely. something else interesting but could very well be a far stretch is the association of red (orange) hair with the nephilim. shooter died his hair orange. I dunno like I said far stretch but I really do believe there is a good chance that sra was involved here.

    1. KevinH

      wow major error my paragraph got jumbled. wife thought it said zioz. think i saw the article on l.a.’s blog

    2. admin

      Thanks Kevin,
      Yes, the Olympics is wrought with symbols of the mystery religion as well as illuminati messages; they sure are bold.
      Just to clarify quickly about the 10% of the brain thing. It’s the use of 10% at any given moment.

  4. Arnn

    Hey can anyone point out some literature demonstrating that we use only 10-12% or our brain? I’m sure that there are some well designed psychology studies. The next time I see the Neurologist who offices upstairs from me I’ll ask him. Perhaps there are some studies done with CAT/PET scans.

  5. Arnn

    This episode also reminded me of Joseph Campbell and “The Power of Myth”—both the book and the PBS series from the 80’s. Of course the major difference is that Campbell was looking at Jungian archetypes whereas we are looking at these “mighty men of old” as real beings (e.g. “gods” from mythology). Many of these cross-cultural protagonists in ancient myths certainly combined arrogance with a strong degree of malevolence, quite unlike the one true God, our Lord and Savior Yeshua!

  6. Ash

    Great show, two questions:

    If all hybrid species that weren’t meant to exist do not have designated spirits/souls, then how did the Nephilim get theirs?

    Was Skiba assuming the advanced tech present in the ppre-deluvian world carried over after the Flood as well? (I think the wonders of the ancient world are actually pretty easily explained with ancient knowledge/technology)


    1. admin

      Good question. The sons of God are beings of spiritual origin. They are from the spirit world who left their habitation (Jude 1:6). I don’t know how the mechanics of it all works, but when the “gods” mated with human women, they created a spirit that was not suppose to be. It is not human in origin with the breath of God within. It was merely the fallen angel spirit using the human body as a host. So when the host body was drowned, the spirits were set free from the body, but they constantly seek a host. That’s what makes sense to me anyways. Think about demonic possessions, possessed items etc.

      I think Rob would echo these thoughts but with more concise thoughts.


      1. Arnn

        That’s also co-signed by the video on the ParodoxBrown website.


      2. Ash

        OK, I’m still trying to figure out how people would be creating animal-human hybrids AFTER the Flood, when you would expect the technology of mankind that had built up before the Flood to be reset.

        As far as pyramids, nascal lines, etc., people like Dr. Mike Heiser and Chris White and others have done a pretty good job debunking those things as requiring some great level of technology.

  7. Great podcast guys, one of your best. Really engaging.

    This ‘Batman Killing’ is really upsetting. A lot of unanswered questions. As to gun control in the US, it also seems to be a very strange argument, wasn’t the right to bare arms related to the protection of the republic in case of tyranny rather than just self-defense? I am obviously no expert being from the UK, there is only occasional (but increasing in cities) gun related crime. I do enjoy some clay pigeon shooting though!

    The Nephilim are really compelling even just as myth, any of you guys know of any alternative archeologists that ascribe any physical findings to these creatures? I’ve been meaning to do a little search for authours on this, just been so busy with work. I’ll be checking out some of the authours mentioned in the podcast for sure.

    The flat mountain! That always blows my mind. Personally I believe it points to something very mysterious in man’s past. It makes no sense to deny it. I find that some of the ancient astronaut theory is extremely undervalued and even ridiculed- I went to see Prometheus the other night and despite the awful script writing, I could see elements of this seeping into the mainstream. Perhaps preparing the masses for a new paradigm… But that’s the far end of my speculation, close to the edge 🙂

    The Olympics are just beginning now, it’s pretty crowded, but still not at its peak. The whole talk of some kind of contagion is almost as scary as a bomb on the underground going off.

    Loving the outro music as usual too 😉

    1. Brad

      have u ever listened or heard of joe rogan? hes a very secular anti christ guy. stand up comedian,ufc commentator and has a podcast. he always has ppl on talking about all kinds of weird nutty findings.. right now he has a guy on and their talking about gigantic sharks and enormous octopuses found.. of course they totally mis/disregard the biblical accounts/nephilim. i dont think their a myth at all. i have been listening to everything skiba since this podcast. the guy is a friggin genuis.

      1. I am actually a big fan of Rogan. I enjoy his podcast when I have time to listen.

        I think you may be doing him an injustice though. He has a very open mind and he is pretty respectful of his guests opinions, so if he were to have a Christian guest I’m sure he would be willing to lend an ear. Also, he is a positive guy, okay he definitely not a Christian, but I don’t see that as a reason to completely discount anything that he does. I think he’s a great example of “God making good of whatever you do”. I have a lot more respect for someone like him than a lot of people who I meet that call themselves Christians.

        1. Brad

          i was discrediting him at all bc he isnt a christian.. u asked if anybody had any scientific evidences of anything like nephilim existance and i pointed to joe rogan and his “scientific” guests whcih are always talking about strange finds.. so i was actually giving him props and giving u a secular avenue that might support nephilim type stuff. not real sure where u got me doing him n injustice.. u have me perplexed buddy

          1. Sorry, my misunderstanding. I thought you were calling him a supporter ant-christ like attitudes. Total crossed wires!

          2. Arnn

            I was just going off of the following:

            have u ever listened or heard of joe rogan? hes a very secular anti christ guy.



      2. Arnn

        Joe friggin’ Rogan? Joe Rogan who is the color commentator for UFC? I never watched any of his stand up, but I’ve always thought he was a good commentator for UFC, as well as a host for “Fear Factor” and character actor in “Newsradio”. Wow, I’m gonna have to reconsider my opinion of him. He’s never said anything bad about the Christian UFC athletes that I know of. Guess I’ll have to settle for UFC when Jon Anik and Ken Flo are commentating.

        1. Brad

          yea his podcasts are lsitend to hundreds of thousands… there is a HUGE following. ive listened to close to a year. i enjoy it, but he is always saying christians are soooo stupid and their opinions hold back the evolutionary process. it can be so annoying

          1. Arnn

            I can’t stand it when people in the media bag on Christians—it’s real disappointing cause he seems like a cool guy. Oh well. . . I do think I heard his podcast on satellite last year and it did sound like he had interesting topics. It does prove in a circumstantial way that he is antiChrist driven—if he wants to complain about religion, then why doesn’t he complain about a certain religion that blows up Jewish tourist buses in Bulgeria? You never hear people in the mass media complaining of islam.

    2. Arnn

      Howdy Jonny,

      Every time there is a shooting like this in the U.S. the politicians clamour for “gun control”. They do this despite the fact that there have been other shootings where armed citizens have saved the day (e.g. the Colorado church shooting). It is hypocritical for politicians to go around with millions of dollars worth of security and expect us to defend ourselves with pepper spray.

      I’ve never heard of the plains of Nazca referred to as a shaved or flattened mountaintop. If that is true it would take a lot of earthmoving equipment. I just thought they were plains. A lot of people poo poo the runway theory citing that if spaceflight is advanced enough then the vehicles should be VTOL.

      Have fun at the Olympics, but keep your wits about you!


      1. Hey Arnn.

        I definitely think the cat is out of the bag- in that guns are so accessible anything but a heavily forced disarming of the populace would work. What’s scary here in London is kids with no concept of life and death getting hold of small arms, though there are gang related stabbings all the time. The riots from last year were sparked off when a young lad was shot by police- that’s a whole other bag of BS that I have my own opinion on though.

        Oh, I don’t know that it was a runway of sorts, I don’t particular believe that we were visited by traditional aliens. I’d have to do a lot of reading to really have much of an opinion on it.

        I’m already sick of these damnable Olympics, such a horrendous waste of money it makes me sick to my stomach. I work in the centre and live pretty far from the action, but I still have to take the tube through a lot of main stations unfortunately :-/

        1. Arnn

          Hey I can’t get that darn Olympic song outa my head! I’m trying to overide it with Edward Elgar’s “Pomp and Circumstance”—anything but that brazen blaring blast of brass (hows that for alliteration!)

          I think it was the “Chariots of the gods” author (Danekin?) who speculated the runway theory. He’s still alive and I believe I saw him on that “Ancient Aliens” show.

    3. Here’s a good pic showing the remains of the mountain to the bottom.

      The extended picture actually proves that this is on top of a mountain range, not in a valley.

      1. Arnn

        Thanks for sharing the pic. Looking at the plains in google maps on the terrain setting it appears possible that it may be wash from the nearby Pampas Galeras, then again zoom out far enough and it does have a “shorn” appearance, that is an unnatural appearance to it.

      2. Arnn

        Hey Rob I gotta interesting question.

        On the Greatful Dead’s “In the Dark” album there is a song called “My Brother Esau”. The first line is as follows: My brother Esau killed a hunter back in 1969. I always considered it a slur on Viet Nam, but do you think they could have been knowledgeable enough to realize that Esau may have killed Nimrod?

        1. Wow! That’s really interesting. Couldn’t tell you, but the “coincidence” is awfully noteworthy.

    4. Cydney

      There have been many excavations that have dug up enormous skeletal remains that loop like human skeletons on steroids. Google and YouTube giants and nephilim..

  8. Brad


    I cant reply to our little convo for some reason. Not sure if there is s limit or whatnot. No problem on the misunderstanding. However, Joe Rogan does preach that all ppl should use psychadelics to better understand themselves and also says that more evolved “things” can give advice during these experiances. Do you not believe that is a type of “anti christ” activity? He is also pro scientific advancements to further evolve mankind, is this also not a sprit of anti christ? I am not trying to be confrontational.. but are you not paying attention?

    1. Brad

      and by scientific andvancements i mean he forsees science allowing mankind to become more immortal.. there’s a great documentary called “age of deceipt” by this guy named Gonz.. I highly recommend it 🙂

    2. It’s totally fine, I don’t mind being challenged about my views. It’s why I post here! And internet posts can often seem hostile when there is no menace intended. I’m a little flued up at the moment, so forgive me if I’m a little hazy.

      Completely agree with a lot of what you are saying. Drugs, transhumanism ect… And perhaps if I thought about it a lot I may agree with you. I am extremely skeptical of psychodelics myself. Would I call him an anti-christ? No, not right now, but I am flexible and always adjusting my world view, always learning.

      I just struggle with black and white views of the world or of people and I’ll be the first to say that I am hardly a model of Christianity myself. I grew up in a couple of churches and never really ‘got’ God or any of it until I was old enough to pursue an avenue of exploration after a long break of actively seeking. In a lot of ways I expect I am quite behind most others who post here in understanding scripture and it probably shows in a lot of my stances on many things.

  9. Brad


    help me out.. how did u reply in that convo thread? i dont see a reply tab any longer.

    also, i beleive 1st John says anyone who denies Jesus has come in the flesh is an anti christ.. so yes, thats what I meant. Joe Rogan denies Jesus was God, he say Jesus possibly didnt even exist.. so imo and according to the bible he is an anti christ.. simple.. does that mean everything he says is garbage? of course not, i agree with a ton of what he says.. but make no mistake about it. he is secular and he is an anti christ. the bible says there are many anti christs.

    1. Arnn

      Hi Brad,

      Sometimes a “Reply” will pop up out of nowhere, then other times the threads seem to dead-end—perhaps it is a computer anomaly.

      I guess with Rogan and other non-Christians that have interesting opinions we just gotta “eat the fish and leave the bones” so to speak.


      1. Arnn

        Not to beat a dead horse but I think if you click on the reply to the reply, it winds up eventually dead-ending, but if you toggle between replyling to the original reply and the following replies, it creates a longer thread.


  10. Frank

    I’ll reserve my opinion of Skiba’s views, other than he has good points and points that make me kind of wary. He does always give a good interview though.

    Anyways, my main point.

    His (and basically Peter Goodgame’s) view that Esau killed. Nimrod has anyone done much homework on that? I believe that’s originally from Jasher (which we do not have the original jasher I guess, but a 1700’s redo). But has anyone thought about it?

    Nimrod is AT LEAST as old as abraham. Abraham was 100 when isaac was born, 175 he died. Abraham was considered old by then.though abraham seems to have been further down the line from the Ark folks.

    So isaac had his kids at 60, 15 years later abraham died. So nimrod would be at least 175 at his murder, already old.

    I guess its possible, but seems a stretch.

    1. Brad

      i believe we have 3 or 4 ppl in gen living over 900… so nimrod being 175 at death doesnt seem like a stretch at all to me. he was like a little kid comparing….

      1. Brad


        I always find it funny that ppl in my family and prolly the majority of my church have no problem believing in a talking snake, a man swollowed up and living n a large fish, a talking donkey, etc etc but I’m totally crazy for beleiving in the Nephelim.. I’m not saying this is your stance. But assuming you beleive all the aformentioned stuff why is a guy dying at 175 yrs old so much like a stretch?

        1. Frank

          I buy the whole genesis 6 nephilim stuff, and the old ages, I just find it odd that at 175 abraham was considered old and died of old age. Obviously post flood, the ages shrank from 500-600 to about 200. I have no problem with the ages. Or the nephilim.

          My question or line of interest is nimrod, why/how would esau bother killing him. Nimrod was at least as old as abraham, and abraham was considered old. Esau killing nimrod wouldn’t be that big of an accomplishment as nimmy would be at least 175.

          Now nimmy has a shorter lined to noah (cush, then shem) maybe he had potential to live longer. Abraham had like 9 ancestors so maybe he ages faster.

          I guess I’m questioning motive for esau to kill nimrod, and I also was questioning the possibility of overlap, because it seems that there’s a huge gap, when there may not be.

          I guess that’s why I was asking if anyon had studied it. Also, the Bible itself doesn’t say it, we’re relying on extraBiblical information, and the Jasher we have is (I’ve heard) from the 1700’s, and is not the original.

          So, that’s where I’m at. Just questioning.

          1. Hi Frank. Do more research on Jasher. It is MUCH older than the 1700 – yes, the version we now have. Dr. Ken Johnson and Joseph B. Lumpkin have both traced the current version back as far as the early centuries following Christ, with suspected connections going back to Ptolemy and even further. Those who say it only goes back to the 1700s have not done their homework.

            Regarding Nimrod, he was likely closer to 500 years old. Remember, he was one of those born between the Flood and the Tower of Babel, amongst peers who lived between 400 – 500 years of age. As for Esau’s motive? Nimrod was the tyrannical king of the world. Need we speculate further?

  11. Brad

    what if u suspect your wife to be a nephilim? does this make divorce ok? im starting to wonder 🙂

    1. Arnn

      Okay I know this sounds weird but on the Paradox Brown website she has links to other websites and one of them is a preacher that specializes in leading Nephilim children to Christ! Although most people (Brown apparently included)believe they aren’t redeemable due to their nature, perhaps due to their spirit is likened to someone with Antisocial Personality Disorder, or psychopathy?

      1. Brad

        holy crap, i gotta see that website. my 4 yr old daughter can be downright insane.. my 2 yr old boy is golden tho.. maybe i will pack him up and run for the hills..

        1. Arnn

          Hee hee! It’s the whole talking snake, man swallowed by a large fish and talking donkey thing!

      2. Just saw this and wanted to clarify, I believe those children are humans who been deceived by the enemy into thinking they are modern nephilim – but they really are not nephilim. I don’t think there have been any nephilim born since before the flood, and they are all demons today. I think all humans today are humans and redeemable, and no one is a nephilim.



        1. admin

          Thanks Paradox,

          I was actually meaning to correct him on that. I recall you or maybe Chris White quoting something from your website concerning the current day folks who believe they are of Nephilim decent. I agree that this is a deception of the enemy to try to keep people from believing they can be redeemed.

          So the debate of whether a Nephilim can be saved is actually a irrelevant discussion IMHO.


  12. Arnn

    Okay one more thing and I’ll shut up. The Neurologist has been stacked with patients so I asked our research fellow on the 10-12% brain usage question. She has a PhD in Neuroscience, so she would qualify for an expert opinion. She believes we use 100% of our brain. Yep. She says that most of this goes to autonomic things like breathing, heartbeat/rate, and hormmone/neurotransmitter regulation. She likens the brain to a large building with all the workers involved in tasks as well as a CEO involved in things like conscious. As far as attention goes I asked if perhaps we are aware of just 10-20% at any given time—that is we have a Govenor on our attention span—and she agreed with this which supports Basil and KevinH’s entries above.

  13. KC

    I think Rob’s a fascinating person to listen to, and I hope someday to watch “Seed” on the SciFy channel!
    That being said, I think evidence is pretty clear that the Book of Jasher he’s using isn’t ancient. Go to for some good critiques, quoted in part below:

    “1840 English edition of 1625 Italian rabbinical work”

    “As much as I would love this book to be authentic, a few minutes research sufficed to show that it cannot be an actual ancient history text, as it is quite easy for scholars to tell from the languague used whether it is ancient Hebrew or late Rabbinical Hebrew. One of the reasons we can know that the early parts of the OT are truly old and not from the Post-exile period as liberal scholars love to say, is because of the place names. Aside from the many other problems, the fact that the book mentions France and used other medieval geographic terms is pretty overwhelming proof it is from the Middle Ages at the earliest. At best it could be a highly edited version of older stories or documents, some of which may or not be true, like the information about Patriarchal times in Josephus. It would be unbelievable to me for a Jewish scholar to have found a truly ancient work and then update the Hebrew instead of faithfully copying it.

    If the Hebrews had preserved the real book of Jasher up to the time of Christ, it would have been highly prized, popular, and have been kept alongside of Maccabees and other historical works and painstakingly and accurately copied, and ended up in the Apocrypha.

    It is unfortunate when poor scholarship and credulity undermines the many evidences for the historical accuracy of the Bible and other truly ancient works, and undermines the rest of this author’s work, which may be otherwise very good. It unfortunately reminds me of people who try to put the Gospel of Thomas or Judas on the historical level of the New Testament writings. It obviously cannot put to rest the debate between Septuagint dates and Masoretic dates as the author tries to argue, since it is not an ancient independent witness.”

    “It may be an excellent copy of this disputed medieval work called The Book of Jasher, but shouldn’t be considered the one mentioned in the Old Testament. ”
    Cal Engime says:
    the reviewer is right that what you have reprinted is a 16th Century forgery. The evidence of this is discussed in Joseph Dan’s introduction for the Bialik Institute edition of the book, if you read Hebrew:

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