CCR 017: Rob Skiba Interview (Part Two)

WE LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERI-OCCULT! Basil and Gonz continue the conversation with author, researcher, and film maker, Rob Skiba. The guys get into some of the symbolism found in our nations capitol as well as the topic of Biblical truth and what we find in Scripture that we don’t in church.

Check out Rob Skiba’s Work:


New Covenant Israel:


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  1. Brad

    I love this guy.. I simply can’t get enough. I had to start work at 6 am.. what a blessing to come in and see the new show is uploaded. It’s funny, my wife was raised a strict jehovahs witness.. she came to the knowledge of Christ and accepted Him for who He really is in my driveway in 2003.. she absolutely loves Christmas, I have been trying to move away from celebrating that for the past 2 yrs now.. I feel strongly thats something the jw’s have right.. she is going to kill me 🙂

    1. Roman Garcia

      I’ve gone full circle with the whole Holiday thing. What I have learned is that the church is already divided enough over trivialities. I think it’s an issue that needs to be addressed at some point but for now, since our lives our short I would rather spend the energy on learning to do what the Bible is very clear about. It’s not difficult to be religious and nitpick about everything we do that’s not in line with the strictest of doctrines. I think the real challenge is living like Jesus and being a light, living the word and putting the word to work. James said don’t just be a hearer but a doer. I have found the more energy I spend on doing what is right and basing my life on what the Bible is clear about the less I have time to do what is questionable. There’s already enough Pharisees in the world, and in the church.

    2. Linda

      You know we are learning and “coming out” of pgan customs and learning the truth about what’s been hidden. I didn’t put up a tree and have so much decor/Christopher Radko orns etc.(worked in a boutique lol and first it was ditch the santa ones and we don’t exchg. gifts(not our Birthday!), gave to Children in need, then ? why, they just think Santa, so made them from our Family/Jesus because he loves them an sees their need. Here’s a study of Zacharias priestly course=8th course ending duties on July 13, 3 BC. and Johns conception/birth 280 days later,Passover;6mos later Jesus on fall of 2 BC.(is Tishri 1 on the Jewish calendar), Rosh Hashanah, The Feast of Trumpets Yours is Sept.11, this, LLM’s is 9/29 I get on my tip toes ev. Rosh Hashanah lol) The two counting are close!
      It sounds like your ref.the teaching from Mark Blitz CD?DVD I own 🙂 It seems dark w/o lights so 9/13 will be when we light up and celabrate the Light of the World!

  2. Roman Garcia

    Right on! You guys are on it. I was getting worried that maybe you guys had gotten busy with other things those couple of weeks where you hadn’t had a chance to upload anything. It’s good to see you on the ball once again. I’m going to try to donate a little something to help you guys out. Keep up the good work!

  3. Really enjoyed the podcast guys. Skiba has been a great guest.

    There is a documentary called “Thrive” about this fellow from Canada that ‘opted out’ of society and lives virtually completely off the grid. He even went to court- over not having a driving license, was a really impressive documentary.

    1. Arnn

      You always mention the best documentaries, Jonny! Do you ever go to Its a great site—thats where I first heard of Gonz and Basil with Gonz’s doc. A warning about some of the doc’s on the site—they aren’t Judeo/Christian friendly.

      The Olympics are nearly over!


      1. Thanks Arnn. Just lucky that I have time to sit and listen so much.

        I have checked out that site, it’s got a lot of great documentaries on it. One I’d suggest (on which I watched Thrive) is which has loads of really wierd, whacky and also informative ones. You just have to look past the plethora of new-age material.

        The Olympics have hardly affected me at all which has just been awesome 🙂 I think all the tourists are concentrated quite away from the parts of London I frequent thankfully!

  4. Arnn

    Excellent interview—wish there was a part three! Just have to wait. At any rate I believe this is the fresco that Rob was talking about:

    Reminds me of the Horatio Greenough Washington sculpture where “Honest George” is a half clad Greco-Roman portrayal of zeus!!! By the way check out George’s expression on that Fresco—he looks downright cruel and dictorial.

    Also on some of the brainstorming from the interview—I think more of American Colonialism (Spanish American War) rather than the Industrial Revolution when Teddy Roosevelt comes to mind. The IR was around 1875, I believe. Some sources cite it as early as Washington’s own Age of “Enlightenment”.

    What else . . . I’ll come back and post more.


    1. Linda

      Washington surrounded by demon gods no less! What is actually ref. Christianity, Nothing just gods and goddesses. Look at the Denver airpot mural. What would be a rational expanation for such thing? Luciferian worship! Satan coming to kill steal and devour! It’s a wonder it took us this long to get it!

  5. Arnn

    I’m glad Rob and the fellers are involved some Torah study—that is our foundation. Most of the teachers I listen too are Messianic—Sid Roth, Jan Markell, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Dr. Michael Brown. Tamar Yonah on Israel National Radio is good listening. One of her favorite saying is: “First they come after the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.” Jews and Christians are now closer than ever.

  6. Chris

    I looked it up when they think Jesus was crucified. Interestingly enough they put it towards the beginning of April of 33. If He was just 30 at baptism and His ministry lasted 3 1/2 years, Sep. to April is 6 months.

  7. infocyde

    Nick Redfern wrote a book called Final Events that touches on Humonculous / Crowley / Parsons. Worth a read.

  8. Skiba is a closet jew who endorses the talmud, claims Paul taught a different gospel, and denies Christ. Not sure why people even listen to this clown.

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