CCR 019: Cris Putnam Interview

THE FINAL POPE IS HERE! Basil and Gonz interview apologist, author and scholar who runs the Logos Apologia website, Cris Putnam. Cris discuses his latest work with Tom Horn on the book Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here. Some 800 years ago, St. Malachy wrote down in a sudden inspiration, all the Popes that Rome will see until the end of time. Out of the 112 Popes mentioned in the Prophecy, we are currently at 111. Does this mean we will see what Bible Prophecy calls the False Prophet?

Logos Apologia


Cris Putnam’s Website:


Vatican Says Aliens Exist:

Prophecy of the Popes:

Purchase Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here


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  1. Arnn

    Bonus! Two episodes in one week—my lil’ ipod shuffle runneth over!!


    1. admin

      Were stepping up our game!


      1. Arnn

        Qualitatively too—the shows are really starting to flow well! One of my favorite MMA sites, Sherdog, started off with a few guys that had a passion for the sport. Now it’s a multi-million dollar site. Gotta good feeling canary’s gonna do well.



        1. Brad

          sherdog? i prefer watch out the for the trolls 🙂

          go Vitor!

          1. Fugazi

            MMA fan here since before it was MMA…lol. Nice to see some fellow fans that share these types of interests! Anyone else hoping Hendo beats Bones Jones?

          2. Arnn

            Hiya Brad and Fugazi!

            Brad—I got to be a very belated Vitor fan by watching TUF Brazil—much better than TUF show here in the states—perhaps because it was the first one.

            I too watched it when it was NHB—no holds barred! Hendo has a right hand chance, much like his fight against Bisbing. Unfortunately it’ll probably be an extended version of Bones vs. Bader.



          3. admin

            Just as a heads up fellas, I do all the theme and background music for the MMA league in Asian called Legend Fighting Championship.



          4. Arnn


            This is the closest reply button I could find. I’ve heard of LFC. Dude you rock! Next thing you’ll be telling me you pilot 747’s on the weekend!
            This is awesome!

            LFC on 24-August looks like a good card—has a couple of unbeaten middleweights. I book marked the page and went to the multimedia section—good cinematic score!


  2. Arnn

    Well it looks like we made it past the olympics—was a little worried what with those illuminati cards and all the missile batteries and such.



  3. Fugazi

    Btw, love Canary Cry show and guests like Putnam and Rob Skiba have really stepped up the quality recently.

    1. Brad

      Fugazi, I couldnt reply to other thread. Ive been a fan since 95.. I had actually started training kung fu and a few week later I saw Royce tearing everybody up so needless to say I started bjj.. and yes I hope Hendo kills Jones.. I dont really care for either tho.

      1. Arnn

        Well that makes four of us!

        MMA and conspiracy—it don’t get much better than this!


  4. You guys have been so busy! 5 or 6 since I took time off from work? Just have time to sit through your shows now I’m back.

    Great interview, very interesting.

  5. Ben

    This number (111) pops up everywhere. I can see it up to five times a day. Anyone have any theories? I was leaning to ‘false sign and wonder’ but some of the ways I’ve come across the number seem too complex to be from anywhere but God – or is my lack of Old Testament knowledge making me naive of satan’s devices?

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