CCR 020: William Ramsey Interview

DO AS THOU WILT SHALL BE THE WHOLE OF THE LAW, ACCORDING TO ONE, ALEISTER CROWLEY! Basil and Gonz talk to author, scholar, and researcher William Ramsey about the life and influence of Aleister Crowley. Crowley was an occultist who declared his worship for Satan. But his influence has rippled throughout the decades since he passed away in political matters, the entertainment industry, and even the world of antagonistic atheism. Most interestingly, the numbers Crowley held as part of his occult powers is ironically repeated over and over again in the events of September 11, 2001.


William Ramsey’s website:

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  1. mark

    hi guys, just posted this at episode 18. might be appropriate here too. does anyone know if 33 people ascended from the mound at the opening olympic ceremony? sort of like the 33 aregintina miners.

    1. admin

      Hey Mark,

      I don’t know. It felt like there were more than 33. But you’d have to go back and watch it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a number that had some sort of occult significance. In fact, I would be willing to bet it was closer to 72. Just a thought.


      1. mark

        ahhh great thought! those fallen 72 are bound within the earth, also one for each sacrificed in aurora co.

        1. mark

          attempted sacrifices that is.

  2. Arnn

    This is so awesome—I read the Ramsey paper on architecture (under the read section) just last night after which I listened to some of Mr. Ramsey’s interviews on utube.

    Ya’ll check out that paper he wrote—made me think twice about NY public art!


    1. admin


      I wanted to say something after you posted that comment that you had watched an interview with William Ramsey. But in any case, hope you enjoy this interview. William is a cool guy and has done some great research.


      1. Arnn

        Hi Gonz,

        That interview was great—really flowed well and covered a vast topic in only an hour.

        Sometimes I’ll listen to the show before I go to bed. So last night I plug in my ear-buds, slap on the ol’ CPAP and listen to the interview. Big mistake! I ended up dreaming that Crowley replaced the roof of a home that I lived in. A couple of weeks later (in the dream) the roof starts to leak, and to make matters worse it’s leaking ecto-plasm! So I call Crowley to see if it’s covered under the warrantee and he hem haws around and acts like he’s gonna come out and repair it then never shows up!


        1. admin

          Oh my. Good thing it was a dream. Next time rebuke Crowley in the name of Yeshua and see what happens 🙂


  3. Tim

    Great episode! BTW I almost fell over laughing when Basil referred to Aliester Crowley’s “Shenanigans.”

  4. Steph

    good show 🙂
    I’m confused… do you really have a problem with crickets or was that just an electronic glitch or something? Just wondering because I actually have some good ideas to get rid of them 😉

    1. admin

      Ha, We have a true blue cricket problem, they keep wanted to voice their opinions. Sorry crickets.

      -Basil (not a cricket)

      1. Arnn

        Chirp Chirp!!

        1. Arnn

          Steph, Moleasses—the La-Brea tar pits of the insect world!

          If ya’ll didn’t know my “Chirp Chirp” above was an attempted parody of a true blue cricket. But here’s a nice segue: I just checked my e-mail and received volume 1 number 1 of “The Chirp” newsletter. If ya’ll haven’t signed up for it yet you need to.



      2. Steph

        I’m all about finding good non-chemical ways to take care of such problems haha.
        Why use chemical products when natural remedies are available? (:

        Fill a glass jar halfway with molasses. Place the jar where the crickets are hanging out, and the crickets will jump right in and drown. The molasses acts like a glue, so crickets cannot get out.
        Also, figure out how they are getting in and fix it!

        Hope this helps (:

  5. Arnn

    You know another creepy guy that was a contemporary of Crowley is H.P. Lovecraft. While I read his short fiction when I was younger, I don’t know much about him biographically but I’m willing to bet he subscribed to similar beliefs as Crowley and Nietzsche.


    1. That’s very interesting Arnn. I’m a massive fan of Lovecraft- maybe I should rethink his Dream (astral?) novelletes. Very stygian.

      Off the top of my head I know HPL was a sickly child and spent his time reading old tomes on ancient history- I always thought his inspiration was from that, but on second thoughts some of the aspects are glaringly occult.

  6. Arnn

    Then there’s ol’ Anton LaVey who sported the goatee and shaved head thirty years before it was all the rage.

  7. Roman Garcia

    Awesome episode. Thanks guys!

  8. The question was posed, “Why do atheists have a inherent hatred toward Christians?” I believe it’s because the evil spirits controlling them recognize the Holy Spirit in Christians in the same way they recognized Jesus in His day, as recorded in scripture.

  9. Excellent interview guys.

  10. Paul

    I’m slowly going through your archives and came across this: really interesting stuff. William mentioned in passing that Barack Obama’s father is not the Kenyan Barack Obama Sr. (whom, the colour of his skin aside, he does not resemble at all) — William is right. The whole “birther” brigade is barking up the wrong tree, and have missed the real reason why Obama is so cagy about his birth.

    Obama’s real father is not someone a President of the United States would want to be publicly associated with, let alone related to…

  11. Paul

    …I was also intrigued that Crowley singled out Jews and Protestant Christians as being the worst ‘vermin’ on the planet, yet he gives a pass to the Romanists — which of course ties in perfectly with the picture of persecution in Revelation.

    Naturally, not all who call themselves Protestant Christians are Christians in any meaningful sense of the word (check out the pronouncements of, for example, ‘mainstream’ Protestant bishops), and great numbers neither believe the Bible nor know The Lord; but it’s pretty clear that those who adhere to the practices and doctrines of the Church of Rome are following something other than Christianity — something more akin to paganism, as Crowley put it. For the Church of Rome is not a Christian entity, but is in fact the ancient Roman state cult in ovine guise — Chris Pinto has done a great job of exposing the origins and aims of this false church (and of course John the Revelator’s own words point out Rome as the Great Whore in Revelation 17).

    Fascinating interview…

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