CCR 022: Andrew Hoffman Interview

EUGENICS NEVER WENT AWAY IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER! Basil and Gonz have a discussion with the author of New World Order and the Eugenics Wars: A Christian Perspective, and co-host of Revelations Radio News, Andrew Hoffman. They answer the question “What is eugenics?” and discuss the various tentacles it has in our culture and society from vaccines to transhumanism. They also talk about propaganda and how the media is controlled by the elite.



Andrew’s Book:

Revelations Radio News:


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  1. Arnn

    Did you guys quit your day jobs and go full time to CCR? Holy smokes I just barely finished the last show! Not complaining at all!


    1. admin

      Just keepin’ you on your toes!

  2. Steph

    So glad you touched on these topics! I hope people will see the importance of what they eat and put in their bodies! This is one of the main things that we still have control of…and who knows for how much longer. Your best bet is to buy local and don’t spend your money supporting fast food, wal-mart, soda companies etc.
    Spend your money supporting your neighboring farms! Feed your families real food that will be nourishing to their bodies!
    Goodness.. I could go on rants about the healthcare system…vaccines, drugs, birth control… I’ve seen lives ruined because of this stuff. It makes me sick 🙁

    Then there are the people who are aware of the impact of food and attitude on health… I have done a lot of research on health and nutrition, and it seems that many of those people are totally wrapped up in new age stuff like yoga, meditation, energies, spirituality and such. So on both sides people are deceived and ignorant.

    Some big news lately is on the “west nile” outbreak… And they are spraying a concoction of chemicals in the air to kill mosquitoes. One of the mosquito control trucks came through my neighborhood a few months ago and I had no idea what the heck it was… So I did some research and figured it out… then dug deeper and learned that the chemicals they use are carcinogens and harmful to the immune system. (This took some digging too- everything I found on the subject talked about how great of a control measure it is.) Anyways, I bring that up because I think there are SO many forms of population control. Like you said… a small amount of high fructose corn syrup isn’t going to cause any major damage… but when you are exposed to all this stuff for long periods of time, its too much for a body to handle! This leads to disease, cancers, conditions…so people go to their doctor and get drugs or chemotherapy… and they ‘save’ enough people to make it seem like these are good things… Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people die because of this stuff! It’s a pretty sad cycle. This is how I started learning about the true nature of whats really going on in this country and world. I began to realize that there was a bigger picture than just a few companies trying to make a lot of money.

    I’ll stop there… haha this is enough ranting for one post.

  3. Arnn

    Jonny where are you? You disappeared after the Olympics–you okay?


    1. Hi Arnn! Thanks for your concern 🙂

      I took a few weeks off, but I’m back. Unfortunately I couldn’t sit down and listen to CCR for any period without being totally anti-social, but I am back now and ploughing through the trail of podcasts that Basil and Gonz have made!

      I think I’ll have to start listening to you guys on the train at this rate!

  4. Arnn

    Hey Gonz,

    How did you get to the murals on a layover? Every time I’ve been in Denver I ask around for the location of them and all I get are blank stares. It made me speculate that they are outside the security zone where only passengers are allowed. I really wanted to see them up close.

    At any rate I’m glad you touched on them some. I think Basil will get a kick out of them since they are new to him. As I’ve stated before most of the googled websites on the murals are a bit antiquated, and they were the hot conspiricy topic in the 90’s. The most disturbing one is that final scene with that bright flower that, to me, represents all that is new age and “spiritual” outside of Christ.

    Have you seen the blue mustang sculpture outside of the Airport? It’s nickname is “bluecifer” and it killed the artist Luis Jimenez when a part of it fell on him in his studio. Lasers shoot out of its eyes and it is so creepy that even Dan Simmons noted it in his recent dystopic novel “Flashback”. We actually have the study for it—its predecessor—at the Fred Jones Museum of Art on the O.U. campus.



    1. admin


      We had to actually go out from the terminal. So basically we had to check ourselves out, and then back in for our flight. But it was worth it especially since I was hanging out with Doug Hamp and Chris Pinto. Two guys I admire and respect. It was very cool.

      I have only heard about bluecifer. I need to check it out. Thanks Arnn.

      And ya, where is Jonny? Especially weird since he’s been silent since the Olympics.


  5. Arnn

    On the topic of flouride: I went to the store to pick up water for my baby’s formula and I go to reading the ingredients and it has flouride in it! What do infants who don’t even have teeth need with flouride!!

    Don’t get me started on the Hep B, or the friggin Pneumococal, I didn’t have a hep b till I was 26 and that was for clinical rotations in the hospital!

    Arrgh! (I’m changing my name from Arnn to Arrgh!—just for this post)

  6. Roman

    LOL!!! You guys are on a roll, keep up the awesome work!

    1. admin

      Thanks Roman…hey you wouldn’t happen to be the facilities manager at our local church would you? Ironically, his name is Roman Garcia. Twins? lol


  7. KevinH

    lovin the frequent updates! you guys are doing a great job bringing interesting topics and opinions to the table.

    1. admin

      Hey KevinH

      Thanks brother. It’s a lot of fun. We’re really trying to make this platform special and feel led by God to do just that. Sometimes its hard work, but it’s work for the Lord. We love it!


  8. The Witness of New Laodicea

    Regarding Alex Jones: I think you have to trust the Holy Spirit in the arena of conspiracy theories, and my inclination like many others’ is to be suspicious of the man. His appearance in the Illuminati Card Game is also something to consider, where he is labeled as a wolf in sheep’s clothing (controlled opposition). Then again, Alex tells a lot of truth. So how could Alex be sinister? Two specific ways:

    1. He keeps people scatterbrained and focused on the geopolitical situation, effectively holding people back from making the connection to the spiritual domain underlying the NWO order. Youre not going to get the Biblical story on PrisonPlanet, and if youre relying only on Alex in your truth search, youll never get to the religious dimension. I think that is the controlled opposition element of his function in the NWO. Contrast Alex with Glenn Beck who DID delve into the religious aspect of the NWO story and Glenn was kicked off the air.

    2. Alex Jones has won the trust of the conspiracy theory community. If and when the NWO wants to inject a damaging idea into the common mind of that group, Alex will slip it right in. The analogy here is the character played by Jude Law in the movie “Outbreak.” In Alex’s case, I think he may be the catalyst used to trigger the civil unrest that leads to martial law being imposed. Thats how our enemy likes to operate. Let the people hang themselves with their own ropes. Alex Jones can provide that rope when the time comes.

    Just some theories to chew on….

    1. admin

      Those are some excellent points. I agree that having a healthy suspicious of Alex Jones is warranted. As for his appearance in the illumitani card game (i’m assuming you’re referring to the card where he appears with ron paul?) i’m open to speculate whether or not that roll is his. I have heard him talk about how the illumanists are satanic or lucifarian, but you are correct in saying he doesn’t promote dealing with the situation in a spiritual way. Which, as we promote here, is – for all effects and purposes – the ONLY way to deal with it.
      Although if we start trying to look at facts instead of speculations, it gets very cloudy. What you say about alex jones and his placement in the conspiracy world is correct, but it could also be said about a number of others. The cold hard facts are just not there, which is just the way they would like to keep it 😉
      It’s simply a tricky situation that could be applied to anyone, that was the general point to our conversation concerning Alex Jones.
      I would encourage everyone to be skeptical and guarded when it comes to what other conspiracy “promoters,” its so easy to morph sensationalization into a commonly held “fact.”

  9. Great interview guys, you sounded really comfortable with Andrew.

    You should check out this graphic novel called ‘Transmetropolitan’ it’s a futuristic anti-hero type narrative, but I think it approaches transhumanism, technology and where we’re going in a really engaging way.

  10. Brother P.

    Picking my way through a few of your old podcasts: dunno if anyone’ll read this, but hey…

    Regarding Alex Jones, I agree with the guest: he’s a good talk-show host. …And I don’t think he’s a Jesuit, an Illuminatus, a CIA agent or anything other than a talk-show host. But he, like so many of the other fringe ‘conspiracy’ personalities, has no solid Biblical moorings and therefore zero discernment: fact and fiction get all thrown into the mix together. Sometimes it seems he’ll believe anything.

    I checked out Revelation News Radio from your link above (the Eugenics Wars link you give is now dead). As a long-standing Linuxite and anti-mobile Luddite, I was interested to read this. Stallman’s something of a legend in tech circles.

    I loved the intro/outro music for this — what was it?

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