CCR 023: Cybernetics, Singularity, and Brain Computer Interface

WELCOME TO THE MACHINE…FOR YOUR BRAIN! Basil and Gonz talk about technology and it’s implications to humanity. Is all technology evil? Is it against the will of God? They bring up, cybernetics, brain computer interfacing, the recent reports of a robot controlled by a brain of a rat, as well as the technological singularity. LINKS: Man sees from ‘Bionic Eye” [youtube=] Rat with Robot Brain [youtube=]   Technological Singularity Charts:

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  1. KevinH

    yet another great episode guys :). listening to your experience at church using the word appalled and his reaction to it made me laugh. It’s crazy how derogatory the word conspiracy has become. I am so amazed that bible believing Christians can be so crazy against any idea of conspiracy. We all know Satan is evil and extremely powerful. knowing that, shouldn’t our first conclusion be that he would try and have people working on his side in seats of power? i find that it really boils down to their ability understand Satan is really out there doing what the bible says he does.

  2. Arnn

    Here’s an interesting note on Sigularity: A few episodes down Jonny mentioned a website that had some interesting documentaries. I went there and listened to a lecture by Terrance McKenna (who I don’t follow or believe much of what he says—eat the fish and leave the bones). At any rate it was the first time I had heard of this ol’ hippy so I wikied him and found out that he incorporates the principle of singularity into what he calls “novelty theory” where in Oct or Nov of ’12 there would be a massive change in the universe. I thought this was synchronous since I hadn’t really thought much of the construct of singularity and after listening to that portion of this episode it brought the McKenna thing to my mind.


  3. Steph

    Speaking of being watched… my boss left work today for a few hours, and called because she saw something she didn’t like while she was watching us on her iphone. I’ve pretty much accepted the idea that I don’t really have much privacy.

    I think technology can definitely be become an idol and be used for some evil things. I also think that the internet can be used to spread the message of our Savior. I’ve seen both sides and its just something we have to have discernment about and make sure to keep our focus on Christ and the mission He gives us.

    It’s like nearly everything else in this world… Satan can twist it to deceive and ultimately destroy.

    Good show (:

  4. Roman

    Another great video guys. Very interesting info. I’ve been wondering if we’ll be around long enough to see this type of stuff actually take place on a wide scale or is this going too far.

  5. Have you guys seen the robot that is controlled by fungus? Or was it you guys that linked that to me? 🙂

    Wow, that robot is impressive, this technology is moving so fast. I think I saw (on NS) a device that was implanted into a rat’s brain and controlled it by activating the parts of the brain linked to his whiskers- so he would move left or right.

    It’s all pretty amazing but scary too.

  6. Frank the tank

    Great show guys ! It’s really weird I watched a video on the origins of cybernetics and like you said it wasn’t about robotics at all , keep up the good work guys. God bless you and your family.

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