CCR 034: Fear

Basil and Gonz discuss the topic of fear in light of the Halloween season. We live in a society drenched in fear. Most products, ideas, and even entertainment is driven and sold as a product of fear. The guys explore and draw from personal experiences as well as a sociological assessment of culture to address and attempt to grasp the various aspects of fear. They also discuss the positive spin on fear, especially when it comes to reverent fear, such as the kind we should have for God.

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  1. Kenitai

    You guys talked about the types of fears people have. My type of fear, during the dark of the night, is “silence”. Like the anticipation that something, a sound(whatever that may be), is going to get you totally on edge.

    I once heard the light switch flip multiple times during the night, my parents were asleep, and it went on. Things like that made me want to sleep with something on, music, radio, etc.

    1. Arnn

      Kenitai–on the topic of light switches. When I was at the boys ranch in Goodland back in the 80’s my roomate and I were arguing cause I had the lights on (it was early morning and he was wanting to sleep). After a few minutes of this I visually saw the light switch shut off by itself. I told my roomate that I didn’t touch it—that it spontaneously shut off—both of us shagged outa there quick.

      1. Kenitai

        That’s very interesting there, Arnn. In my case… Even though the light switching was downstairs, and I was upstairs, I knew the switches that went on and off were the ones from the kitchen. I didn’t necessarily go downstairs, but I knew where it came from. So visually, there wasn’t much to be seen. But here comes the weird part:

        I came to check out the sounds, by going to the hallway(second floor, at the stairs) There was no light! So whatever it was, it prevented the lights to go on even though the switches would go: on, off. On, off, for like 15 minutes straight.

        Normally the kitchen light would light up the hallway considerably, by reflections. And I know the sounds of the switches, they’re very distinct in my ears. Because my dad has had the habit to do that, switching(I know it’s weird). He’s still alive and sleeping at that night, so he’s not responsible for playing the ghost, haha. 😉

        1. Arnn

          That’s creepy, Kenitai! Let me ask you this—are the switches the old style ones that click real loud? I saw on some “Mythbusters” type show where they showed that the oldermswitches could come on and off by themselves. I don’t remember if the switch at Goodland was an older style, but it probably was since the ranch was one of the oldest settlements in Oklahoma. At any rate it was weird to see that switch shut off by itself–not to mention it did it when my roomate wanted the lights off, so there was the timing of the issue.

          1. Kenitai

            The switches are pretty modern. Although I live in a house that’s been around since around 1945, things like switches, electrical circuits and stuff are almost constantly renewed. Either by own expense or by local organized community. I live in Holland, so we have that kind of a thing going.

            The switches are just the tip of the iceberg of what happened in the house over the past 25 years.

            My mom heard loud poltergeist knocks on the upper floor windows and heard a voice saying:”Turn ON the lights and say the name of Jesus 3x times.”(along those lines) Other time she heard the fly swatter swat violently on the living room’s table, during the night, after she tried looking for it during the day. It just appeared there.

            After my aunt died, I was relaxing in bed during the night of a full moon. Something totally blackened my vision, for a few seconds. I was so awake at that moment, so I freaked out. Then I remembered that my dad dreamed about a girl that looked like my aunt many days earlier or so.

            Mind you that I only live about 15 meters away from the cemetery. And about 50 meters away from a mortuary sitting next to a snack bar… I wish I am kidding, but I’m not.

  2. I think the term you were looking for when discussing ‘fear factor’, ‘jackass’ and even public executions etc is ‘schadenfreude’: pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.

    As Homer once quipped: ‘It’s funny because it isn’t me”

  3. jonny

    That video of the car chase suicide, I wouldn’t describe as horrifying. It was just very sad- but the guy looked like he was off his head on something from the way he was acting. Obviously it was chilling watching him shoot himself.

    I find the footage from warzones far more disturbing and upsetting, along with archive footage from atrocities of the past centuries.
    I watched a video of a marine talking on a documentary on Iraq about how he raped and pimped a 14 year old girl to other soldiers until she hung herself. It’s that level of evil that I find hard to comprehend. But that’s all part of the racist brainwashing employed by military to dehumanise the enemy.

    I’m sorry to be so graphic, it makes me so angry how we are shielded from these unspeakable acts in the media and how no one cares at all. It’s disgusting.

    It’s terrible that we are not shown war footage. It’s damaging to a society to misunderstand what horrors of war are.

    It’s definitely psychological with Saw, it’s terrifying exactly as you said, because you are putting yourself in that situation too.

    Personally I hate halloween. It’s an American thing that’s been slowly leeching over here to the UK over the past 20 years. It’s just cheap and tacky over here. But from what my girlfriend tells me in the US it’s great fun for you guys!

  4. Arnn

    Cool–so we can use either the comment section or the wire far out!!!

  5. Arnn

    Kenitai–we ran outa response space–the downside of the quick comments vs. the wire. At any rate have you prayed and anointed the home with olive oil? I’m a big believer in that. Remember as Christians we should have the Lord do the rebuking for us.



    1. Kenitai

      Hi Arnn,

      My mom is a Christian since decades, so whenever things of the strange kind happens, she definitely prays to Jesus. As for myself, I’ve only recently turned to God(Jesus) myself, thanks to Canary Cry Radio (and the Iron Show). If something has to happen again, since it’s been a year or more since something has happened in the house(to me privately), then I definitely know what it means to ask for God’s protection.

      As for anointing the house with olive oil, I’ve never heard about it before. Does it really work?

      1. Arnn

        I’m glad to hear you recently became a Christian–that’s great! I think the prayer and anointing with olive oil comes out of the book of Acts–I think it works–I do know some serious praying people that carry little bottles of olive oil. I’ll look into it further and let you know what I find out. Glad Canary Cry and Iron show help water the seed that lead you to Christ.


  6. William

    Oh my… I haven’t laughed so much in such a long time as I did when I listened to this one.

    The dog bone story is HILARIOUS!

  7. formula13x

    Hey Basil, I bet the pile of bones etc..was some trappers dump station. I trap, and and the parts I discard (the non-consumables), all get put in the same spot out in the woods away from everything. It’s funny to me to be thinking some kids some time might happen upon this and start making some urban legend. But I betcha that’s what your high school buddies found.

  8. Marie Holley

    I have a fear of the maybe instead of the unknown.

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