CCR 036: Dr. Aaron Judkins Interview


Basil and Gonz have a discussion with Professor Aaron Judkins. Aaron Judkins is a researcher, explorer, and professional Archaeologist with a Ph.D. in Biblical Archaeology. He’s worked with human fossil footprints for 15 years and is credited with mapping the longest dinosaur trackway in the Western Hemisphere near Glen Rose, Texas. He’s the author of The Aliens Agenda: The Return of the Nephilim, Evolution and Human Fossil Footprints, The Global Phenomenon of Human Fossil Footprints in Rock, Academic Freedom: Exposing Evolution.


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  1. jonny

    Just what I’ve been thinking about looking into, great to know you fella’s got my back 😉 Insightful as always. Thanks!

  2. Chaz

    Looks good, been trying to win others over to this topic with decent success. Will give it a watch shortly. Keep up the good work guys.

  3. afasf

    audio quality is so bad its not worth listening to. Do your interviews on the phone people!

    1. Quality over the phone is not going to make it any better.

    2. jonny

      That’s a bit extreme afasf. Audio quality didn’t bother me much.

    3. Arnn

      Maybe you should judge them by the quality of their content rather than the quality of their audio. I’ve heard worse on nationally syndicated talk shows.


      1. Susan

        Seriously, this amazing podcast is free to boot. I’ve seen several complaints about this supposed issue and I can’t seem to wrap my head around it. The audio is decent at the worst of times but is usually top notch. Regardless, it’s always clear enough for me to gain the extremely valuable information; the content as Arnn reminds, which is all I really care about. Quit nit picking all ya audio connoisseurs.

  4. Rowdy

    that was awesome

    solid stuff fellas…

  5. Dr. Barton

    I’d listened to a previous interview with Dr. Judkins about his Noah expedition so I thought that I’d try this to see what other things he has to say. First, the good news. Once again, Basil and Gonz were their usual reasonably courteous and showed their breadth of interest in various biblical subjects. I can’t agree with a lot of what they have to say but, if I have to listen to someone that I seriously disagree with, I prefer to listen to relatively open-minded and non-venomous people like them. Their guest, Judkins, did not present himself as a dangerous fanatic (yes, in this crowd, I can’t help coming back to Russ Dizdar). The bad, I suspect that the reason that Judkins didn’t come off as a dangerous fanatic is because he is trying to sell himself to the widest audience possible. I can’t say for certain that Judkins is scamming conspiracy-oriented evangelicals (as in, I don’t know if he really believes anything that he says) but he is definitely a salesman and I’ve heard pitches like his before. As such, I did what I believe everyone should do in situations like this. I tried to do a little digging.

    1) Is he a real PhD or is he a diploma mill PhD? I couldn’t find out. Despite putting “Dr.” in front of his name everywhere he can, I could not find anywhere on the internet where he actually mentions where he got his PhD nor could I find anywhere claiming him as an alumnus. I admit that I’m not an expert at these types of searches so, if anyone does know the school, then please tell me so that I can check it out.

    2) One of his claims to fame are the man / dinosaur footprints at the Paluxy River site so I did a little digging there. I could not find any papers or dig reports that listed Dr. Judkins. This is a search fraught with non-internet sources of information but it is still at least 95% effective regarding scientific work done in the last 20 years. Since he’d also gotten me curious about the “manprints” (which I was sure had been thoroughly debunked decades ago) I did a little more digging on that subject. I found a gentleman there, Glenn Kuban ( who has worked at the Paluxy River site and has had numerous papers published on the subject with several colleagues. Through him, I was able to confirm that Judkins has been on the site and did, indeed work on the Judkins’ Trail.

    There are, however, a few problems with Judkin’s story. One is that there is a reason that you won’t find it listed as the Judkin’s Trail anywhere but by Judkins. It’s proper names are the Deep Dino or IID Trail. It has been known since the 1960’s and it wasn’t discovered or even extensively excavated by Judkins. That has not stopped Judkins or Don Patton (another “manprint” proponent) from promoting the trail under their names.

    Another is that Judkins may have a degree in Biblical Archeology but is, apparently, quite unqualified as a paleontologist. He may be able to clear tracks but he doesn’t seem to be able to read them. I’m no tracking expert nor have I actually been able to carefully examine the measurement on the tracks but even I noticed several things about them. The most obvious point is that they show a significant degree of symmetry and the toe-end “peaks” near the center of the foot. Anyone who has ever looked at their own feet know that human feet are significantly asymmetric and the toe-end “peaks” at the inner edge, not at the center. (if anyone is curious, I am pretty sure that the reason why bipedal dinosaur and walking bird feet are significantly more symmetric (in general) than human feet is because they have tails that they can adjust as they walk to provide lateral stability. Humans don’t have tail and, so, must provide that lateral stability with their feet). The other point is that, if I am not mistaken, the “human” footprints are right in line and stride with sets of dinosaur footprints. There are three main ways to account for this: 1) they are all dinosaur footprints and the toes of some of the footprints either didn’t form properly or eroded away making them look different; 2) they are all human footprints and something happened to 90% of them to make them look like dinosaur footprints (of course, even with this, the “human” footprints don’t really look human”); and 3) they are the tracks of primitive shape-shifting reptilians. There are other analyses out there (many on Dr. Kuban’s site) which get into far more detail but I think that these points are enough for most of you readers to at least consider that Judkins is seriously mistaken or lying.

    Finally, for this comment, there is Judkins promotion of the “nefilim conspiracy” and the idea that giant human bones have been found throughout the world but hidden away by governments who don’t want the Big Evolution lies exposed. First of all, Judkins and the rest of the “nefilim conspiracy” advocates are seriously mistaken on numerous biblical points. I haven’t gotten around to reading it but Michael S. Heiser has an entire website devoted to showing how Stichin is wrong from a biblical viewpoint ( I have my own biblical analyses to show that both modern and ancient nefilim conspiracies are wrong and I’m sure that I disagree with Dr. Heiser on numerous points but, if we can both agree that Judkins and Stichin are wrong, then you ought to at least consider that giant half-angelic monsters are not waiting at the prophetic gates to gulp you down like a Snickers bar.

    Second, the giant human skeleton conspiracy is, as near as I can tell, complete and utter bunk!

    1) Show me the proof! Despite numerous claims, no one has yet produced a verifiable skeleton from museum / government storage or from the ground. That should tell you something. There is no way that a government that can’t keep its weapons from ending up in the hands of ISIS forces could possible conceal giant skeletons that effectively.

    2) Giant skeletons have actually been found and are on public display. I haven’t had time to look for them (though, now that I think about it, I like the idea) but I can almost guarantee that, if you track down newspaper reports for giant prehistoric mammal skeletons in museums that were dug up in the 1800’s and early 1900’s, you will find a number of them that were initially proclaimed to be giant human skeletons. Of course, a little more look at them and they proved to be mammoth, mastodon, or giant rhinoceros. But they are still, in many museums available for researchers to examine. I’ve seen photos and, to the untrained eye, a mastodon skeleton laid out in a human pattern with the tusks removed and the nasal cavity facing forward does look remarkably like what one would expect from a cyclops. If you’re interested in this subject then I have to recommend Adrienne Mayor’s “the First Fossil Hunters”. It is one of those books that will change your understanding of mythological creatures forever.

    3) There is no Big Evolution and it certainly isn’t supported by world governments. There are plenty of theocratic (or close) governments out there that would love to prove a biblical or islamic creation. Those governments haven’t produced any skeletons for anyone to examine so take from that what you will. As far as I know, only nefilim conspiracy advocates have claimed that the Smithsonian Museum maintains a staff of Men-in-Black. No other conspiracy advocates, that I know of, seem to have heard of them. Of course, I’ll admit that I haven’t looked into the Smithsonian’s black budget, so I can’t be sure but you’d think that they’d use them for suppressing other discoveries as well.

    Finally, no paleontologist (or evolutionary biologist) worth a lick would ever suppress a giant skeleton. They would examine it, evaluate it, and, quite possibly, argue about it for generations. Then they would spend years arguing about how it affects our understanding of evolution theory and adjust the theory accordingly. Sure, scientists were a little slow to accept the existence of the Denisovians and Homo floriensis as something other than offshoot of Homo sapiens (and many are still arguing about their exact place in the human family) but they accepted them and learned from them. They didn’t destroy them or hide them away in a government vault. The skeletons of 10 – 15′ people would excite the heck out of most scientists.

    In the end, Judkins appears to be a shameless self-promoter, willing to stand behind any popular creationist idea as long as it sells a few books for him. His grasp of biblical theology seems to be very poor and his grasp of science and archeology seems even poorer. If you have to put your trust in an evangelical “scientist”, then I would find someone else.

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