CCR 038: Matthew Miller and Biblical Mechanics

WHAT IS BIBLICAL MECHANICS? Matthew Miller is the host of End Times Tribune. His research and understanding of Biblical Scripture is compelling and fascinating. His unique perspectives and deep insights make the Scriptures come alive with a deeper understanding of God’s Word.


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  1. bubblebum

    miller is basically a numerologist…not to mention certifiable. His conversation is barely coherent and he just throws ‘facts’ around like a tarot card reader. He gives no scripture to back up any of his grand theories and uses big stupid phrases like isochronic eshcatology, celestial summology… ??? google these and it brings up nothing… all creations of his mind.
    “you better look it up” he rants on every phrase… yeah

    He also fancies himself a sort of prophet who talked with learned rabbis (?? since when do rabbis have any insight into the bible beyond a secular interpretation? they are just as blind as any bloke. God hasn’t given them secret knowledge)
    miller thinks he has the secret sauce which is so important… fancies himself a special guy,
    ‘if you dont understand such and such verse in daniel, you’re going to get very nervous in 20xx’ . He’s prophecying, here and if he thinks he’s a bible prophet, he better be right 100% of the time…which he’s not. He seems to enjoy being the smug one with his secret knowledge — esoteric knowledge it seems to me.
    No evidence or scriptural backup for anything except his word…if he really cared about sharing some sort of special knowledge he’d just speak in plain language.

    2timothy 4:3-4
    3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

    4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

    i don’t need some esoteric headcase to tell me the ‘if you did know x info i could teach you the wonders of god’s creation’ HUH???

    1. ghillie

      I have listened to Matthew Miller and various co hosts discussing the Bible. It’s like listening to two people having a discussion with them being determined to keep you from knowing what they are talking about. Once Matthew said that he had been asked if he was going to be one of the Two Witnesses of the Book of Revelation. He didn’t answer the question but left the matter hanging in the air.

    2. Debb Gars

      Thank you! Well said. Another false teacher wolf stealing faith of our rescue by Jesus.

  2. Jo

    I don’t know!!, it was interesting but the pride thing put me off. And the ancestors out of GERMANY keeping notebooks of knowledge and the I’ve known all of this since I was a child……………….and him saying that if only David Flynn had had his knowledge…. well then he would have known it all???? REally?

  3. This is what I mentioned elsewhere that should be repeated here:

    I think there was a reason why I was somewhat confused during the talk. I think it could be a case of being too smart for his own good. I love Matthew and I think his heart is in the right place. However, I too struggle with the things he mentions. The main point I wish I would have mentioned in this episode is that salvation in Jesus Christ has nothing to do with understanding his version of eschatology.

    1. ghillie

      Gonz, why didn’t you ask Matthew to explain himself? Where will the Poles end up?
      The 144,000 are going to be children? Where are the believers going to be taken? Matthew was his usual cryptic self. Because I have listened to him in the past I had an extremely slight idea about what he could have been on about, sometimes.
      Johnny from the Iron Show had Matthew on a few weeks back. Johnny asked Matthew to explain his statements and Matthew seemed happy to do so. I was astounded. Not because of what Matthew was saying but because he was actually explaining himself.

      1. “Gonz, why didn’t you ask Matthew to explain himself? Where will the Poles end up?

        The 144,000 are going to be children? Where are the believers going to be taken? Matthew was his usual cryptic self. Because I have listened to him in the past I had an extremely slight idea about what he could have been on about, sometimes.”

        Great Q’s. I will admit I was a bit overwhelmed and wasn’t sure where to take things. Lesson learned.

        He did seem to suggest the 144,000 will be children. While he made the example with children under the age of 2 not speaking a lie and relating it to “defiling lips” (Revelation 14:5).

        I actually don’t think this means it has to be children under the age of 2. One point of reference is research by Pamela Meyer which suggested that children start deceiving as early as 6 months old. I don’t think God’s chosen 144,000 have anything to do with the indigo children as well.

        These are things that I would bring up if I had a second crack at it.


  4. Arnn

    He reminds me of a college professor, of which there are generally three types: 1. A formal lecturer who has a premise and a point. 2. A professor that encourages the Socratic method and critical thinking. (This, in my opinion, is the best). 3. The “Beautiful Mind” type who makes sense only to him or herself. Pretty obvious which one Miller is. However—that being said—he did cover some topics towards the end which were very profound. I will listen to the interview again as there was a lot to digest—particularly the five levels of reading scripture of which I have encountered elsewhere recently. I’ll post more on the forum–this was really a fascinating interview once you get past certain aspects.


    1. Thanks Arnn,

      part of the reason why I was a bit bummed was because the episode got pulled off the RRN for a short time. I totally understand the reason why and we’ll hopefully be back with them soon.

      I like your breakdown of the three types of professors. And I agree that he does bring up some ideas that I am sure has great connection to everything we already agree with. At the same time he definitely blurs the line when it comes to what exactly he is declaring the truth to be. What he also seemed to do was make comments that were meant to provoke, question, etc.

      I understand how this type of interview can be a confusing and challenging thing for new believers, especially if they came out of the new age. On the flip side, maybe someone who is into that stuff will hear Mr. Miller and give them a reason to crack open the Bible.

      1. ghillie’s good to be challenged to go and study what Matthew was suggesting. However I just do not have the time ,resources or intelligence to do so.If time is so short shouldn’t the message ring loud and clear [ particularly to us dummies].

      2. Arnn

        Thanks for your response, Gonz.

        Wow I’m sorry to hear that it isn’t on RRN–I pretty much stay around CCR and don’t venture out a lot so I didn’t know. It really was a rich interview and I am going to listen to it again since it definitely built to a crescendo. I’m gonna shoot on over to the wire and make a few comments.


  5. fernando

    Hey Gonz great podcast man…. you need to check out and possibly have on Pastor Mike Hoggard he has amazing videos on all topics you guys cover and it’s ALL BIBLE BASED!!!

  6. Chris

    well it’s great to hear some of the comments from other people because I don’t feel so stupid anymore. it was pretty hard for me to understand and when I looked him up I couldn’t find any information about Bible wrapping. can you tell me what he was talking about? it sounds like a cool way to study the Bible but I don’t really understand how he goes about wrapping the Bible like a scroll. do you just lineup of the verses or books or what? I’ve never believed that the chapter and verse marks are divinely inspired.

  7. Chris

    what was all that Bible wrapping thing about? can you explain that because it sounds like a interesting way to study the Bible. but I really don’t understand what that whole thing was about the fourth chapter of Colossians and 1111 and the names that was really strange. can you elaborate on what was going on there?

  8. Name

    From my observations of the interview Matthew Miller mixed Kaballah with numerology and secret knowledge. I have been studying the book of 1 John that warns against false prophets. Not once did I hear a clear statement from Matthew Miller that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, fully man and fully God, the only Savior. So, I wonder about the validity of Matthew’s message. Besides there is a huge flaw in his theory about wrapping the Old Testament chapters around the New Testament chapters. As everyone knows chapter and verses were added much later for reference of the Scriptures. The numbers of chapters and verses are not inspired.

    1. You know he actually seems to refute himself on this. He said earlier in the interview that numbers were never in the Bible, then proceeds to talk about how the chapters and verses line up in this wrap. Quite frankly, even if it does, it has nothing to do with our salvation in Jesus Christ.

      I do consider Matthew a brother in Christ, and I think he is actually a pretty smart dude. But I think some of his views are too heavily influenced in Kabbalah and Numerology. And while I maintain that there are pebbles of truth concerning God in both, I wouldn’t say it’s a key to understanding the Bible.

    2. Debb Gars

      EXACTLY. Well said and properly observed!

  9. Jim

    I am sometimes amazed by the responses I see to an interview with Matthew. The bible is full of “secret” knowledge. Jesus talked in parables for a reason. It was made from our god who knew the end from the beginning. He can do anything and his word is amazing. Even after a lifetime of studying it you still will learn new things. Every book, chapter and verse (as well as jot and tittle) is exactly where God intended for it to be. It takes 10s if not 100s of hours to see this. The kabbalists know a lot more than the Christians in some regards but they miss on Christ. The bible is mathematically perfect. Add up some of the words on the bible and see what chapters they take you to. For instance calculate the number for gold and go to that number chapter in the bible and see what is talked about. You can do this for numerous words with the same result. Matthew’s heart is in the right place it just that to the ignorant is is like an Einstein talking to a forest gump.

    1. Great post Jim. I feel like a broken record, but I truly do think that there are levels of truth that Matthew talks about. Other things he mentioned can be debunked. However, like you said, no one can claim they know the Bible backwards and forwards as God does. And in that respect, I liked talking to Matthew because he just makes you think about things.

      I still do contend that understanding Matthews version of eschatology, or any other form of prophecy, whether it be Baptist or Kabbalah, does not change the central Gospel message of Christ crucified and resurrected.

      1. Chris

        I am wondering, syncerly, about this bible wrapping, what he meant by there not being numbrs in the bible, the whole col 4 thing, and where he gets the ideas that the poles are shifting, etc. Gonz, you agreed with him on a lot of these things but I can’t find out how he is interpreting these things out of the bible. Can you help me?

        1. Chris,

          “I am wondering, syncerly, about this bible wrapping”

          That would be something to ask Mr. Miller himself. But this is what he said in the interview and what I could gather form it:

          “When you do the wraps, understand that what I’m doing is, or what God’s doing, is you take Matthew chapter 1 and line it up with Genesis chapter 1. And understand that that (I’m assuming he means Old Testament) makes 3 wraps around the NT. So those chapters will line up.”

          Ok so from what I can gather, he is using what’s called “alpha-numerics” which is basically numbers assigned to each letter, and to each word. This is what Kabbalah uses for creating all of their significant numerological connections. Anyways, he uses this as a way to do his “wrap.” His conjecture then is that the lining up of those verses, or words or whatever (not clear on that front) tell of something common or consistent. So for example, Genesis 1, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” and Matthew 1, “A record of the genealogy of Jesus Christ the son of David, the son of Abraham:” have something in common.

          He said there are 10 places where the Bible tells us of the reality of the wrap and Jesus being “wrapped” in swaddling cloths in Luke 2 was one of those examples. Quite frankly this particular practice is guilty of eisegesis. That is applying meaning into the text. It’s a poor hermeneutic in that manner. And really again, while exploring it might be fun, don’t take your eyes off of God and Jesus.

          “what he meant by there not being numbrs in the bible”
          Next, I think when he said there are no numbers in the Bible, he was referring to chapter and verses. They did not exist in the original manuscripts. They were later additions. But once again, if that were the case, then why would be bring up Bible wrapping and say there could be any significance in the verses? On that front he was unclear.

          The other part of what he may have meant is that the text does not use numbers as their numerical symbols. What I mean by that is we have universal symbols for numbers like (“8”). That symbol for 8 is common in any country of the world today. But in Scripture, those numbers are not used, they used their letters to indicate numbers. I think this is true but the significance eluded me.

          “the whole col 4 thing”
          I just went with it and quite honestly, I wasn’t entirely sure what the connection was. I THINK what he was trying to do was to show that the topic of Primus Numerous and Primus Ressurrexereit were present in those verses. I tried to keep up with him but I think if you listen to it again, you can tell I was utterly confused. I went with it because I thought, “reading Scripture never hurts.” He also said that Deuteronomy 29 is the “wrap” that lines up with Colossians 4. A side by side comparison didn’t really show me any true connection. But again, that’s where his eisegesis helps him make these connections where there might not be one. And if one has to use Kabbalah to find those connections, then it truly might not be there to begin with.

          “Gonz, you agreed with him on a lot of these things”
          While it may have seemed to come off as agreement on my part, what was going through my mind was, “…I think I sort of understand what you’re saying, but I’m not sure, but you’re the guest so I’m going to let you say your thing.”

          I do wish I could have asked more questions.

          And to the point: “…I can’t find out how he is interpreting these things out of the bible.”

          That’s correct. Other than what I would consider a very liberal form of hermeneutic applied to the Scriptures, these methods are not found in the Bible itself. They are found rather in other esoteric teachings. Mr. Miller seems to use these methods, apply it to the Bible, suggest there is some truth to these patterns and connections, while saying it’s part of God’s handy work of Scripture.

          Again, I fall right in between where I think there are pebbles of truth. But overall your salvation is not contingent upon understanding Bible wraps. It’s just another one of those cool things that if true, we can say glory to God. If not true, we can still say glory to God!

          Hope that helps a bit. Sorry if it isn’t as exciting as you were hoping.

          1. Chris

            I really appreciate that response. it’s getting me off of the wild goose chase. the goose is cooked.
            I always think it’s safe that if my kids can’t understand it I shouldn’t worry about it. it’s more important for me to overcome sin and grow in the grace of Jesus, dying to my wife as Christ died for church… yeah I think I’ll be busy with that anyway. way more fun checking out sonoluminescence anyway.

          2. ghillie

            Matthew does not make himself clear.What is the use of talking and talking and not conveying any information. He might as well not speak at all. It’s no use saying Matthew is talking in “Parables”. He’s saying things might come to a head in six months time but he’s still vague,cryptic and suggesting he knows what’s going to happen. Please don’t talk of his brilliance.He’s so vague it’s almost impossible to know what he’s on about. A Pastor in a church who talks like he does would soon have an empty church.

    2. Jo

      Wow! Einstein and Forest Gump? Maybe we should all take a breather and agree to disagree. If nothing else this Matthew stirred something in people and they wrote their opinion. Doesn’t really seem fair to call them stupid for that.

      1. Name

        Jim, you may call me stupid here. But, I would like you to stand in front of Jesus and call me stupid. My bachelors degree in electrical engineering and masters degree in Bible prove my ignorance. My testimony of 13 years of faithful overseas missionary service prove my unworthiness. You must be right that chapter and verse numbers are inspired. Strongs concordance must also inspired. You hermeneutic based on science, Kabballah and New Age rather than the historical, cultural and grammatical contexts of the Bible must be inspired. Gonz I beg you to ask Michael Heiser about Matthew Miller’s hermeneutics. I think Matthew Miller has a good heart. I think he makes for interesting conversation. But, I am really skeptical about his esoteric, New Age, and gnostic tendencies and vocabulary. The apostles clearly warned believers against such speculations and genealogies. I certainly would not want to place my trust in New Age and Kabballah thinking. You may trust in those things. But, I will trust in Jesus alone.

        1. Debb Gars


    3. John

      exactly! The first time I heard Matthew I wanted more. Those who are too scared to venture past scripture and try to see history for what it is will be skeptical of Matthew. I’ll admit at times he speaks over people’s heads with what he knows but he will gladly explain it to you if you simply ask. God knows exactly where the verses and order of things were going to be way ahead of time. So I absolutely agree when he said numerals were added later by man. Doesn’t change he order of things that were inspired by God. He stands forever and everything else falls inline afterwards

  10. Jim
  11. Tim

    This was a very confusing pod cast for me. I would definitely consider myself a novice on biblical knowledge but this really blew my mind. I thought God wasn’t the author of confusion? “biblical wrapping” and something about 5 meanings to a verse?? Wrapped in swaddling clothes!?!? I wish Matt would have S-L-O-W-L-Y broken down some of these statements so the blue collar bible reader could at least research it. I’m sure Matt’s heart is true, but Gonz….bring on more Peter Goodgame!!! ;)I totally get that dude!! Love CCR keep bring’in it guys, listen all day at work. Take care, Timothy

  12. Informer

    There is no such thing as biblical mechanics- a cursory look on google brings up CCR, a bunch of quantum mechanics sites, and a few blogs with no real content. Biblical mechanics exist in miller’s mind alone… And if there are no other Christians, even in small numbers, who can corroborate this sort of theory, it’s most likely he’s getting his inspiration from non-Christian sources or places…if you get my drift.
    Jesus spoke in parables to the unbelivers but spoke in plain language to his disciples.
    If one uses a bit of common sense when listening to people of millers sort, it becomes very apparent he doesn’t have a basic understanding of scripture and he is most concerned about sounding important and god-like with his superior knowledge.
    I put forward that the scriptures are intended to be read and understood by every Christian and god may give a particular insight to those who aim to teach others or instruct, encourage, …basically for the benefit of others. This miller person is benefitting no one but himself.
    Kabbalistic or numerical methods of divining esoteric knowledge for prophetic purposes is clearly not the intention of the bible- it is not to be used like a complex crystal ball…those who do use it this way are unwittingly straying into occult practices. New ideas about bible interpretation need to be vetted to strong, wise and level headed Christians who have discernment before being flung around on radio shows to itching ears which want ear candy. Ideas like wrapping the New Testament in the old shout poor judgement and pyrotechnics…the bible isn’t a jigsaw puzzle. Why would God give such supposed insight to one guy and no one else?
    Run from people like this…they divide believers and seek to set themselves up as prophets at he expense of building up the body of Christ.

    1. Debb Gars


  13. Though I’ve suffered through a couple of hours of MM in the recent past, I was still intrigued to hear your interview with him. So far, I haven’t made it through his entire soliloquy because I just couldn’t stop thinking about Damon Wayans in In Living Color in his role as Oswald Bates. It was hard to find a clean enough clip to post – but here’s a short that might bring a chuckle to CCR fans. No disrespect to Mr. Miller, but he is just a “lump of clay” like the rest of us & when it comes to the Potter & His plans, we must take some things & some people with a grain of salt. God is not the author of confusion. Peace.

    1. Arnn

      I remember those! Those were the best sketches of sudo, seudo, pseud . . . um fake word usin’ I’d ever seen. How about “Fire Marshall Bill”!

    2. Carole

      Lisa, I also thought of these sketches while I was listening. LOL….In my opinion it was just goofy

  14. He’s talking about the numbers 1111 ,I would see the numbers 111 and 1111, or multiple ones in a row alot, and still see them every now and then. Real interesting show guys. Be blessed in our Savior Jesus the Messiah.

  15. Look past his pride, but we should look past our own as well. We all have issues at times with such things therefore it would be wise to remember that he is just as prone to these sinful conditions as we are. When you are someone that deals as deeply into biblical matters as he does, you most certainly will experience a sense of pride in the work you have done. Don’t cast stones at the man, simply take what he has deciphered and consider it as being food for thought. Whether we like it or not, numbers clearly have biblical significance and much of what he says does make sense if you would follow it carefully. Because he clearly seeks to know as much as he can, and he is doing it without anyone else knowing how he does it, it will be very tough to know what parts of what he says are truths and what are deceptions. I think if Matthew Miller were to have more people willing to approach this topic from his perspective maybe we could help to understand what he is conveying.

  16. gg

    Whew! Glad it wasn’t just me!

  17. I was interviewed by Matthew Miller a couple of years ago, on his “End Time Tribune show. He was very nice, cordial and respectful. I sent him FREE copies of my two books and he raved about them, even stating that his ministry was going to use them as text to teach his followers.

    Sadly (after being off the air to re-group) Matthew came back on the air and it appears he has gone the way of those seeking fame and fortune rather than sharing the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. It saddens me to see so many folks on the Internet who use this vehicle to life themselves up with their esoteric theories, focusing on supernatural anamolies (Nephilim, UFO, Transgenics, etc.) rather than reaching the lost and assisting them with their burdens.

    Sadly, be praised by man rather than by God still rules!

    1. Hey joe,

      I’ve heard your interviews on a View From the Bunker and some other places. Do you not think there is a place for ministering to people through the avenue or the topic of Nephilim, UFO etc? I think there is. Especially when evangelizing to the new agers, I think it’s vital that we have a grasp on these topics so that we can address them Biblically to those who look into these topics who don’t know the Lord.

      I agree that people have used this platform to sell books, and become “popular” so to speak, which is not something that we should be doing, but I do think it’s a subject matter that has been ignored by the larger church community. Why give the new agers and occultists another reason to point to Christians and accuse us for being inadequate or unable to have an answer on these issue?

      I for one don’t think the UFO topic is all together bad because it makes people ask big picture theological questions. Dr Mike Heiser alludes to this idea in our interview with him.

  18. Jonny

    Wow, this was very interesting. I had no idea such theories existed.

  19. Rodney

    sorry i’m late for the hanging. hey Gonz, thought this was an interview with Matthew Miller, not the trial of Matthew Miller. I’ve listened to several of his podcasts, and yes, sometimes walk away frustrated, but I always walk away challenged to do more study for myself. I grew up with an older brother who tested as a genius and I understand the bewilderment that can go along with that. that’s just how they think. whether or not he is or isn’t, he is a brother in the Lord, and should be treated as such, not talked against. most of that is envy. us christians have fallen prey to the microwave/welfare state of mind; ‘don’t make me work for it, just give me the results so i can go back to my sports, movies, etc.’ if we will seek the time for our own study, God will grant it. if you’re not into his style, then roll on, but don’t try to tear him down before you go.
    In christ,

    1. Hey Rodney, I apologize if I gave the impression that I was tearing him down. I wasn’t. I consider Matthew a brother in the Lord. I think Matthew has a tremendous heart and desire to teach and learn the Word. On a personal level, because I haven’t taken any classes or been taught directly from him, I was unable to follow some of the things he was saying in the interview. And yes I know when people are highly intelligent, they tend to speak in a way that’s difficult to follow at times.

      I also have someone whom I respect highly who told me as soon as this episode was up that he could debunk many of the things Matthew was talking about. I couldn’t tell you if he is right or not since the conversation didn’t go further than that, but I can see how some of the presuppositions that Matthew works with to put fourth his view can be challenged. But that’s not a knock on him personally. We all have faults in our theology. No one has perfect theology. In fact, if perfect theology was a requirement to be saved, I think we’re all in trouble except maybe Paul?

      I am not in the business of bashing others, or calling out brethren as heretic or anything like that. I was simply responding with thoughts and comments.

      I just blogged about some of the “discernment” ministries out there demonizing fellow Christians. You can check it out at

      Anyways, thanks for listening and being a part of the community. Blessings to you.


      1. Rodney

        Hey brother,
        no apology necessary. Just throwing my two cents in. I listen to you guys, Matthew, Johnny Iron and many others just for the purpose of gaining different perspectives from other people. I don’t want to live in a bubble. Don’t agree with all of it, but want to be open minded and challenged to search the scriptures, like the Bereans’ did. As long as the core doctrine is intact I believe we have the liberty, and encouragement from the scriptures, to search out these things. It is what makes Bible study very exciting. Look forward to hearing more from you guys in the future.
        In Christ,

        P.S. : Even Paul hadn’t yet attained, so we can do as he did, press forward…

  20. Calvin Arminius


    Matthew overwhelms the unwary with concepts and predictions minus an an explanation or a logical framework for his conclusions.
    Maybe I’m dense but he just didn’t make logical sense. Is there further info that might be available on line? Love to read it. I would suggest a healthy dose of skepticism.

  21. Dr. Rose

    I am most disappointed with you Gonz. The PRIDE and ENVY glaringly at work from commentaries against MM from you and your fellow haters stink to high heavens on your forum. If I am not mistaken, it was you that stood to “profit” from the subject interview and not MM. Shame on you. With a “brother” like you, I am sure MM does not need enemies. There is a behavioral pattern called “inverted snobbery” in Africa, my part of the world; and I believe you and most of the haters after you on your forum qualify for it. Where is your own humility? Have you studied or researched the Biblical concepts talked about by MM in subject interview before glibly stating they can be debunked? What is the premise of your own arrogance? By “inverted snobbery”, a poor man presumes his poverty entitles him to look down on a rich man, a lazy man has contempt for a hard worker and an illiterate may consider it a crime to be educated. Beware of character assassination because God Almighty will not hold you guiltless and you will be held to account for sure. I listened to you literally boasting about your documentary on u-tube said to have attracted over one million views during the subject interview and subsequently watched said documentary only to discover it was merely a collection of related sources and a rehashing of other people’s views on the subject matter. Your own original contribution therein was almost nonexistent; neither was the documentary focused on pointing people to Jesus Christ and could very easily pass for a secular piece of work. As it is written, let us learn to remove the LOGS in our eyes before going after the SPECS in other people’s eyes. Just so you know, I do not know MM personally, neither does he knows I exist. However, since I came across his work in the past four months and have been researching and following it, I have a witness in my spirit and it is this witness that now address’s you. Again, just so you know, I only came to know about you and your work two days ago through following MM’s work.The work of MM is enough to wake up the wise to the lateness of the hour; but then the Bible itself confirms there are foolish virgins indeed.

    1. I really don’t like responding to posts like this, but I feel it is needed.

      First off, I think you are building a strawman. I went through some of the comments I made and here are some things I mentioned you might have missed:

      “I love Matthew and I think his heart is in the right place. However, I too struggle with the things he mentions. The main point I wish I would have mentioned in this episode is that salvation in Jesus Christ has nothing to do with understanding his version of eschatology.”


      “Hey Rodney, I apologize if I gave the impression that I was tearing him down. I wasn’t. I consider Matthew a brother in the Lord. I think Matthew has a tremendous heart and desire to teach and learn the Word. ”


      “I feel like a broken record, but I truly do think that there are levels of truth that Matthew talks about. Other things he mentioned can be debunked. However, like you said, no one can claim they know the Bible backwards and forwards as God does. And in that respect, I liked talking to Matthew because he just makes you think about things.”

      So if these are character assassinations, then I am guilty. But I don’t see how they are. And how does those words convey in any way that I am somehow an enemy of MM? These are all false accusations sir.

      I did not boast about the number of views on the film. I owe all of it to the Lord. I did not make the film for profit or recognition. Re-search, is looking at what people have researched, and verifying it. I did a lot of that in the film. But also, realize that I was baptized and gave myself to the Lord in 2008. I have not been doing this research for decades like many others have. I was only displaying what I found to be accurate from others. Sometimes, it’s important to connect the dots for people. Not to mention I just hit 30 years of age…I admittedly still have a lot to learn.

      You said “As it is written, let us learn to remove the LOGS in our eyes before going after the SPECS in other people’s eyes.”

      I always love people who quote that because you do realize that it was Jesus making this statement. When we use it to make a point to others, you are either claiming to be equal to Jesus, or pointing out the fault of others without acknowledging your own.

      I believe that the Lord is raising up many people to start unraveling many things in the BIble. I think MM is one of those men. But he’s not for everyone. Nor is my work for everyone. Nor is anyone’s. If you place too much weight into the work of men, you will miss the point which is Jesus Christ and His free salvation.

      I understand your contentions, but please reconsider your accusations towards me and others in the forum and comments section. We’re all in this together. Iron sharpening Iron.


      1. dougovermyer

        Well said.

  22. Clueless


    After nearly two hours I’m still in the weeds. Googling only got me here. Anybody out there like, break it down for me? In y’know, bullet points?

    …No more than about four, though.

    (And please no more jargonese — just one-syllable words. Sorry, but I can’t help it: I make Johnny Iron look like Bertrand Russell).

    I know what I’ve written sounds lame, but I’m a strong believer in bringing the hay to the sheep. Hats off to you, Gonz, for staying with him.

    Dude might as well’ve been talking Punjabi…

  23. Clueless

    One other thing…

    Gonz, at 1:16:45, you say that the “Ghosthunters” have authority over demons, because, like all humans, they’re children of God.

    But that just ain’t Biblical!

    First, all humans are *not* children of God — only those who are adopted by Him as His children (read John chapter 1). Second, unbelievers have *zero* authority over demons — even if they try invoking Christ’s name and authority (see the exorcist-wannabees and the seven sons of Sceva in Acts 19).

    To his credit (and though he lost me for most of the interview), Matthew Miller did gently correct you on this, in saying

    “Well, understand this: if you’re running around saying you are a child of God and you’re not, they can see it.” (That is, Miller was pointing out the fact that not all humans are children of God and demons know exactly who are and who aren’t — and those who aren’t have no authority over them.)

    Make sure you check out what I’m saying here, though — don’t simply take my word for it.

    …And what I really dug about the show was the contrast between your guest’s cryptic and kinda bombastic attitude and your open, humble one. Don’t change!

    God bless, brother.

  24. mathew gave me the taped finger on facebook for say read gods word spread his word an enjoy the great out doors he gave us.dont try to figur out when hes coming bac be ready.PLUS HE HAS TAKEN MY GILFRIEND FROM ME NOW THATS ALL SHE WANTS TO DO !! I DESPISE THE NO ALL MAN THAT MAKS THE BIBLE 2ND PETER:20 THAT TELL ME WHAT I NEED TO NO!!

  25. jj

    This man said people are ignorant of Christian history outside their own denomination. Well i can say on this issue he is guilty of the same ignorance or he adheres to a false gospel. He blamed protestants for calling the pope anti christ, well if the shoe fits…many antichrists have come into the world if you know what i mean. That aside he went on to say protestant should not be fighting with their catholic brothers ! this statement right here should flag this man with serious error and gospel ignorance. In my country protsetants were killed by the thousands by our “brothers” the Catholics due to their allegiance to the Bible and the Gospel, Rome wanted them to return to salvation by faith AND by works in the sacraments saying salvation is found only in the mother Church….i thought it was found only in Christ Jesus ? This is a serious doctrinal issue to call a catholic a brother it shows a total lack of understanding in the Gospel if he can call a catholic a brother. There seems to be a total lack of doctrinal discernment on foundational Gospel issues within the end times community and such people should not be listened to if they cannot discern fundamental differences in major theologies. I say this as an ex catholic who was saved by the Person and blood of Christ not by the sacraments of Rome. I hope you hold people to account on Gospel issues such as this and if you dont know then get to know, there is nothing more important than the gospel my firends.

  26. Love and Truth in Jesus Christ (CGA)

    Can you recognize a False Teacher? It may not be as easy as you think. These are the signs

    1. Pride 2. Psycho-babble (Incoherent speech) 3. Never provides scripture from the Bible (for the basis of their theory) 4. Slander (sowing discord) 5. Manipulation 6. Puts on airs of Elite (A special one) 7. Claims of secret knowledge 8. Lies 9. Uses the word God, but never preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ 10. Simony (Uses curses to make one afraid) 11. Unrepentant 12. Defensive when someone opposes them 13. Calls them the devil or Satan and encourages everyone to shun them 14. Combative 15. Always has (henchmen) to fight their battles. 16. Never provides proof of slander 17. Excommunicates someone when they are not giving donations 18. Harshness towards audience calling them names (Retards) if they don’t know what he is talking about 19. Uses Kabbalah, Cosmology, Astrology and knowledge of the Law, but being unlawful in all things (as an act of authority) 20. Claims to be above normal intelligence. 21. Usually has a big following (Minions doing his work) making them feel special like they are above the rest.

    Such a person should be stopped immediately and exposed!

    They are leading others astray (Away from the TRUTH and even leading them to death). Do not follow after one as such and if you are, get away quickly. Run for your life! READ GOD’S WORD

    What does the Bible say about this?

    Blue Letter Bible Lexicon

    I have listened to Matthew for years and he is NOT preaching Jesus Christ and salvation. He is preaching the gospel of Matthew Miller with made up words. Sickening!

  27. Zeebaday

    I am typically very shy, however, I just wanted to share how much I appreciate these podcasts Gonz and Basil. I prayed a while back for God to show me the truth. I must say…I had no idea how deceived I was. God is certainly calling to His children….I had no idea how much more there is. I was learning from several places…and then began learning from 119 Ministries and at time was so sad and at times angry because I truly did not know that I really was deceived. Example…the truth about Christmas and Easter. Then I came across Dan Duvall and then I came to these podcasts. I truly know I am not here by accident. With that said…I have never left a comment…I felt I should now. With all of this said…This seems to me to be the home of Gonz and Basil. While I’m here listening to these podcasts. .1 through 38 so far….at times I pray…at times laugh…at times cry…at times amazed….at times tested…at times testing. times expanded….but I never was led to trash the free gifts I was given while in Gonz and Basils home. You guys…keep up the good work. Continue to follow Gods leading. Even though we may not all agree…these gifts are precious to me…I ask God to teach me what He wants me to learn while listening. God knows our hearts and what we need here. Anyhoo…I work out my salvation with fear and trembling…greatful to be here learning. What does not bear witness with me I then forward to God..I’m pretty sure He’ll know what to do with it. Whether it is that God fill the speaker with his perfect love pushing out what is not of Him or perhaps God giving me understanding. Basil and Gonz..thanks for all 38 so far gifts that you’ve given me.

  28. bigglenn

    this guy is way too confusing if the Bible is this confusing and I think we’re all doomed I thought the Bible is simple God’s Word with simple that a child can understand what he saying you have to be a mad scientist to understand

  29. Just had a chance to talk to dear Brother Matthew! He has a very big heart, which is the biggest prerequisite for a true Christian. Thankful to have had the chance to see this for myself. All you haters . . . . u just gon’ hate. . .

  30. Sam

    At one point in my life, I spent a lot of time discussing theology with a Gnostic. He refused to contextualize scripture, accused me of blasphemy when I confronted his ideas, was very prideful, used a lot of words he made up to describe ideas that “he had received as a revelation from God through superior forms of scripture study”. Sounds just like this guy.

    I don’t know what he’s like now, maybe he has changed, but at the point of this interview I don’t see any semblance of Christ in his personality. What I do see is esoteric pride that is reminiscent of every cult leader in familiar with. Hopefully he’s taken a look at his superiority complexes and turned back to Christ.

    Dude sounds like an incoherent madman. Hopefully he’ll go back and listen to this interview and hear how wild and crazy he sounds.

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