CCR 041: Atlantis, Thoth, and the Bible

ATLANTIS, THOTH, AND THE BIBLE: IS THERE A CONNECTION? Was there an ancient civilization that once existed called Atlantis? And if so, does the Bible say anything about it? Basil and Gonz explore the possibility that Atlantis was in fact the antediluvian world. They also speculate on the possibility that the days of Peleg five generations after the flood was the sinking of the alleged island that myth and legend echo. Lastly, they uncover the true identity of Thoth, the Atlantean god who allegedly penned the Emerald Tablets and established ancient Egypt.


Translation for the Emerald Tablet:



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  1. Arnn

    To utter Thin Lizzy. The boys are back in town!
    I’ve had to entertain myself toggling between a fake grilling of Hillary Rodspam Clinton at the Bin Ghazzi “hearings” and Alex “Bobby the Brain Heenan” Jones.

  2. Christine

    You guys are Great! I miss hearing the broadcast.

  3. Okini

    Very interesting stuff you guys have going on here… Glad you guys made it back on. I am eager and excited to see what else you guys have planned. Also can’t wait for Age of deceit 2! The first one opened my eyes up a lot.

  4. Jamie D.

    Love listening to your show, have shared your “Age of Deceit” movie with folks , very good. Be blessed in the Lord Jesus.

  5. Man… So many pieces that I’d want to comment about, reflect on, “hyper-speculate” with… Hard to know what to choose! Such a rich topic…

    As I was listening it sort of occurred to me that it’s almost like you could like at Atlantis as more or less being like Satan’s inverted, twisted version of Eden (since he seems to have an inverted, twisted version of virtually EVERYTHING God ever came up with…), both in the sense of Atlantis being some form of literal, historical city/state/civilization in the Antediluvian era (whatever the specific details concerning the involvement of fallen angel “god/kings” or advanced technology or occult knowledge might have been), but then also as like this allegory for the yet-to-come Satanic “utopia” that all those who’ve drank the esoteric kool-aid are hoping to rebuild, as the pinnacle achievement of human “enlightenment”, the apex of our “evolution”… (i.e. Satan’s lie of heaven on earth…)

    It’s very much just the occult version of what Michael Heiser was talking about, how the first Eden serves as this picture of what the New Heaven and New Earth will be also, where God and man live together, (but of course, in Satan’s version, man gets to become God…)

    I guess that’s how it makes the most sense to me anyways, especially in terms of why you really do find the theme of Atlantis so ubiquitous throughout the occult AND the New Age…

    Awesome topic. Awesome show. (even if Basil was noteably loopier than usual…) 😉

  6. Linda

    Here you have Cain, a self absorbed rebel resntful @ GOD, bannished and cursed. How easy for the watchers/fallen angels to appeal to his brooding anger and strike a deal to create a new race and challenge GOD! A super race, souless, to thwart GOD’s plan for mankind/reconcilliation (Eph.3) after sin. entering via Adam/Eve’s fall. After the flood these disembodied spirits need new bodies and so, before and after the flood. Good, or bad spirits never die! Didn’t take long to find a fallen man available, there’s always unbelievers who will not follow GOD. I also thought Noah’s son sodomized him while he was drunk, he/son could be a good candidate (beast and man).

    1. Cheryl

      Just another take on the whole situation with Noah’s son…….we are told in the Leviticus 20 that to sleep with a man’s wife is to look upon that man’s nakedness. It could be possible that Ham slept with his father’s wife and this is why his son is cursed. Just a thought……

      1. Linda

        That is true it could be and I have heard that before. Something very bad happened to be cursed! He sounds like a pure rebel and then I think of the prominence of Sodom, the pure decadence and gull to destroy it’s shear existance! The corrupting of the human DNA.

        1. Cheryl

          What strikes me as overwhelmingly odd about Sodom is the desire of the men to go after the angels….we were always taught that it was the homosexuality that was the ultimate sin of that culture, it seems that it goes way beyond that.

          1. Linda

            How so? Angels have always appeared as male ( no female angels)only Nephilim where angels have taken females and produced Nephilim (both male/female). Unless you mean taking strange flesh, but they can not reproduce. I don’t know what they gain other than sexual pleasure and desired the men. They were new candidates as they must’ve been with all the ones in that place eventually. What I always wondered was what was going on with the women! I wonder if the becoming Nephilim was also in the blood rituals like possibly Nimrod and I suppose Semiramis. Changing the DNA. Makes you wonder now with all the animal hormone injections in foods! Come Lord Jesus!

  7. Thanks for the encouraging comments everyone.

    Your description of what Ham did to Noah when he was drunk was what I was referencing in the episode. It’s not a nice thought, but I think the theme of sex-marriage-relationship is abundant in the Bible, both thematically and literally. I think it has major meaning behind judgement etc. The language about Mystery Babylon in Revelation 17 even references to it. Sadly, I think for cultural reasons, these concepts and thoughts have becomes suppressed.

    1. Linda

      Thank You for your response! It was late and I shut off around the Egypt info dozing off :)I’m listening now to the rest and want to view your Deceit video next.

      I believe now with internet researching ministres etc. we are finding most has been repressed! So bizarre they couldn’t put their minds around it maybe so allegorized it. Then the secular world controlled by the very Elite who believe these things, claim it’s bloodline, worship Lucifer the secular world ie. education and everything else controlled our access to futher their agenda. I watched Iron Mtn and Bill Cooper’s “Portersville Presentation-Ca.” I have a real good idea of just what depth we have been played! They are about done with the execution of their plan to enslave the world. War $ reversed to Eco $/Econo./Ecology/-guns/-Constitution=UN, the last stages=now wanting to end 10th amend. and make BHO our forever leader, maybe even as Kissinger said Pres. of the World. BHO belongs to the Blk Masonic Society/group. Figures and add the Jesuit control. Time to be “In Christ” our Blessed Hope!

  8. Jo

    I just watched your you tube movie “Age of Deceit” It was wonderfully made and extremely well laid out. You are both blessed with just the right talent at just the right time.

  9. Linda

    I don’t want to go on to much, but you sparked my thoughts: Rev.22:16 Red Letter also 🙂 16 I Jesus have sent my angel to testify unto you these things in the churches(synagogues/assemblies.) I Am (capt, by me)the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star. Satan is NOT the bright and morning star he has been presented as the star of the morning I believe, but not the Bright and morning star which New Agers like to apply to him. I’d have to find where this is talked about, so much info! I believe it’s the NIV which really promotes this concept, but it also removes many scriptures, waters down etc. the deity of Jesus. 🙁 Copyrights dictate these new bible translations must remove/change 10% of material and they go after the deity of Jesus, sin,hell, salvation, HS, Lucifer vs satan. They raise up Lucifer as good and lower Jesus as a man. I have a sheet recording the offenses.
    I like how you reveal the things that have a bit of truth with leven and we know a little leven spoils the whole lump.
    I’ve been reading The Two Babylons by Alexander Hysop (took a break=harder to read)and all names lead back to Nimrod and Semiramis! Nimrod controlled Egypt in his expansion and so this man and his Emerald Tblts may be a ruler after Nimrod’s death. I’ll be digging into the book for Thoth, but so many tenacles in the spiders web that was woven from peoples/countries regarding identity for Nimrod (their god) and Semiramis (who took up after his death in promoting the Mystery Rel. Babylon.) Each having a name that links back to Nimrod,Bachus and so many more. He had to be quite the Big Daddy!!! Tom Horn says it is implyed he was becoming Nephilim. Maybe in the blood sacrfices and drinking (DNA) maybe in some unknown hybrid process from the fallen ones. I hear a lot of ref. by you to things/ideas I share also. 🙂 Things are not what they seem and have been pushed on us to believe. The word says we/believers will know when it gets close in time of the end who this deceiver will be. I think implying what’s going and has been going on also!

    Thanks for letting me share some thoughts! 🙂

    1. Cheryl

      Am relatively new to the truth of the angels mating with humans and when I announced my discovery to other believers, they looked at me like I had three heads, indicating that there was something very, very wrong with my theology. I was even told outright not to discuss this with other Christians. It is very sad how deceived the mainstream church has become.

      What if the current corruption of the various species in the form of DNA experiments (tomatoes with fish genes, humans with 3 parents, cows that produce human milk, goats that produce spider silk in their milk, etc.) are asexual methods of achieving the exact same end result of corrupting all flesh. It could be possible that similar experiments took place in the earlier Biblical accounts but we don’t have enough details to determine if this true or not. Obviously, the angel/human hybrids played a major role in all of this but there could have been so much more going on. Am grateful that there are other believers willing to discuss these things online as I am a social outcast in the local “Christian” community. They wish to sweep the uncomfortable truths of the Bible under the rug. Just the enemy’s attempt to keep the Christian masses dumbed down I’m afraid. Blessings!

      1. Hi Cheryl, your experience with the mainline Christian mindset regarding the whole “Genesis 6 paradigm” is sadly so descriptive of the norm… When I first started allowing myself to look into such things, it just really started to baffle me, the more I thought about how, where there is such a stigma against this particular idea/concept, when the Bible is actually FULL of all sorts of just plain weird, freaky stuff!(?) I guess that’s why the phrase “The Truth is stranger than fiction” kind of struck a chord in me in my own introductory period, because the more your eyes become opened to all the possibilities which then stem from being willing to accept the gravity of just how involved the Enemy has been throughout the entirety of human history, we start to see things like what you yourself mentioned above, the realization that “Whoa, so like maybe all those ‘mythological creatures’ that were carved into ancient temples and written about in Greek poems etc., weren’t just totally made up ideas after all…?”

        It’s funny because while those in the mainstream might think you’re nuts to be pondering the idea that the corruption of animal and plant DNA was going on before the flood, in a place like Canary Cry or the whole RRN, it’s almost like most people would hear you say that and be like “DUH…..”(!) I wouldn’t say that I’m any expert on that particular issue or anything, but I’ve heard it talked about a lot, by people like Tom Horn, and on Futurequake, and just all over the place. I wonder if anyone has brought this up in the Canary Cry forum yet…

        Anyhow, Peace.

        1. Cheryl

          Thank you for your reply! I cannot help but believe that if only more Christians addressed the WHOLE truth of the Bible, far fewer would look toward the new age and other false religions as these other venues at least address the truth of how supernatural our existence truly is. I am continually amazed at how God truly did address all of the weirdness of the supernatural right in His Word. Perhaps we are on the brink of a new awareness of the deeper truths of the Bible….all I can say is, it’s about time. Listening to a recent Tom Horn, Steve Quayle interview as I type… these guys!

          Many blessings!

          1. Linda

            Remember always “check the spirits to see if they are of GOD”. Also we must defend and protect the faith “once” my emphasis delivered to the saints. No new gospels, no new Jesus! Things Tom Horn and others bring up is great as long as we remember God has already given HIS inspired word and Jesus has given His Revelation, the others are from a period when GOD was silent, no prophecies and were suject to corruptions from pagans. They can be used for Historical review and interest, but we can NOT build a doctrine, or whole truth off of the apocriphal/apocripha=The word “apocripha” means “of questionable authenticity.” A little leven spoilith the whole lump. We should tread cautiously checking it ag. known scripture. 🙂

        2. Linda

          We would ponder over the term “seed of Satan”. Maybe we have just sped over the scripture too fast. He has a seed! This seed will be the eventual anti-Christ in place of (Jesus). Mary a virgin had a seed (women don’t have seed) and Satan has a seed. He will bruise her seeds heel and her seed will crush his head! So what’s going on here! 🙂

          1. Cheryl

            Totally in agreement regarding testing the spirits and taking the Word as the final authority on all truth. Have been pondering the whole seed issue as well, the church has glossed over yet another Bible fact for far too long…..they prefer a sanitized version over the truth, at least that is how it appears.


      2. Linda

        Hi Cheryl
        First I don’t think we can put a lot of confidence in man in the so called church, it’s drifting s fast into apostacy! They may be dull od hearing because they never have been made alive by Christ! There’s so much goofy teaching, so many iberal pastors out of liberal seminaries. Then the bunches that teach themselves not rightly dividing the word of GOD not appying the scriptures to the 5 distinct callings! A very good base iis Lion and Lamb Ministry Pastor David Picos, DD Minister and Ambassador for Christ in the Ministry of Reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:18-20) The Ministry of Reconcilliation as was given to Paul to the gentiles by Jesus Christ. Jesus sent the other Apostles to the House of Israel and NOT to the gentiles and they agreed this is what should be! That’s why when you mix them all together you get confused nd seems like law with Grace! Go there and lisen to the Revelation Series (Banner at the top)Take notes it will be a lot of scripture checking and reproofing! I can not reccomend his teachings ough! 🙂
        It won’t be like the traditions of men being propegated today and previously. Why things seem covered up! Also go to Check things that are different LLM Rules (rules of study). He sure cleared up a lot of mis information bad teaching for me!

        1. Cheryl

          Thank you so much, Linda, I truly appreciate your recommendation! Am definitely at the point of trying to find the differences between Jesus’ message to the Jews and Paul’s message of the Mystery of the Church. Patrick Heron did a video on just this very topic that started me thinking and studying along these lines. Have just come out of a church that mixed the two to the point of utter confusion. Pressing forward, trying to learn as much truth as possible as I’ve been born again for decades but only becoming aware of how wrong so many of the doctrines of man have been. Seems that there are many “born again” religions that are just that, religions based on man’s ideas. Many blessings to you and yours!

          1. Linda

            Thank You Cheryl, Funny 🙂 how God crosses our paths when we are searching and want to find truth! I am not a reg. here, I had it in my favorites to listen again and decided to=found this show and here we are. I felt the same way I have ben Born Again since 1979, I was raise Cath. disagree with most they said and attended Cath. the 60’s. The beginning of the Ecumenical push! It was a torcher chamber for me, my father was Luthern 🙂 GOD always had His hand on me though. You will like this Ministry and I felt so betrayed when I started to see the mess being taught, again GOD was faithful to keep me on the right path! GOD Bless you!

  10. Fernando

    Hey guys please have on PASTOR MIKE HOGGARD he would be a really great guest IN THE LORD JESUS!!!! and anyone reading this look him up BIBLE BASED KJV

    1. Cheryl

      Pastor Mike has one of the very best studies on giants I’ve ever heard and he only uses the Bible as his source of reference, good stuff!

  11. Jonny

    Great show guys. You touched upon so many things. Just started driving to work, so your shows are a real treat.

  12. londonhermit

    You people are messed up just because Ham was “dark” you blame him. All the bad tribes. Well the Hittites and the Ammorities are not from Hams line and they sucked pretty hard. The Philistines were not from Hams line either. Also if the Jews were so great why did they spend most of the Old Testament disobeying the God who called them. Oh and Abraham was a major liar as well as his lying son Jacob. So much for the dark line being the worse. I should known you’re sacred/hebrew root name folk so smug and usually
    racist to boot. Lord knows you white people have done a fantastic job on earth so perfect never caused problems started world wars, stole continents, letting weird priest molest boys for hundreds of years. This why people hate religion and Christianity always some white fools putting down other races.

    1. admin

      This has absolutely nothing to do with race. I understand the argument but you’re really building your own strawman if you think the entire “blame Ham for everything” is a racial matter. None whatsoever!

      Not to mention, one out of the two hosts of Canary Cry Radio ain’t white!

      So you can keep turning everything into a racial issue, or just stick to the Word of God and understand that something was up with Ham’s line…nothing to do with race!

  13. Isabelle

    Hi. I am Catholic and mostly enjoy listening to your intelligent discussions. However I do find it disturbing that often when a subject comes up regarding the Catholic church you mock the Church. You try to be tolerant of other viewpoints and religions, but for some reason, just like the secular world, you find it acceptable to mock the Church. :Why is it something to be mocked when Catholics study the Emerald Tablet, but it is okay for you to do? I understand the Church is not perfect but there are a lot of good people there who are trying to keep the faith. We are one body in Christ.

    1. admin

      Thanks for the comment Isabelle. I don’t remember what we said in the episode, but the criticism is largely with the Papacy, not so much the Catholic people. I believe there are many Catholics who are sincere and saved. However, I struggle with the theology touted by the Papacy, both in history and today. These are discussions that are beyond this comment. But there are episodes that address this matter as well. Look for our discussion with Cris Putnam. God Bless.

  14. bigglenn

    really reaching on this one man none of that stuff is even in the Bible it’s like fairy tales man and fables for real I mean it be good for a movie but as far as the Word of God goes nah man it ain’t there nice to have an imagination though but the Word of God is our foundation if God ain’t talking about it and it meant for us to know obviously

  15. Dr. Barton

    What a load of hooey! I realize that you guys are trying to fit everything into a biblical world view but you’re 1) a bit to credulous – people have been making up stories since before their were humans and 2) you seem to be getting even your biblical “facts” wrong.

    Just a couple of items:

    1) Your argument about the wives of Noah’s son’s wives being corrupt might be correct but the same argument means that Noah’s son’s and even Noah himself had become corrupt. By your argument “all” means “all”, no exceptions.

    2) Biblically speaking, the nefilim were not the corrupt beings that you portrayed them to be. That is a mis-interpretation of the text. The text does not say that the nefilim were corrupt. It says that they were “men of reknown”, i.e., heroes. The later misinterpretations came from the lack of a paragraph after Gen 6:4. If you start a new paragraph at 6:5, then you start a new story and you notice that the beginning of 6:5 does not say that “the wickedness of the nefilim was great” but “the wickeness of MEN was great”. There was no connection between the two sentences originally.

    3) Noah did not curse Ham. He cursed Canaan, son of Ham. The reason for that may lie in understanding the characters in this particular story as representing the nations of the world surrounding Israel. Also, the action that Ham took probably was castrating Noah as it seems to be based on a variant of the story of the castration of Kronos by Zeus. I might also add that this means that any curse would only descend through Canaan’s children, not any others that Ham had.

    4) When you made the connection between Thoth and Lucifer, you were correct but wrong. The Lucifer of “Revelation” is Jesus. It is supported in Rev 2:28 and stated explicitly in Rev 22:16. So, the Thoth in the “Emerald Tablets” was a Christ figure. I would assume that the authors were making a previous incarnation claim just as many do of Melchizedek. As for bearing the keys, note that Peter is given the keys in Mat 16:19 (though Jesus does call him Satan in Mat 16:23 this “Satan” should be understood in the jewish meaning of “tester / adversary” rather than as an evil opponent) and two angels handle the keys to the pit in “Revelation” (Rev 19:1, 20:1). Thus, your proposal that Thoth is actually the evil one is difficult to support.

    That’s all that I can remember for now. Blessed be!

  16. 144Ky

    I am aware that this is like 4 years old, but I was looking for images of this Disney movie called “Atlantis” and I found something very interesting, the symbol that they use to represent “Atlantis” is very similar to the symbols that the FBI said were used by pedophiles.

    Search Google for “atlantis movie symbol”, it surely looks like it.

    Hopefully unrelated, otherwise it could give a different meaning to the movie.

  17. Sally Lugo

    Yes Atlantis was real its the kabbalah/thoth’s tree of life! He is also tehuti or hermes the thrice born. They say he built the pyramids using alchemy. He also wrote most of the black magic spells in the book of the died. I was told that he is satan by the masons. I was going to become mason until i learned they believe that the creator was using man as slaves. So thoth/tehuti/satan gave us this knowledge. Now with that said look up saturn aka rephan/remphan worship and acts 7:43. Thoth is depicted with the 6 point star and all seeing eye! All saturns symbols.

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