CCR 043: Cris Putnam, Exo-Vaticana, and Emails

UFOs AND THE VATICAN COME TOGETHER IN THE BOOK EXO-VATICAN! We’re joined by author and researcher Cris Putnam on his reaction to the Pope stepping down, but also how this event might tie into the disclosure of UFOs and ETs from the Vatican. We also read long overdue listener emails including a message about the Knights of Malta from someone you might be familiar with.


Revelations Radio News Episode 69:

New Head of Vatican Bank:

Cris Putnam:

Article reporting UFOs over Vatican in 1978:


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  1. Jonny

    Hey Guys, I can’t seem to access your podcast on the page, maybe it wasn’t embedded correctly?

    1. Thanks Jonny for the heads up. Re-embedded. Should be good to go.

      1. Jonny

        Great! Ready for the drive tomorrow morning 🙂

  2. James

    I don’t see whats wrong with praying for anyones safety even if it is Dorner as all of us are sinners and one sin is no greater than the other.

    1. I don’t see anything wrong with praying for them. But to call the guy an American hero? That’s a stretch.

      1. Arnn

        He’s a hero on CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, PBS, and the other State owned media outlets (any of you kids old enough to remember TASS?). He’s a villain on FOX and Arutz Sheva. Oh yeah, don’t forget BBC and NPR–he’s a hero there–matter of fact they’ll probably do a show on him on “This American Life”!

    2. Basil

      Right, I suppose what made the “prayers” unacceptable to me was the context of supporting Dorner in his mission, not his general well being.

  3. Jonny

    Just listened to the first half- you guys really covered some ground!

    Thanks for filling me in about Dorner, I’m a little out of the loop with news at the moment.

    The Vatican has been implicated in some pretty shady practices, especially it’s bank, which up until recently was a client of JP Morgan.

    Have you guys heard of Lord James of Blackheath, speech on Foundation X? There are some that think the foundation he is speaking of could be the Vatican/bank.

  4. Hey, I really appreciated that you chose to take a slightly different angle with your interview with Cris, instead of just asking the same basic questions that he has already answered in a bunch of interviews already. This really opened up room to discuss a ton of interesting things that I hadn’t heard Cris touch upon until now, and it was all super fascinating. Looking forward to that next book a lot….

  5. Christine

    Hey guys this has nothing to do with today show but I was wondering if yall heard about THE FIRST AMENDMENT! OBAMMA SIGNED IN SECRECY THAT FREE SPEECH IS FELONY!!!!!! this was suppose to have happen on Feb 15. The video is all over facebook.

    1. Arnn

      Hopefully it backfires on him and applies only to ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, Al Jazeera,MSNBC, BBC,NPR and other White-house media outlets.

  6. Sim0n

    I really liked this show, ESP the email part.
    The email guy who said house churches are the future is right on I think .
    We are seeing a falling away from the institutional church, and in a big way. These places shouldn’t exist in my opinion…they are based around human leadership which goes directly against the NT teaching of what the church actually is – it is not a place, it is believers. Christ is the groom, the church is the bride. Christ is the head, not men. Churches should be like neural networks, not a bunch of pyramids.

    There should be a difference between the church body and corporations, and the catholic institution. How can the Holy Spirit work in the church body when people never grow because of man made heirarchy? Things like tithing, church “membership”, eldership rule, keeping sabbath day, order of service, Christmas, Easter, are not in the New Testament and go against christs teachings.

    Many people, including the members of my old church ,when I used to go to churches , love servitude to man made things, but freedom in Christ is a concept I only started to understand a couple years ago.

    I am poor at explaining this, so i link to a couple sites that may help my fellow believer. Freedom from the institutional church and especially the leadership of men…ie “pastors” “elders” , etc….is key to growth in Christ. Leadership has twisted scripture and most believers do not understand what elders, teachers, and pastors really are meant to do in the body. (Eg, elders are older people who guide by example, not leaders)

    i had a talk to a fellow i knew from my church and i told him this stuff but he would hear none of it, he was determined to convince me that we need people like elders to lead us…to lead the flock of course! ….oh,, so back in the day the shepherd would assign a few sheep in his flock to be 2nd and 3rd in command, to y’know, help lead? i think there is a reason why jesus used the shepherd and the sheep illustration….

    We are all parts of the body of Christ and have functions but all institutional churches create a leadership pyramid where most are passive wallets.
    These links explain these ideas in full with much analysis of misunderstood parts about leadership and the body.

    I am not endorsing 100% of every article on these sites but I think they are overall pretty solid and rare finds on the Internet which is full of bad bible info.

    Btw, watch out for ppl who,go around calling Jesus “yeshua” or similar things claiming that is is real name. This is called the sacred name movement , or the “hebrew roots movement” and these folks have been deceived. This movement is gaining popularity, but fortunately you can find out about them on the Internet.
    Visit and in the search box type “Hebrew” which will bring up some audio lectures on this movement by Scott Johnson which are very good.

    1. Hey Simon,

      I agree with you on most every point. But the last thing you brought up with the Hebrew roots movement, I tend to disagree with the overall level of legalism that seems to be creeping back in. But I don’t think it’s as black and white of an issue. I sometimes refer to Jesus as Yeshua simply because that’s how His name is pronounced in the Hebrew. “Jesus” comes from the Greek iēsous. Now to somehow claim that there’s more authority or some kind of mystical or supernatural power because you use Yeshua over Jesus? No. I don’t agree with that at all.

      I got a little bit caught up with some of the Hebrew roots movement stuff last year, but I largely put it aside. Not to mention I think Chris White is putting together a film right now that addresses some of that.

      I do think it’s quite alright if one wants to celebrate the feasts. It does say in Exodus 12:14 ““This day shall be for you a memorial day, and you shall keep it as a feast to the LORD; throughout your generations, as a statute forever, you shall keep it as a feast.”

      key word forever. and there are other verses in Leviticus that say that we will celebrate the feasts in the millenium kingdom. That being said, I don’t think it’s a mandate or something where if we don’t do it, we lose our salvation. Far from it. I think it’s more an honor thing that each individual decides on. I know it might sounds like I’m tip toeing around legalism, but what I’m getting at is that there’s nothing wrong with people that observe the feast days so long as they don’t use it as a point of contention against brethren. Again, I don’t think it pleases God more, or you earn extra points with God etc.

      In my personal life and my family, we try to observe the feasts, but it doesn’t overtake our lives. And also, our zeal for cultural Christian/Easter has become more minimized in exchange for simply spending more time with God as a family. I think it’s as simple as that.

      And as a generality, I think moving to kosher meats has helped my health a lot. I don’t eat as much fast food (in fact I went a while when I didn’t at all) and overall I feel healthier and energized etc. So there’s a practical element to it. And it makes sense in the times we are in with GMO’s and all sorts of chemicals in the food. So, I personally don’t think it’s bad by itself, but when people begin to use it to condemn others, or try to say that they have to observe the feasts or call Jesus Yeshua, that’s where I draw the line. I don’t think it’s essential to salvation.

      Just some thoughts.

      1. sim0n

        Chris White has a pretty good video which debunks the sacred name movement. btw, there are no instances of yeshua or similar names in the original greek NT texts.

        at 36min he gets a bit into kabbalah and occult.

        1. Arnn

          Shalom Sim0n,

          David H. Stern, translator of the Complete Jewish Bible and the Jewish New Testament as well as most any Messianic Rabbi, will most likely disagree with you (and White) on the name Yeshua.


          1. sim0n

            and why should they believe me? The jews didn’t, and still don’t believe that christ is god, and that he came to die for their sins… it stands to reason any rabbi who lives under the old covenant will disagree with me, White, or any christian for that matter. Having a phd or being a rabbi is great for the world, but doesn’t mean much to God.
            just fyi….no disrespect intended!

          2. Arnn

            No offense taken–and none on my end too. At any rate Messianic applies to Jews and Rabbi’s that believe in Jesus. It’s more of a modern construct since many of the first believers were Jewish including the first pope.

    2. Hi SimOn,

      I’m tracking with everything you’re talking about here as well, as I myself have come to a place where my faith in Christ has nothing to do with any affiliation with some earthly institution…

      I checked out those links you left, and this article in particular really sums a lot of what I had to learn the hard way when navigating through the whole “house church movement”. ( I finally had to admit that yeah, there was probably just as much false teaching going on in circles where there was no official “hierarchy” as in the business-model churches I had come to hate so much! Spent a considerable amount of time engaging with dudes like Frank Viola and Leonard Sweet, and eventually came to realize that those guys are really into a lot of pseudo-Christian New-Agy stuff, “contemplative prayer”, etc., so that was a real bummer, because Viola’s book “Pagan Christianity” was originally this really inspiring thing to me when I first read it…

      Anyhow, the “positive note” I’m trying to get at, is that now I’ve come to a place where I truly believe that the real, healthy, “Spirit-led” movement away from man-centered institutionalism probably ISN’T going to happen through totally obsessing about all these issues of ecclesiology (like I was doing) but rather I’d say that the more we see followers of Jesus waking up to the TOTALITY of the Days we are living in, and seeing where “friendship with the World” really takes you, the more the “exodes from institutionalism” just happen more and more naturally…

      The thing is, if God could have people like Daniel serving in the court at Babylon, or believing slaves working in the house of Caeser, then yeah, I think He can certainly also have true people of faith serving Him in whatever modern religious institutions as well. Just cuz God still might have reason for people to be affiliated with an institution, doesn’t mean He’s validating the the whole thing from top to bottom….

      I guess for me now it has a lot do with keeping it all in perspective, like if you can step back and think about all the crazy, truly EVIL stuff that is going on the world right now, the fact that Satan is REAL and working to deceive the whole world into worshipping him, then it kinda helps! For a while it was like I pretty viewed “institutionalism” as though it WERE Satan himself, and that is really just some pretty myopic, naive thinking in the end. Would I say that the whole basic concept/structure of “hierarchy” is far more derived from the way Satan organizes every single one of his little “kingdoms” than it is from God’s Kingdom? Absolutely. But my point is really just that I think that when the whole topic of “real church” is being looked at in the broader context of the times we are living in, the “NWO agenda”, globalism, the coming Great Deception, etc., etc., then I think the issue becomes simpler and clearer…

      If you ask me, I’d say things like the Revelations Radio Network et al are actually an awesome example of an “organic”, Christ-centered “neural network”… ;_)

      1. Sim0n

        I see what you are getting at. …I would agree there are problems with some churches in houses, but I wouldn’t say that is any reason to compare them to institutional churches. These institutional churches go against the teachings of Christ on every level right from the start. Check out this link about why Christians shouldn’t be there for any purpose of worship

        I think that there is one good reason o go to these places, and that is not to worship but to rescue Christians out of them. Virtually every person in those places is completely deceived and has no idea whatsoever that they, the “lay” people are the living stones of the new covenant… Not those wolves at the front.
        I’ve been kicking around the idea of going into some of these places and pasting up a bit of bible truth on the backs of the pews or flyers on the cars in the parking lots…9/11 truth style, lol. …
        I think the single most effective thing would be to get everyone out of the churches and reading the bible on their own with their families, friends and just getting educated about stuff their “pastors” have never talked about in church service.
        All that being said, it is encouraging to hear you are perceptive as to what is going on in the IC.

  7. Jamaal

    Please join this community about “Aliens” exposed

  8. Devin

    hmmmm selfism…..great great topic guys, I think u should get a guest specialized on that topic and go deep!!
    love your show ..all the way from SOUTH AFRICA.

  9. Corey S.

    I don’t think anyone else noticed (or at least commented on it), but I heard the little audio clip from Final Fantasy X! Y’all are AWESOME for that (and, of course, for other parts of the show). 😉

    One of my friends suggested I listen to you guys after some discussions he and I were having about related topics. I have been catching up with your podcasts ever since. I’m currently listening to this one (episode 43) and can’t wait to catch up to present day episodes. Again, y’all are awesome. Thank you for doing what you are doing!

    Much respect,
    Corey S.

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