CCR 046: Stan Deyo Interview

ep 46

There are those of us who study and look into the dark corners of the Illuminati and secret governments. There are others  who have lived it. Stan Deyo, author of The Cosmic Conspiracy falls into the latter category. He has stories that make James Bond seem mundane. Suppressed technologies, an alien presence, underground laboratories, and plans for genocide are just some of the things Stan Deyo encountered during his days working behind enemy lines. Since his exodus from the Illuminati, Stan has spent several years warning the world of the coming great deception and the one who will deliver us from it. The conversation goes not just through Stans experiences but also the inner workings of antigravity, harnessing energy from the aether, Tesla coils, and more.


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  1. Sure sounds like a new age nostic bull**** too me. Even down to the life changing death type experience

    1. You are entitled to your opinion, but please refrain from using profanity. I had to “bleep” it out. Also, Gnostic is spelled with a G 🙂

      1. cheers ears keep up the good work

  2. Arnn

    I thought he was more of a Stowick than a Knostic.

  3. Arnn

    Great to have Bas back for this interview—he and Deyo had me laughing. Watch them eyebrows!

  4. Bruce

    I listen to Stan whenever I get a chance, his interview led me to this site, which looks like a good one judging by your previous guests.

  5. Julie

    Great show. Soooooo much information from Stan. Oh, and no eyebrows look funny, so be careful LOL

  6. garry

    awesome show!

  7. Sim0n

    Deyo has no backup for any of his claims. He seems intelligent, like his father, but nothing he talked about couldn’t be found by research on the Internet. I don’t believe any of his talk about military/alien/ufo because nothing he said was specific to his own experience. Every point he made I already heard from others. I suspect he just takes others’ stories and experiences and retools them for himself.
    He is way off on his rapture understanding. He backs up none of his beliefs with actual bible verses but sort of alludes to areas of the bible that ‘sort’ of support what he says out of context. Again, Chris white has the best teaching and analysis of the rapture and I encourage premillemialists to watch his youtube vid about this.
    I also don’t believe anything he says about free energy or whatever wacky experiments,… He’s just all over the map and, of course has nothing of substance to show for his claims. There is serious research in zero point and anti gravity going on, but this dude is to part of it.
    He spins a good yarn though. His website looks pretty well monetized….
    He was just way too vague and all encompassing on illuminati agendas… How would anyone like him know about bluebeam changing to a different agenda? Some nobody supposed x-military …yeah right.
    If you are interested in someone who really knows something about antigravity, watch the bob lazar interview on youtube as well as the 3 hour interview on coast 2 coast. Lazar, Schneider and maybe 1 or two others are the real deal….deyo is a pretender. And that prophecy thing on his website is wacky…and I doubt from god considering its mostly in accurate.

    1. Sim0n

      But this dude is to part of it …supposed to be: But this dude has no part in it. Ie, free energy,antigravity, etc
      Typing on mobiles sucks.

    2. Hey Sim0n,
      I too don’t agree with pre tribulation and his logic behind it. He didn’t use scripture but I think it was partly because he was tired. The interview was only suppose to be an hour, but he went an extra hour for us.

      However, I don’t think we can just dismiss his experience and his story. Yes, many of the alien/UFO stories are based on stories he heard from guards etc. They should serve as food for thought. Our experiences largely shape our position on topics like aliens/UFO/conspiracy. And I believe him when he claims he ran into some powerful people many years ago. Call me a fool if you want but I tend to hope for the best intentions in people.

      And I think what’s important is that he is a follower of Jesus even if his theology doesn’t line up with yours or mine. I also think its cool that he’s into Tesla, electronics and graviton functions. While you’re right that a lot of study in antigravity is going on, we all know that those who outright build the technology or try to patent such devices and technologies are silenced very quickly. And because of that, I think he’s been holding back some of the things he may have discovered. Those are just my conjectures and opinions.

      All in all, you have the right to believe his story or not. We at CCR want to make sure people like Stan Deyo can share his thoughts and ideas because that’s what it’s all about…thinking outside the cage.



      1. nathanbuck

        there is plenty of scripture that proves pretribulation.

        1. Dacker

          Oh my is there. I have studied this extensively. I do not believe I or anyone deserves to be saved fron the wrath to come. Nor do I believe believe the promise of the rapture is a promise to keep all believers from persecution out all tribulation. Without understanding the biblical distinction between Israel and the Body of Christ, the Church which is his body and the Nation promises to Israelites the matter can be confusing. One must first see the distinctiveness of the Gospel of the Gentiles as given by direct revelation to Paul by the risen Christ to understand the mystery of the rapture and other Pauline mysteries. I encourage people to read the writings of E.W. Bullinger, particularly his introduction to his commentary on Revelations, the bible teachings and videos of Les Feldick, and the Trinity Grace Fellowship teaching web site ( Each of these carefully separate Israel’s promises and hopes from those of the mysteries revealed to the Apostle Paul.

          1. Dacker

            If you look in the Old Testament, the Gospels, or the writings of John or Peter to Jewish believers you will not find the Pretib or any rapture. It it’s not in there. It is a unique mystery revealed only via the God Breathed writings of the Apostle Paul. For those interested I offer the following.

            rapture resources:

            les feldick:


            E F Bullinger:

    3. ChrisB

      SimOn needs to read about Tesla & many others. Sorry but Simon sounds like dis info…. Edison loved Tesla…..

    4. Greg

      Well said, I agree, he seems too “thin” for an original source. There is no anecdotal new info you would expect from a first person perspective.

  8. Sim0n

    Premillenialists was supposed to be pre-tribulation in that comment.

  9. Mike

    Hi Gonz and Basil, great show, in the top two. Gonz, you should uSe some of Stan’s info on the Tower of Babel, I’ve researched his info on this and it is the best info on the historical tower. The cuneiform tablet does definitely show blueprints for a zigarat that fits the discription of babel, it the best evidence there is. Also, not to be controversial, but his explaination of the wedding feast and how it relates to the endtimes and timing of the rapture is spot on, there is way too much info relating to this topic for him to have a bunch of scriptures ready on hand, so for all those pre-trib haters out there I would suggest studying escotology from a Hebrew perspective and not a western Greco-roman perspective. The Jewish marriage motif is very important along with every other motif in th bible, they are prophetic types and shadows. Once again, great show Gonz and Basil.

    1. Hey Mike

      I’m totally open to the possibility of his interpretation. In fact, listening back, he did make some very good points about the wedding ceremonies and how it might relate to the whole rapture debate. I definitely need more study on it, but as to date, the video made by Chris White was the best and most logical information I’ve gotten on it. I am reading Peter Goodgame’s book Red Moon Rising again, so I think he’s pre-trib but not in the traditional sense…actually it’s almost the same as the pre-wrath view. So, again, I am open to it.

      And your thoughts on the Tower of Babel and Stan’s research is already on my mind. I was already thinking in those lines.



      1. mike

        Cool, Red Moon Rising was a great book, his ideas on the two witnesses is interesting, they do seem to fit the bill, and the angel who speaks to Zechariah in the book of Zechariah has an interesting response when Zechariah asks him who the candlesticks represented, almost as if the angel is saying with sarcasm “oh, you don’t know who the candlestick is?”. If Zechariah is the candlestick then he was actually seeing himself in the form of a symbol. Just something I picked up on. When you get to that chapter I would advise you to read both books in the bible that Peter points out (Zechariah and Haggai) and look at them as being re-fulfilled, like a cyclical type-and-shadow prophecy, Peter does not mention the possible sarcastic remark from the angel in the chapter.
        Ya, Peter is a 6th seal rapture believer. I tend to agree with him. The question that everyone ignores is whether the seals start the 7 years of tribulation or the tribulation starts later than the beginning of the seals. We cannot be sure that the first horseman is the anti-christ, or at least that he breaks his covenant with Israel before the 6th seal. The 7 years may not start until the 6th seal, and then it would technically be a pre-trib rapture. Scripture is not clear on this. If Peter is right and the wrath begins after the 6th seal, the tribulation may begin at that point. Just something to think about. I prefer to look at motifs and types-and-shadows of biblical history over setting up elaborate timelines. Like Dr. Heiser said, prophecy is intentionally vague.
        I like Chris White’s research as well, I agree with him that mystery Babylon is Jerusalem. I really think that Jerusalem will be destroyed and the Israelites will flee to the wilderness and recognize their true Messiah while there. Anyway, I digress, Thanks for the reply, keep up the good work. God Bless!!!

        1. Greg

          Seventh seal is the “Wrath” of God being thrown on the earth. Note the adding of Gods incense to the prayers of the saints, the fifth seal.

          The trumpets are the declaration of a Kings decree, the bowls are the fulfillment of the decrees, Therefore the Seventh Seal is the start of “The Day of Gods Wrath”, or “The Great Tribulation”, both translations of the same Greek word.

          To sequence the seals, five martyrdom with the martyrs calling for Gods wrath for the injustice, God saying wait for a bit…

          Six, Christs return and the end of the “Tribulation leading to his return” (see Matthew 24 sun black, moon red)


          Seven, Gods wrath added to the wrath of the martyrs and throw upon earth.

          All fits, in the plain text way.

          1. mike

            I agree for the most part Greg, sounds like you do your homework too. Ya, most people don’t realize that the word wrath starts in the seals, not in the trumpets or bowls. And the bowls are all within the seventh trumpet, as well as the seven trumpets which are all in the seventh seal.
            I differ somewhat though, or maybe not. I think the sixth seal is showing the multitudes of saints (Jews and Gentiles) that are converted during the tribulation which begins right at the first seal, not the church. I think the seven years of tribulation are the seven seals, and the bowls and trumpets may all happen on the seventh day, this would be the day of the Lord. Remember, the bowls are all within the seventh trumpet and the trumpets are all within the seventh seal. I think the twenty-four elders are the church, they are in the throne-room of God starting before the seals in chapter 4. The elders are said to have white garments, crowns, and are priests/kings. The only reference to priests/kings are Melchizedek, Christ, and the Church, His body. So, In essence you can call me a pre-trib rapturist. Although when I say church I don’t mean all of the church, the church of Laodicea is guaranteed to be in the tribulation and the church of Philadelphia is said to be save from the tribulation. These two churches would represent the wise virgins and unwise virgins. Wise being indwelt with the Holy Spirit (oil) and unwise being Christians in name only (without oil).

  10. Darren2

    First post for me:

    1) I’ve been listening to Stan Deyo for years. I think one of the first ways we can look to his credibility is to look at who his friends are. ‘nough said.

    2) Been meaning to state for awhile – Gonz, Basil, I’ve listened to almost everyone of your podcasts – love the site, love the topics, love what Jesus Christ is doing in your lives. Keep it up! And thanks for fun banter amidst heavy crucial content. Gonz – great presentation at the Prophecy forum. Placed it on my mp3 player, and watched the video too. Good job; one down, many to go.

  11. Jonny

    This was such an entertaining interview- really ran the gamut of subjects.
    Not sure about some of it, but he did seem like a genuine guy. Great story teller too.

  12. Paul

    Gonz, you say that you’re trying to work stuff about “free energy” into Age of Deceit II. I’d take great care with this material: there’s loads of quackery and junk science surrounding the “free energy” movement, and it could destroy the credibility of the video. (And no, I don’t work for Exxon.)

    …Besides, is it really of that much consequence?

    Age of Deceit was a great work, and exposed an attack on the Gospel. But “free energy” (and its purported cover-up) is not really a Gospel issue. Worse, if Age of Deceit II contains material which is not crucial yet easily debunked, people will naturally start to question the reliability of Age of Deceit itself.

    Just a suggestion, anyway…

    All the best.

  13. Ron

    I looked at Moray’s work. Even if someone builds the antenna which appears to be rather straightforward by Deyo’s description, the step down process that Moray used remains a great mystery even though there are a considerable number of clues as to what he may have used. All components of Moray’s step down were cold to the touch–something we can only guess how to do. But maybe good ol resistance will work too with only a small loss of power.

  14. Nathan

    Great show Gon and Basil! When will you guys have Stan Deyo back? I listened to the show about the Garden of Eden and boy how cool was that! May the Holy Spirit lead you two and bring the truth to the Body of Christ before the return of the Lord. Be holy and stay faithful to the Lord! God bless!

  15. Nathan

    Great show Gon and Basil! When will you guys have Stan Deyo back? I listened to the show about the Garden of Eden and boy how cool was that! May the Holy Spirit lead you two and bring the truth to the Body of Christ before the return of the Lord. Stay faithful to the Lord! God bless!

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