CCR 047: Water

ep 47

Lo-Fi Version of Episode 047

Water is an essential in life. Not only are all biological lifeforms made mostly of water, it’s something found all over the universe. Basil and Gonz explore the many facets of water in both in science and Scripture. They traverse from various fun facts about water, to water in outer space, to the living water in the Bible.

Water and Sound Experiments

Water Experiments in Space

Chris Hadfield: Water at the International Space Station

Chris Hadfield: The First Music Video From Space

Chris Hadfield: Tears Don’t Fall in Space

Dr. Masaru Emoto and the Hidden Message in Water

Fluoride in Water

How to Remove Fluoride from Water


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  1. Arnn

    To quote Thin Lizzy–The boys are back in town!!!

  2. Harry

    Hi guys love what you do however was a little disappointed regarding your comments on the experiments of Masaru Emoto. You stated that his experiments have been widely tested in many labs and have been proven beyond doubt, but i cannot find any evidence of this. Apparently his experiments have been dismissed for their lack of proper controls and when replicated the results in no way showed the same conclusions. Can you please list some scientific sources to back up your claims here. Sorry to be negative but after years of listening to New Age speakers who make big claims with no evidence I just like to hear the facts.

    1. ok, I had a whole thing typed, and then a drink spilled on my laptop. Sheesh, I can’t catch a break these last few weeks. It’s literally been the most awful phase of life in a while as far as stuff breaking down.

      In any case, let me retype everything I had in mind.

      To begin, I want to state that what Dr. Emoto suggests, is a theory. It hasn’t entered the realms of “scientific fact” in the western academic world. But remember that Western Scientific Academia are the same people who promote the alleged scientific “fact” that life evolved from primordial soup. So if we want to buy the standard of Western Academia, then you have to appeal to all that they deem “fact.”

      It’s very easy to take the experiments conducted by someone like Dr. Emoto and take it the wrong way, which many people have. I understand your skepticism. Part of the goal for the episode was to suggest that if true, there is a totally legitimate Christian answer.

      Much of the criticism for the work of Dr. Emoto does come from peer reviews and not those who have tried to recreate the experiments themselves. Of course that’s the game out here in the west. If a scientific claim cannot pass the “peer review” stage, then it’s simply tossed aside. Not that I am against the process, I am simply pointing out that’s it’s not infallible since it’s other humans doing the reviewing with their own biases.

      In fact, I read one review that said they were going to re-conduct the experiment, but then decided not to when he saw a flaw in the method Dr. Emoto used. Wouldn’t a good scientist try to correct those conditions or improve upon them in order to discover whether it’s conclusions were correct or not?

      This topic is very highly debated in the scientific community. The skeptic crowd will immediately jump on the psuedoscience bandwagon when they find one flaw in the research, while the the more open minded scientist might consider it’s implications. The implications of Dr. Emoto’s findings are big enough to shake up the scientific community, so like the world of archeology covering up the giants found all over the planet, I don’t think it’s crazy to suggest that western science doesn’t want Dr. Emoto’s findings to be true at all.

      I think you might be aware but in 2008, they did a triple blind test with similar results.

      Radin, D., Lund, N., Emoto, M., Kizu, T. (2008). Effects of distant intention on water crystal formation: A triple-blind replication. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 22(4), 481-493.

      Now of course, even this experiment was criticized.

      Much of the positive reinforcement for this experiment have come from scientists from around the world. Literally hundreds of experiments of this kind have been done in Russia, Asia, etc. Not so much out here in the west. Any time there is any hint of “spiritual” significance, things get dismissed rather quickly. Here are a few scientists who support the findings of Dr. Emoto who have done similar research.

      Rustom Roy who published “The Structure of Liquid Water; Novel Insights from Materials Research; Potential Relevance to Homeopathy.” (2005) Material Research Innovations. 9 (4), pg 577-608

      His work has also been labeled “psuedoscience” by some because he is an advocate of homeopathy. But again, it’s one of those topics where science clashes with spiritual and because it doesn’t fit the traditional reductionist frame work, is criticized and dismissed.

      Kurt Wuthrich, PhD co-winner of 2002 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. “The Amazing Role of Water in Chemistry” has also been quoted saying that water has strange properties and that science has a long way to go in fully understanding water.

      Other scientists like Dr. Gerald Pollack, Dr. Vladimir Voeikov, and Dr. William Tiller are also conducting research in this field. Much of it overlaps with Quantum Electro-Dynamics which is where objective explanations begin to tail off into what appears to be spiritual. Thus, conclusions depend on one’s worldview.

      Martin Chaplin of London University has also studied water and said this: “Water is the most studied material on Earth but it is remarkable to find that the science behind its behavior and function are so poorly understood (or even ignored), not only by people in general, but also by scientists working with it every day…A number of explanations of the complex behavior of liquid water have been published, many quite recently, with several stirring up great controversy.”

      The link there is a great place where Chaplin tried to present a non-biased approach to a lot of the water research out there.

      Konstantin Korotkov is another guy who pretty much did research of looking at the molecular structure of water after emotional intent is applied and had similar results ( Since he’s Russian (Professor of Natural Sciences in Russia) I don’t think his work has been peer reviewed, and from my understanding, he even said what he found are merely observations.

      There are people who have even conducted science projects in grade school with the rice experiment where you get three cups of rice, tell one thank you, another you hate them, and the third one ignored for several days with results that again, seem to reflect the findings similar to what these alleged fringe scientists are saying. In fact, I might try this one myself just out of sheer curiosity.

      So I think you get my drift here. I understand your skepticism and it’s very healthy. But this kind of research is out there and gaining ground in many circles. Our goal was to provide a Christian answer to the potential implications. Not so much to fully support Dr. Emoto’s findings. But I’m not surprised that there are skeptics out there because again, if true, the implications are earth shattering to the establishment.

      So when you say “I just want to hear the facts” hopefully I provided a launching point. Remember that facts alone don’t explain anything. It’s how one interprets those facts. It’s why evolutionists and creationists look at the exact same “facts” or data and come to wildly different conclusions. Presuppositions play a huge role in anything, and science is not free from it no matter how hard they try to remain objective.

      And of course some suggest that these experiments also have a lot to do similar with quantum experimentation where the observers intent or projection creates the outcome. If that were true then the experiment wouldn’t work for the skeptic and would for the believer. This get’s messy rather quickly doesn’t it?

      I think it’s far easier to tackle the issue as plausible and provide a good Godly answer that grounds itself in Scripture and that’s what we tried to do in the episode. Hope that helps. Blessings!

      1. Harry

        Thanks so much for your reply Gonz. I had a think about it and I understand what you guys were getting at and what your motivations are which is cool. And I apreciate you taking the time to list some of your sources and infomation too.

        I guess the skeptic in me gets a bit grumpy sometimes and I think it stems from years of psychological abuse at the hands of Tsarion, Icke and Co.. So when I hear things that remind me of some of that stuff (I think I first heard of Dr Emoto in What the Bleep do we Know) I get a bit jumpy.

        Kinda silly considering I do believe in the supernatural, angels, demons, nephillum and all that..

        So cheers once again for your response and I must say it was actually a really cool episode, and yeah thinking about it I wouldnt put it past the Creator to throw in some crazy thing about water to confuse the high priests in the scientific community.


  3. Jonny

    Glad to hear your okay from the collision Gonz. Good to see you both back on form again.

    Great podcast, well worth waiting for. Those zero G water expriments are interesting too.

    Excellent factoids too ;’)

  4. Rosie

    I just can’t resist but I must let you know that although I did not listen to this particular episode in the bathtub, I have definitely been know to listen to your show while relaxing in the tub 🙂

    1. That is absolutely fantastic Rosie! Thank you for the insight. That just made my day 🙂

  5. tony

    Too much! When I hear stuff like the poisoning of water it makes me want to just through my hands up in despair. I’m ready for it to all be over with. Come Lord Jesus!

  6. Arnn

    Man that whole fluoridation thing got me down so I switched over to Alex Jones to cheer me up.

    1. lol. Man were we that much of a downer? Ya it is definitely a sad situation. There’s so much information on it out there though to protect yourself from it.

      1. Arnn

        Hee Hee! I think he has a commercial interest in some anti-fluoridation company.

        I’ll tell you something scary–I went to get a gallon of water for my daughter’s formula last year, and on the bottle they were bragging about how they had fluoride in it–the kid pictured on the bottle didn’t even have teeth yet! Safe to say I stick with non-fluoridated water. OKC actually won an award a few years back for the best tap water in the nation. Not sure how much fluoride they put in it–here in Edmond I think we get our supply from a different source–smells like a swimming pool from the amount of chlorine!

        1. Edmond OKC. I know a couple who are moving there in the next couple months. Strange because as they were telling me about the move I said, “OKC, aren’t you afraid of tornado’s down there?” and he told me, “The pastor of the church (the wife got a job at a big church there) said he hadn’t seen a tornado in the 30 years he’s been there.” I said, “That just means its due…not to mention the weather wars going on.” That was early last week. Sheesh. I wish I was wrong.

          In any case, I can tell you I smelled like chlorine for many years. Being in the pool for as many hours as I was…I’m sure it wasn’t healthy for me.

          1. Arnn

            Edmond,OKC, Moore, Norman, Choctaw, Yukon . . . are all part of the same metro. Usually the tornadoes come up I-44 and take the same path beginning near Chickasha and ending near Choctaw—03-May-99 is a good example. We have about twenty tornado warnings in the metro from May to June per year. I actually have a picture of tornado damage that a tornado blew into my yard once! How weird is that? At any rate it is easy to get desensitized in this city what with the bombing and the tornado havoc. I still been praying every time I think of this one since children and family were affected. Sad.
            Your friends should be safe here in Edmond, although Sunday night tornadoes touched down in east Edmond–make sure they don’t drink the water!

  7. Mathew Smith

    Greetings. After listening to the episode about Water I did some reading abou Dr Emoto. Being a fan of heavy metal music, I was intrigued by Dr Emotos claims that heavy metal caused the water crystals to appear malformed and ugly. I’m suspicious of this claim because I can’t seem to find any info on the band or song that he supposedly used. Does anybody know what song he was using for the experiment? Because the answer to that question could either explain a lot….or possibly raise more questions than answers.

    Apologies for any typos I possibly made here. My ancient computer finally took a crap so I’m doing everything on my smartphone for the time being. Thanks.

  8. Hey guys, I absolutely loved this episode. Great stuff across the board (notice I said board, not bored). Gonz, your facts were great, not boring in the least.

    But I especially enjoyed the section dealing with Dr. Emoto’s research. Indeed, if his findings are proven true there will be a whole heckuvalot of devastated materilists out there trying desperately to disprove him. It’s not at all surprising that he’s being blasted, because as Prof Richard Lewontin candidly admitted, materialistic science will not allow a divine foot in the door, and Dr. Emoto’s research would be an entire divine leg, with “objective moral values exist” tattooed on the calf, kicking in that door.

  9. You guys need to make an episode on dreams the spiritual side and how they effect our lives. Alos another one on lucid dreaming

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