CCR 051: Children of Angels with Kathryn Dahlstrom


When we first heard about the plot of a Christian book for tweens called Children of Angels: Book One of the Nephilim Series we were a bit concerned.

The hero and main character of the story is a child who is half human, half angel; a Nephilim. We read in Genesis 6 about an unholy union between the sons of God and the daughters of men which produced a race of giants called Nephilim. They were the children of angels. The book of Enoch elaborates on these children of angels as being destructive and an abomination to God. This led to the flood of Noah because God saw that all flesh had become corrupt since men, angels and animals violated the boundaries of kind. So, it was a bit strange and alarming to us that a Christian children’s book would condone such a character as being good.

But what if Nephilim DNA somehow re-emerged and found it’s way into a modern child? This is the creative license that was taken up by the author of Children of Angels, Kathryn Dahlstrom. In this episode, we interview Kathryn as she explains and defends her reasons for why she used a Nephilim child as the hero for her fantasy fiction. We ask her the tough questions regarding this topic in light of what we know concerning the great deception, the new age movement, transhumanism, and a UFO -ET culture that is obsessed with becoming gods or literally children of angels.

While we felt better about Kathryn’s heart and intention for writing a fantasy book that will help raise interest of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ for young kids, there’s still a part of us that’s hesitant to fully support a project relating to this subject matter. But that’s just us. What do you think? Is Kathryn out of line for writing a book that would dare make the Nephilim into the hero of the story? Or is she a genius for using such a topic in a way that teaches kids God’s character of love, mercy, forgiveness, and hope?


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  1. Julio rosa

    I understand she was going for a fantasy aspect for children, but children are impressionable for instants look at the whole Harry potter “thing” children would want to be like them. So my thing is if the kids want to be like these nephilim kids. The parent would have some difficulty in telling the kids the truth cause of this. That’s just my opinion. On a different note I thank God for you guys I really enjoy all of the shows. God bless you guys and keep up the awesome shows

  2. Groaning Inwardly

    Oh no.

    This kind of thing just makes Satan’s job easier. It shows exactly why Paul insisted that women not teach: she seems to be a believer and to desire to serve God — yet she wholly lacks discernment. She waxes lyrical on the joys of imagination, despite the fact that Scripture always paints human imagination as a dangerous and deceptive faculty. She all but ignores God’s Word, though, other than using it to provide a theme for a book.

    It was so sad that she had so little idea of the work researchers have done on the Nephilim. And as for her likening her work to Spiderman, Spiderman is pure fiction whereas Nephilim are real. …And given that the Nephilim may be returning in the future, this woman may simply be setting up young people for the coming big deception. The way she speaks of salvation is alarming too: it consists more of feelings than of true understanding of the basics.

    It’s no suprpise that Hollywood has endorsed the book. For *years*, Hollywood has been busy promoting Nephilim-type heroes. She could have written a book warning against Hollywood’s lie, yet instead she’s simply copying Hollywood and marketing the same stuff at believers.

    She sounds really nice and happy and all that, but the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

    1. Arnn

      I’ll notify Joyce Meyers on the teacher thingy. Kate McVey, too.

    2. Regee

      Wow, sexist much? For one, she’s not trying to be a pastor so your fretting about her “teaching” here doesn’t apply. But really, men and women have equal capability for lacking discernment or having that gift. Case in point, all the male pastors that lack the discernment to recognize bad teaching from the likes of Rick Warren. Bear in mind I’m not defending her, just don’t use gender as a reason to give you a lower opinion of what she has to say.

      1. Groaning Inwardly

        Wow, sexist much? For one, she’s not trying to be a pastor so your fretting about her “teaching” here doesn’t apply.

        Paul’s admonition in 1 Timothy 2:12 doesn’t refer to pastoring, but to teaching. He says that women are not to teach, nor to have authority over a man (I won’t quote the rest of what he says, lest it anger you further). You accuse me of sexism. …Yet your beef is not with me but with Paul.

        But really, men and women have equal capability for lacking discernment or having that gift. Case in point, all the male pastors that lack the discernment to recognize bad teaching from the likes of Rick Warren. Bear in mind I’m not defending her, just don’t use gender as a reason to give you a lower opinion of what she has to say.

        There is indeed a woeful lack of discernment amongst modern pastors: I agree completely with you, there. …But you are wrong to say that men and women are equally prone to being undiscerning, and that gender has no bearing at all on this particular matter: again, this is not merely my own opinion, but is what God’s Word says. …Read verse 14 of 1 Timothy 2.

        Women have weaknesses and strengths, men have weaknesses and strengths. …And the sexes are different and suited to different God-appointed roles. For most of church history that was not a controversial idea. Today, alas, it’s seen as a scandal.

  3. I feel the same as you guys do. There’s no way to measure someone’s heart, but I feel like she might be leading people astray when she’s trying to help bring people closer to the Lord.

    And I agree, her salvation moment was more appealing to emotions which should always be suspect. While I don’t deny emotions are a huge part of coming to God, it’s certainly not the only thing, and our souls should resonate with our minds when it comes to truth.

    That being said, I do pray that she can somehow steer the story and land it in a place that rectifies this somehow. I do hope she brings kids to Jesus, but I also hope she doesn’t give them the blinders to be deceived in the end times either.

    1. Groaning Inwardly

      Agreed. …Although I’m not sure exactly how she could steer things back to Scripture. The deal with the Nephilim is that they are *absolutely* unacceptable to God — whenever they occur, be it in Noah’s time or Joshua’s, God either orders their eradication, or sees to their destruction personally. The idea that they have “a human side” and therefore should inspire human fellow-feeling is antithetical to the message of Scripture.

      Their spirits are not half-human but are something radically different, and would appear from the Bible to be invariably malevolent.

      She said, “…The Lord gave me one word about how a human could have angel powers… NEPHILIM!” I don’t believe for a second that The Lord told her to write a book in which the hero is a human-angel hybrid. We might be believers, but it’s not only God who speaks to us — we’re called to test the spirits. Women appear to be particularly susceptible to demonic deception as Paul intimates (and women are over-represented amongst the ranks of mediums, channelers and spiritists). Both men and women have their own distinct weaknesses, and God in His Grace has shown us how to handle these wisely, if only we’d heed Him. (And it is odd, is it not, that the two biggest sensations in children’s publishing this decade — Harry Potter and the Twilight series — are both occultic and were penned by women, one of whom said her books “almost wrote themselves” and the other of whom received the concept for her books in a dream about a vampire?)

      And it’s worth remembering that the δαιμονες, which Jesus was casting out wherever He went, are not fallen angels, but rather the spirits of Nephilim, based on the balance of evidence.

      She seems a nice person, and I don’t doubt that her intentions are noble, but the sad fact remains that she has written a book for children wherein the hero would be viewed by God as an abomination. …Indeed as an incarnate demon.

      During the interview, she quotes Matthew 19:14, and does well to do so. …But she misses the much more frightening warning in the chapter before. It’s vital to take into account the whole counsel of God, particularly if one is putting theologically flavoured material into the public sphere. (Incidentally, I didn’t understand her multiple references to Frank Furedi — who, as far as I’m aware, is a Left-wing atheist married to the Chief Executive of the UK’s largest abortion-provider. Maybe there are two Frank Furedis…)

      How one could steer this back to a Biblical picture, I don’t know. I pray that she listens to those who’ve pointed out the big problem with her book and goes back to the drawing-board (and the Bible): if she does have a gift for writing stories it would be far better were it deployed to warn young people about what’s coming, as they will be facing even more deception than we older ones are.

      Well done for raising the issues with her, anyway.

      …And your show rocks. 🙂

  4. Julian

    after hearing this very nice and good intentioned christian woman who obviously loves Jesus. I would have to say her heart is in the right place but her glorification of the nephilim might be kindbof dangerous. As you both brought out, this could have detrimental effects on children’s world view on nephilim and powers. When the time comes to decide to buy into transhumanism or the mark of the beast or not to, this may be the only exposure that these kids have had to the topic and chancea are that this book has made it sound like a great thing. Plus it has the endorsement of a christian of being great, so it will be that much easier for them to take it and possibly forfit their soul. Unfortunatly it does matter what kids read and we cant just use the “its just fun” card. If u go on youtube there are so many children trying spells (for real) and living the vampire/warewolf lives so they take it a lot more serious than she is willing to admit. This allows a HUGE opening for satan to show his power and get the kids early. I am with u guys and L.A Marzulli, Steve Quayle, etc. in that the nephilim are all bad news and may fall under the catagory of those who may never have had their name written in the book of life (but like u im torn if their human side is redeemable)……… Thank u guys for all the shows!!!! Follow the feeling that God has called u to do this. You are frontline soldiers for Christ. May God bless u and ur families

  5. complacent one

    I feel like her comparison of her work to that of Spiderman or Xmen was enough to show her lack of understanding into the Mystery schools or foreshadowing.

    Personally, I look at Spiderman or Xmen as dangerous pre-conditioning to the coming social pressure of accepting trans-humanist and trans-genetic modifications into mainstream life.

    Stories like Spiderman or Xmen cause you to give ‘sympathy for the devil’, as it were, in that the seductive invitation to become abnormal or ‘superhuman’.

    The themes that an ‘illumined’ Christian (or at least discerning Christian) would be bringing to light would be those of seeking the weaker and lesser carnal status so as to be counted most worthy in Christ. In His strength we are made strong, not in ‘realizing’ our hidden Nephalim powers – a theme not lacking in today’s programmatic entertainment.

    1. Arnn

      Anita and I haven’t been to the movies in a while so what do you think we go see–Woody Allen’s latest? Nope–ain’t in Oklahoma yet–we go see “Wolverine” a movie saturated smack dab in transhumanism. Heck, they coulda just changed the name to “Transhumanism” starring Hugh Jackman. Where’s “Kate and Leopold” when you need ’em?

  6. Kevin

    yea I agree with the opinions here. She keeps re iterating how kids can tell the difference between fact and fiction even when you suggest it may not be fiction. to me that says that she is dismissing the whole subject discussed here as never gonna happen. I also don’t think this story came from god. My identity is in Christ yet I also spent about 3 or 4 years developing a story I ultimately realized was about the anti-christ that glorified hybrids. the story now resides in the garbage where it belongs.

    I also noticed that she seems to draw a line between angels and demons. Not knowing that they are the same creatures who have just made different choices. considering that you could only be half demon.

    I think the biggest tragedy of the story is that it glorifies being special by having special powers rather than having our identity in christ. IT IS DANGEROUS! and I know because it is that exact mentality that got me involved in the occult in highschool. If someone offers xmen abilities to a 10 year old ill give you one guess what they would say 100% of the time.

    1. Kevin

      I even went into the occult thinking I can use my powers for good if i develop them enough. any kid who reads this story then figures out the reality that supernatural abilities do exist will probably go down the same seductive route I did. There is no good to be done with powers made manifest by demons.

      Praise Jesus he kept me in the shallow end of the pool.

  7. Arnn

    Beats having a succubus as a protagonist!

  8. Jrandom

    I wonder why she doesn’t mention that there is no redemption for the offspring of angels and humans?

    There seem to be a lot of entertainment products that highlight Nephilim (the video game series Diablo to name one) that highlight them as heroes. My personal belief is that it is part of the coming great deception. Spirits (muses) are imparting this meme to authors and creators of various entertainment, so that when the deception is here, it will be all the more palatable.

    1. Kevin

      yea i have noticed this as well. take a look at many of the MMO games that are coming out today. as character options many of them are now offering the player to play as genetically enhanced, cyborgs, animal hybrids, or standard humans. and often there is some kind of war between them. pretty wierd.

      100% I think your spot on that this is something thats being pushed into the subconscious of writers. Take a look at halo 4 its ripe with the genetically altered nephilim. the main antagonist is a giant with 6 fingers and the universe hinges on you accepting to change your DNA. crazy stuff.

  9. Arnn

    A while back while diggin’ around Paradox Brown’s website, I found a link to a feller that it seemed like he defended modern nephilim kids and claimin’ that they could be saved. It was pushing the fringe aspect a bit. Let me see if I can find the link.

  10. Arnn

    Here’s some food for thought. Our Great Grandaddy of Christian fantasy, C.S. Lewis had Fauns and Satyrs and Centaurs in his Chronicles—of course he used allegory and was light years ahead of any contemporary Christian fiction writers—but back to my point, some of use in the Christian community would contend that these are genetically altered creatures from back in the days of Noah.

  11. NotYu

    The idea of Jeremy’s human side being saved is a kindness, I am bringing to mind the Omen 2 when Damian discovered he was the Antichrist and his following confrontation with God, him standing on the docks screaming WHY!? to the heavens.

    If it were me being cursed a Nephilim I would like to think I could be saved from the evil side. I have experienced serious struggling with my faith, even suffer a bit of disobedience now, but to battle with such an extreme case of potential self hate and hopelessness is something I am sure would break me, and I would only survive through God alone.

    I see the danger in this book, but I also see it raises many questions. What if recombinant DNA were used by means of a vaccine on our children while they were at school without our knowledge? Would they be damned? If so, and I know that I the clay shouldn’t be questioning the potter, how is that fair? They were innocent before. Would they be viewed as damaged goods that even God will not want? I cannot see that, simply because they will have been victims of a most heinous crime.

    However what if the DR. did it to you through medication or the flu shot? I know it is written that none can take you from his hand (except yourself), but something like this could cause a great despair that would lead one away solely based off the belief that you are ruined in Gods eyes.

    Despite all that, I doubt anyone would waste their time with recombinant DNA as a means of mass taint simply based on the potential cost. Still, just a thought.

    1. Kevin

      well from what we see in revelation it would seem as though you have to make a choice to have the mark or die. personaly im expecting something along the lines of live to 200 or longer. no disease no aging blah blah blah and if you dont we will nudge you, shove you, then finally shoot you.

  12. Sim0n

    Sounded like you guys were interviewing a clown. I was expecting horns to honk at any time. Woman is wack and not worth your time to interview when there is so much going on with transhumanism. Check out the movie Elysium…might make for good discussion on future program

    1. Arnn

      Hee hee! I keep picturing Shriners doing donuts in their lil’ cars!
      I read up on her–she did place quarter-finalist in a Zoetrope screenwriting competition—no easy feat.

  13. Pati Lundstrom

    Seriously? The Nephilim were the reason YaHuWaH caused brought the flood. They are evil! They not simply born of angels, they are born of FALLEN angels.

    Kathryn calls upon the LORD, but really which Lord is she calling on?

    This is unbelievable!

  14. Danny

    You guys were very kind to her which was the right thing to do, but she should not be allowed to continue with her fallacious beliefs. As much as she claims to love Jesus, she seems to have a limited understanding of the Word of God, or has conveniently re-written the Bible in her own head to cause it to support her own fantasies. She suggests that the reader should allow the spirit to enable acceptance of ideas that contradict truth, while by her own admission she ignores related evidence about the subject. Someone said it “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

    2 Thessalonians 2: 9-12 – NIV
    9The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, 10and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 12and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

  15. I just finished reading the book and I thought it was a great read. I understand the concerns with the theology of the Nephilim and the controversy she creates by making them the good guys. But it makes me wonder about the new souls that were created as a result of Angel and human breeding. Are they condemned just because of what they are or were some of them actually good? And if they were good, will they be redeemed? I think these are very interesting questions indeed.

    1. Kevin

      all I’ll say is that we are talking about children from beings that want nothing else but to damn our souls and destroy our father that loves us. make sure you find your answer from scripture. they have no problem lying to us if it means we switch sides.

      1. danny

        Jesus went to the Cross to redeem mankind. We cannot redefine mankind to suit our whim and fancy regardless of how noble out intentions are, or how eloquently we phrase the dialogue. How do we know a nephillim even has a sopul?

      2. Complacent one

        My concern, to expound a bit on this, is that the suggestive power of myth holds our culture in a trance just as it has to other people’s before. Wile we don’t have literal religious temples of prostitution and vain imaginations as the mainstream spiritual lifeblood (like in pagan Rome or Babylon), in western (especially American) culture, we have ercted our alter as that of the TV set, and we worship at the temple of the movie theater. Together, we are united in the subliminal passivity and commonality of themes as the same stories are played before us, indoctrinating us, building upon past phases of stories, and singing with one voice the harpy’s song…to our ultimate demise.

        In more simple terms, the religion of the mysteries, Gnosticism, the “UFO doctrine” – whatever from you call it – is the worldview and the story that is sold by almost anybody in mainstream fantasy. Two ultimate themes seem to be mostly present.

        The first is Returning ancient aliens or demigods, and the second is “looking at the complexities” of cross human specialization or some other distortion that is sold as “advancement”. Almost all modern movies revolve around the concept of ancient “mighty ones” being involved with a “saving of the world” event (either playing savior, like Avengers or destructor, like Prometheus or Thor) with mankind being faced with the challenge to either “evolve” by changing their genetic makeup, or be destroyed (think Splice)

        As a random example, take a look at the M83 recent music videos; which while chillingly beautiful strike a sense of desire and awe in the viewer witnessing this “pack of stray children” exercise their special powers in what appears to be a dawn of a new man after some “reset” event. The most popular douche in music today, skrillex, most powerful dubstep god, also has music videos of people in consort with demons, and once again, one particular video where a little girl exercises her demon to hadoken a lurky man who is an implied pedophile. It was hard for me not to cheer or resonate with the little protagonist, who has embraced being a daughter of satan.

        If it just takes a couple cool dub step videos to get adults dopishly excited about the prospect of having demonic “super powers”, how can we be excited about our children fantasizing about the offspring of demons, awaking their super powers, under the approval of “Jesus”.

        I don’t want it to sound like I’m ripping into the author -because I’m not. I give her the benefit of the doubt in believing she was doing just what she said she was doing – treating themes as story objects that are then manipulated simply to weave a compelling narrative, because she wants to be a writer that engages the largest audience. I get that. I’ve actually worked with professional script writers who do just that – they condense everything they consume down to its root interest and play only what will be considered most interesting or controversial or what have you – it’s just basically sacrificing the real truth or value behind something to use it as a transient story device. So while I think this practice degrades the medium, at lest you can assume many of these writers are simply adapting to what is acceptable within our universal mainstream story.

        The problem with this is symbols do mean things and whether you know what or why or how – they still play on your sub conscious, which is more than likely more aware than you know. It’s why if you see an obelisk – an unknowledgable mind may get warm fuzzies and think of how much you love surface Egyptology or Washington, D.C. or however else you normally associate that imagery – but the fact is the obelisk is a flag of ownership planted by an ancient worldview, it is the representation of root pagan theology, and an invitation for the sons of god to come back and lay their seed in human women again. All symbols mean something that can be traced back to their root origin and they are played out in the stories we telltale this day, especially this day.

        If you tell a story about how the problems of men requiring a savior or a group of saviors who are either non human or must become non human to play the role of the savior, is a reverse Christ, anti-christ, self-hating-human-narrative. All these narratives in our modern culture and in past mystery-inspired cultures are there to delude us into believing a false package of mistruths the deceiver has been “nice enough” to put together for us. Remember, God created you perfect already!!!! The original Adam was GOOD!!! We fell from that from our humanity, and only Gods divinity will cover us. Coupled with surrender of will to shim, our inabilities to save ourselves, our weaknesses are what God uses and what allows God to save us. God dosnt need us more “evolved” he needs us more BROKEN, so that we will surrender to HIM!!! Lucifer needs us to be all “leveled up”if he and the fallen are to have any “shot” at the final showdown with God, or so they think.

        I’m sorry, but it doesn’t effect me one bit that there’s a conversion experience in the novel with the half fallen angel protagonist. I’m not a fan of “Christian entertainment” by any stretch – so the protagonist “praying to Jesus” moment does nothing for me, in and or itself as a “value add”. I’m not sorry, its harsh to say but true. Constantine had his “conversion” and I don’t believe that one, and the self deluded one I had as a teenager being raised in the church wasn’t real either. I’m a follower of Jesus now, because He has put it in my heart to love TRUTH, when I finally surrendered my heart to Him. When I have children, I don’t want them to have a “conversion experience” at a young age. I want them to understand their own ability to deceive themselves and the evidences of the God daddy and mommy fears. I would want to prepare them for the coming delusion – AND WARN, not DRESS UP or CONVOLUTE – that taking shortcuts mankind has ALWAYS created consequences for man, and to seek the spiritual over the instantly gratifying.

        Come on creative “Christians”….the true message isn’t “sexy”, and it definitely will not get you a check from the weinstiens – but the true message can also liberate – and if a potential hearer has even 1/30th of his or her ear open, you can infect them with some truth that will have them coming back sometime for more. We’re in a time where all creative types are clamoring to repeat the story of the tidings of Lucifer – and just as the forerunners of Christ came with no pomp or splendor and who’s only vestige was the truth, those of Lucifer come with all the wealth and knowledge of the world to deceive the peoples into a slumber. Lets not be part of that, but instead be counted amongst the few who told the story of the Lamb.

        1. Danny

          Wow! Speeding over my head but look like the right direction so both thumbs up!

    2. Tony Tate

      Wow, I didn’t realize all these responses were for me. I’d just like to say that I just thought it was an interesting book. That said, the scripture make it clear that the nephilim are an abomination, a result of a sin that landed some angels in chained in darkness for a very long time, waiting for more judgment.

      I do think this type writing is dangerous because the scriptures also warns about those who call evil good, and good evil; who substitute darkness for light, and light for darkness; who substitute bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.. Isaiah 5:20

      I am not going to let my kids read it. I have enough trouble trying to steer them away from stuff like Twilight, and other such crap.

      Anyway, that’s all I got.

      1. We did receive a message of someone trying to get their daughters to turn away from Twilight and get them to read Children of Angels…I mean I would rather have my daughter read children of angels over Twilight any day. But how about getting people to read Brian Godawa’s books?

    3. Dr. Barton

      Thank you for a small voice of reason in the midst of these nefilim conspirators. Either all are free to decide to do the right thing or none of us have any control in what we do. That includes the children of the Watchers many of whom, since the fathers were bound under Mt. Hermon, were raised by human and, quite possibly, loving mothers. Most of you other writers should be ashamed of yourselves thinking that your all-loving god would create children with no possibility of salvation!

  16. Drew

    Definitely a CINO infiltrator. Satan can walk into any church, especially in America.

  17. Aqua

    Did you guys ever hear of wolves in sheep’s clothing?

    Choose ye this day whom you will serve.

    Come out from among them and be ye separate and touch not the unclean thing.

    And regarding Joyce Meyer, in of all places, check out Huff Post

  18. gypsy

    I have to agree with most of the comments. My daughter is into anime and I’d like to direct her toward fiction with a Christian worldview. I’m not sure kids of this age (and many adults) have the firm foundation for this sort of fantasy that blurs the lines.

  19. Nick

    I think we need to be careful here with making to many assumptions about something we have very little information about. The Bible doesn’t go into great detail about the nephilim and leaves us with more questions than answers. And the extra-biblical resources aren’t as verifiable as the scriptures. We don’t know that these extra texts are what they claim to be. These show up at the same time as the gnostic literature, so it is possible that these are made up and given to us under the titles of Jewish missing books mentioned in the Old Testament. And with Enoch, the portions quoted in scripture are only from the first six chapters, so we don’t know if the New Testament writers were quoting from the Enoch we have now or from another source that included the first six chapters or if they were just quoting from this book just to use contemporary literature to make a point.(Paul quoted Greek Philosophers in his books to make some of his points) Although, I’m sure that they did hold the view of the nephilim that we get from Genesis Six and the encounters with them throughout the Old Testament. That being said, Here is a couple of problems I have with what’s being brought up. First, is that I don’t think that all the nephilim were giants — I do think that is were the giants came from that we encounter — but, I think that there were other types of offspring produced besides them. The clue for that is Moses telling his readers and hearers that these were the men of renown and the might men of old. The funny this is we don’t know who Moses is referencing. Looking back from our time we can think of quite a few from myths that come to us from different cultures, but most of them are mentioned after Moses has written Genesis, so we don’t what men his is talking about since his audience knew who he was talking about and it wasn’t important to what God was telling him to write. Second, we don’t know that all the offspring was evil. We only know that those mentioned were evil. I have a problem with a child being born was automatically evil, just because one of his parents was evil and not human. That child didn’t ask to be born and didn’t commit the sin so punishing the child for the parents doesn’t work with what we know of God. They were human and had a soul. They could be killed. I think these nephilim that were being killed and eliminated followed the evils of both their parents and cultural upbringing and the power born to them corrupting them. But I don’t think we can say that 100% of them were evil, though they had become that way by the time of the flood just like the rest of humanity had There’s not enough information given to us and we can’t make an argument from silence when all of the the information we do have doesn’t go into that much detail about the offspring but focuses on the fallen angels and women and giants. While I agree that much of the destruction Joshua was commanded to do was because of these nephilim, we can’t say that all the people had nephilim dna or that they were all evil. There’s the problem of Rahab and her family from Jericho, who come from those -ites and she is in the bloodline of Jesus and giants after the flood aren’t as numerous as they were before the flood. Goliath and his brothers weren’t the norm in the Philistine tribe. We can speculate, but we can’t be sure until we get more information and more archaeological information is coming all the time.

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