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CCR 051: Children of Angels with Kathryn Dahlstrom

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CCR 051: Children of Angels with Kathryn Dahlstrom


When we first heard about the plot of a Christian book for tweens called Children of Angels: Book One of the Nephilim Series we were a bit concerned.

The hero and main character of the story is a child who is half human, half angel; a Nephilim. We read in Genesis 6 about an unholy union between the sons of God and the daughters of men which produced a race of giants called Nephilim. They were the children of angels. The book of Enoch elaborates on these children of angels as being destructive and an abomination to God. This led to the flood of Noah because God saw that all flesh had become corrupt since men, angels and animals violated the boundaries of kind. So, it was a bit strange and alarming to us that a Christian children’s book would condone such a character as being good.

But what if Nephilim DNA somehow re-emerged and found it’s way into a modern child? This is the creative license that was taken up by the author of Children of Angels, Kathryn Dahlstrom. In this episode, we interview Kathryn as she explains and defends her reasons for why she used a Nephilim child as the hero for her fantasy fiction. We ask her the tough questions regarding this topic in light of what we know concerning the great deception, the new age movement, transhumanism, and a UFO -ET culture that is obsessed with becoming gods or literally children of angels.

While we felt better about Kathryn’s heart and intention for writing a fantasy book that will help raise interest of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ for young kids, there’s still a part of us that’s hesitant to fully support a project relating to this subject matter. But that’s just us. What do you think? Is Kathryn out of line for writing a book that would dare make the Nephilim into the hero of the story? Or is she a genius for using such a topic in a way that teaches kids God’s character of love, mercy, forgiveness, and hope?


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