CCR 053: Jim Wilhelmsen Interview Part 1


This is the first of a two part interview with Minister and Author Jim Wilhelmsen. Jim was the pioneer of the first evangelical Christian motorcycle club in Detroit in the late 1970’s. He was a religious researcher for MUFON for over 10 years and a resident of Roswell New Mexico for several years where he owned a book store and museum providing a Biblical perspective on the UFO/Alien phenomenon. He is also the co-founder of PAAPSI (Paranormal and Alien Abduction Problem Solvers International) where he ministers to victims of alien abductions. Jim Wilhelmsen is also the author of the book Beyond Science Fiction where he explores several “out of the box” topics from a Biblical perspective including UFOs, Aliens, Hollow Earth, and Time Travel.

In this first part of the interview, Jim Wilhelmsen talks about his past and how he got to where he is today in his ministry. He also talks about his one and only interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM back in 2009. And finally, Jim talks about his research on the topic of aliens in the Bible.


Jim Wilhelmsen’s Website Echoes of Enoch HERE

Jim Wilhelmsen’s YouTube Page HERE

Jim Wilhelmsen’s book Beyond Science Fiction HERE

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  1. Brian

    Hey guys, another great episode! To answer your question on how I first learned of the nephilim and how I originally took it, I think it was Chuck Missler who originally ran the idea past me. And to be honest, I thought, “Hmm, that’s very interesting and makes a lot of sense actually.” And from there on out, it began to make more and more sense.

    Now, up until a few years ago, I didn’t think much about spiritual things or the supernatural. In fact, I probably had more of a atheistic viewpoint in that I figured it was all probably just lies or hallucinations. However, the evidence seemed to stack up higher and higher that something really was going on and I couldn’t really dismiss it anymore. Not to mention the fact that many supernatural things were recorded in the Bible.

    But just to back up a bit – up until about 2005, I believed in the republican government propaganda. I tried to support them regardless of their sketchy decisions. But I eventually started to feel something wasn’t right. Then, when Ron Paul ran for president in 2008, he totally opened my eyes to the reality of the deception and corruption in government.

    So from there, I was trying to think of how we could politically fix our country or world. I embraced libertarian ideas and really thought we could turn this world around for the better. But I soon realized that even with an ideal political system, as long as there are sinful humans in the world, there will always be corruption and suffering. But I also started to understand just how much power and control these evil men have over everything now. And what put the nail in the coffin was when I realized that Satan rules this world and we are not actually battling against flesh and blood but very intelligent and very evil immortal spiritual beings. So at that point, I understood that it is pointless to try and change this world because it is destined to be damned anyway. But instead, I should focus on living for Christ and try to bring others to Him so they may enter a true eternal paradise. 🙂

    1. Wow Brian! Well said and great comment. The Lord is opening the eyes of our understanding to those who really seek the truth. 😉

      Oh, and great show as always guys!

  2. Brian

    It’s interesting what he says about the underworld. I’d like to add that something I noticed with nearly everyone who has encountered an “alien” or a “ghost” has mentioned a smell of sulfur. Even people who claim to have seen Big Foot say they smelled sulfur, and the American Indians say it is a spirit. Anyway, I noticed that in the Bible, the underworld or Hell is constantly associated with sulfur. So if an evil being is going to and fro from the underworld or Hell, then it would certainly smell of sulfur! Anyway, just thought I’d share that with you guys. Thanks.

  3. Linda

    This was a very informative show, from Nooney being a Mason, to things re. the underworld and magnetic fields… to various ministries etc. One point: When required to be hospitable may be entertaining an angel unaware; I don’t think they are bad ones we are suppose to be hospitable to LOL I know I don’t want them around me at all 🙂

    Anyway he’s an interesting man and I visited his site and looks like he’s asking for prayer and direction in his life and dealing with things re. family and ministry. I find that very honest and refreshing and Godly putting GOD and wife first and not afraid to say so.

    I don’t think I agree with calling out false doctrine too many leading the new babes and weak Christians away. Paul surely called them out by name. Yes, privately at first with two witnesses and then publically. It a mess out there in both ignorance and hirelings.

    You guys have a great week! Good show!

  4. Linda

    Oh Brian the HS showed me the same things re. Repub. vs Dem. Same , but used as the winds of direction blow, thesis-anti-thesis all leading down the same path and goal! I still petition so to slow things down so many can be saved, but in the end it will be! Better to sow our energy in the things of GOD while we have time! (like you say) BTW if Reagan was so “good” and taught youth bible studies, why was he at the filthy, occultist Bohemian Grove with the rest of the high ranking men and Presidents etc.? We are sure fed a spoonful!

  5. William

    Hey Brian, I’m with you all the way politically speaking. As long as mankind remains in it’s lost and un regenerative state, the world of politics will be full of corruption. My 23 year old son has all but given up on even voting. here in the US. I don’t have much to say to him other than, ignore party lines and vote for the person that you feel best has a biblical perspective on things. We are told to be salt and the light of the world and it’s best to support a candidate who you think embodies that. It’s great to meet like minded people here and much of what Wilhelmsen has laid out here is what I had believed in my heart to be true all along. I am blessed to finally hook up with people like him and others on here which enhances my walk with Him and hopefully be used by God to point the way!
    To Basil and Gonz; Would it be too cruel to say that trolls = bottomfeeders ?
    This is a great podcast, cant wait for part 2, and listening makes me want to check out more info!
    This ministry is on my prayer list…

  6. Carla Douglass

    Amazing show! Keep up the great work guys!

  7. gina

    I first heard nephilim discussed in this context when I started listening to Future Quake! It was like a little light going off in my head. The church had never discussed it, and I had always wondered about Gen. 6. Then, poof! Oh, yeah, it all makes sense!

    Great podcast guys

  8. Sim0n

    Sweet podcast and great choice for guest

  9. Rosie

    Hi guys! Another great show.

    So how did I first hear and react to the nephilim? I remember reading a novel called Many Waters by Madeleine L’Engle when I was a teenager that talked a lot about fallen angels interacting with mankind before the flood. I never really thought much about it, but about a year or two ago I started watching the Ancient Aliens series on Netflix. As I was watching it, I would google things like “ancient antediluvian history” or ” preflood civilizations” just to get more information about some of the incredible ancient technology claims they were making in that series. The more that I watched it, the more I thought to myself that the whole thing would make perfect sense if you just considered the ancient aliens to be fallen angels. In one of the episodes I think they must have mentioned nephilim, because I then began researching more about them. I ran across Age of Deceit on Youtube, and was quite thrilled to find out that there was actually this whole community of Christians that believed the same thing I did and had all this information and Biblical support for their view. My research of nephilim in ancient history soon moved into prophecy and end times research. This was kind of funny because even though imput and learner are both in my top 5 strengths, I had never really liked to research eschatology because I felt like there was no way we could really know how it should be interpreted. I felt like this just led to division in the church. Now though, I feel like this “fringe” area of Christianity really does answer a lot of questions about the age we live in as well as the end times.

    Keep up the good work!

  10. darin

    Wow nice job guys.
    I droped a “nephilim bomb” on my mens breakfast bible study. Im a new Christian just got babtised this summer and I guess I thought they might handell it better. I was wrong it didnt go over to well. But after all the critisisum and rebuke I told them that they would never forget this message and when they see this story line unfold it will build there testimony.

    It didnt go well at the breakfast but two weekes later one of the wifes of the men came to me after church and thanked me. When I gave my speach at the breakfast I gave everyone a copy of my 8 pages of typed up notes and she got the notes from her husband. Her thanks and understanding and knolage of the nephiliom and aliens realy made me feel better. I felt rejected untill than. So long story short I agree with your guest, someday we that are in the know will come out and be a light to all those christians that love the lord but do not know about this deception that will be apon us.

    Thanks again keep up the good work you are bringing people to the lord.

  11. admin

    Great comments guys! Keep them coming. We really dig that you’re taking the time to say a few words about your experiences! We might even address some of these in the next episode!

  12. Informative interview and I first heard of the Nephilim while reading the Bible during a sermon in Church when I was somewhere around 13-17. Can’t recall the exact time frame, but I first saw Giants in Genesis, then Numbers and then later in Chronicles, Kings, etc. As I got older and looked up the Hebrew I came to the understanding of who and what the Nephilim are.

    Another thing I wanted to comment on but didn’t think it appropriate to make an entire topic in the forum. I agree with a lot of what Mr. Wilhelmsen says, but I disagree that the Bible rules out the possibility of any extraterrestrial culture striving to know God. Let me follow up with I AGREE THAT THE ONES VISITING US ARE DECEPTION, but I can’t help but have this nagging feeling that should a couple show up and start saying Jesus Christ is Lord and we were directed to mankind for the Gospel…what would we do? I’m sort of tailoring a sci-fi story around this angle that both postulates fallen aliens, unfallen aliens (and we are somewhat quarantined from them) and aliens who are seeking God.

    I don’t want to start up controversy but each time this question comes up it’s always either they’re deception or they can’t exist because the Bible doesn’t give a way for there to be aliens. Actually it doesn’t say anything about whether or not there could be. We barely know all the creatures from the realm in which the various forms of angelic beings and God reside.

    I’m not dogmatic on it or anything, it’s just a thought that has been nagging at me although I fully tow the aliens are fallen angels or nephilim line.

    1. Brother roy, i think perhaps you have already unknowingly alluded to the answer to the question of “aliens” striving to know God, although maybe striving is not the best way to put it…

      The angels, the UNfallen extra-dimensional beings, are of course real, and are very possibly comprised of a variety of angelic “species”, yet the scriptures clearly show us that their interaction with humanity is always completely at the direction of God Himself, and never independently. There is no redemptive element to the angelic realm, and that is why humans are unique, and will one day even be “over” the angels in our resurrected state through eternity….

      1. Btw B & G, plz don’t wait a whole month to post the second part of this interview, such good stuff!

  13. Brother P.

    Great show: Canary Cry is one of the best podcasts out there, and is what Future Quake should have been. Keep up the good work.

    To answer the question as to how I first heard of the Nephilim… Well, growing up in Britain in the 80s, the first time I heard the name was as an unbeliever (here, of course), but I had no idea what Nephilim actually were (I believed the word “Nephilim” was something to do with Norse mythology, as I’d once looked it up in a dictionary, and had got the wrong answer). Much later, after I was saved, I learnt the truth about them from Chuck Missler’s teachings (he’s been a great blessing and God has used his work to help disabuse me of many false ideas). Back in the 90s, before I came to faith, I used to believe firmly in ancient astronaut theories and had done enough research to know that UFOs were a real phenomenon (I thought Jesus was genetically engineered by aliens and that given a sufficient number of reincarnations, we too could become like Him — which of course I now recognise as a blasphemous lie): thankfully Chuck gave me answers from the Bible which made much more sense of the whole phenomenon. God bless him.

    Gonz, I loved what you said about replying to trolls: it made me laugh out loud, it was so accurate a description of how I myself have behaved — red mist would descend, the real-life people who mattered to me would take a back seat while I battered out a searing rejoinder on the keyboard. It’s like road-rage; it’s a kind of madness.

    Worse, I found that if someone online was really spreading muck or falsehood (especially if they called themselves a Christian and were spewing out immoral and/or demoralising dirt like the world does), I would often find myself responding like a troll — lurking around a site or comments section, just waiting for an opportunity to jump on something they said and expose them for what they are. I am sure Satan loves blogs, and I have seen so many people (sadly many who call themselves Christians) behave like beasts (as your guest put it) in comments sections of various sites.

    It’s taken me too long to learn this lesson, but I’ve now made a conscious effort to avoid reading those blogs where there’s more heat than light, since I don’t trust myself not to dash off a hasty response: it takes real discipline to abstain, too, since the old sin nature always wants to have the last word. But it can be done…

    The other gem in this episode was how you sat next to a guy on a plane and, “like, totally Jesused his ear off”: I’ve done just the same thing with a couple of people. I remember speaking to a young guy who came to my folks’ place to redo the phone cabling, who made the mistake of saying that he thought religion was nothing more than a means of controlling people: by the time I’d finished trying to persuade him to think again, he’d clearly concluded that I was as nutty as a fruitcake. Never saw him again…

    It’s funny how your experiences are so similar to my own — I imagine it’s probably the zeal of new(ish) believers (I’ve been saved about six or seven years, now). Still, I hope it doesn’t abate, but rather just simply settle down into something a bit more level-headed. 🙂

    God bless.

  14. I’m slightly late to this discussion (just a couple years or so…)
    but for me, learning about the nephilim was never really much of a paradigm shift. My Dad is a preacher, who never fell for dispensationalism and always believed in the nephilim. I believe he has written a novel about it too…..I haven’t read it. OK I just looked it up and maybe I was wrong about it being nephilim. I really should read it hehe
    (if anyone’s interested it’s – I’m not spamming, it’s relevant and it’s my dad so of course I’ll put up a link. Go dad. He’s awesome)

    But yeah I always great up just kinda knowing Goliath was a nephilim and everything. Dad likes lots of Chuck Missler’s stuff and Dad’s pretty much always right, so I just believed it. But during my recent pregnancy, like a year ago, I started listening to stuff, starting with Rob skiva and it intregued me. Then Tom Horn and Cris Putnam. Since then it’s just gone a bit crazy and now my husband is finally on board with all the new world order consipiracy stuff. My brother comes over and talks about recent movies and my husband and I just loko at each other and say “Lucifarian!”

  15. Gstriblin1988

    Hey Basil and Gonz you asked in this episode what was the thing or circumstances that led to us being introduced to the concept of the nephilim? For me it was your episode with Dr Michael Hieser, Christian Middle Earth where I was introduced to the Divine Council. Since I had already been awakened to fringe topics it was not hard for me to understand and except this view and understanding the Alien agenda fitting in with the nephilim.Thanks for all you guys do and keep up the good work!

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