CCR 054: Jim Wilhelmsen Interview Part 2


This is the second of a two part interview with Minister and Author Jim Wilhelmsen. Jim was the pioneer of the first evangelical Christian motorcycle club in Detroit in the late 1970’s. He was a religious researcher for MUFON for over 10 years and a resident of Roswell New Mexico for several years where he owned a book store and museum providing a Biblical perspective on the UFO/Alien phenomenon. He is also the co-founder of PAAPSI (Paranormal and Alien Abduction Problem Solvers International) where he ministers to victims of alien abductions. Jim Wilhelmsen is also the author of the book Beyond Science Fiction where he explores several “out of the box” topics from a Biblical perspective including UFOs, Aliens, Hollow Earth, and Time Travel.

In this second part of the interview, Jim Wilhelmsen talks about the Hollow Earth theory and the connection between the Nazi regime, the accounts of Admiral Byrd, and the Bible. The guys also get into the topic of time travel and the strange yet compelling evidence that time travel is not only possible but potentially part of God’s plan for the unfolding of end times events.


Jim Wilhelmsen’s Website Echoes of Enoch HERE

Jim Wilhelmsen’s YouTube Page HERE

Jim Wilhelmsen’s book Beyond Science Fiction HERE

Lo-Fi version of Episode 054 HERE


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  1. Brian

    Another cool episode. I highly doubt time travel will ever become an available thing. But if it were, I bet it would be some kind of altered past/illusion by the demons so that they exclude the real Jesus and authentic Biblical events. So I would not do it or believe it.

    But if God could show me what happened in the past, it would be amazing. I’d love to see the Garden of Eden, the fall, the Enoch era, the flood, and the whole life of Jesus. I wonder if that will be a possibility in heaven. Hmm…

    And I think the hollow earth theory is very interesting. At first I thought it was just a silly legend but I have since seen there is some credibility to it and verses that seem to support it. And you hear about those who hear voices of shouting in pain and actual words coming from holes in the ground. Who knows…

    BTW, this is sort of off topic but it kind of reminds me of a movie called “The Fountain” which is about a guy who searches for the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden. I haven’t actually seen it but it’s definitely not Christian. Here is the trailer:

  2. Wow… Men’s hearts will surely fail them without the Spirit of God holding all things together. Pray for our brethren. Maybe the most compelling interview to date boys. Gonna be tough to top… I vote NDE’s and visits to Heaven…(& Hell I guess) for an upcoming episode!!

    Great job!

  3. Funny how the old Scifi writers may have had it right all along. Like Tolkien and Jules Verne.

  4. William

    Well, if I had the greenbacks to shell out on a once in a lifetime shot at time travel, then I must say that the raising of Lazarus would be my top pick. Think about all the elation that those folks experienced to see a loved one returning from the grave! Jesus even wept upon hearing of his death. Guess that’s just the drama junkie in me….
    Ezekiels wheels would be a good pick too!

    1. Brian

      My theory on the wheels within a wheel is that some of the angels had spinners.

  5. Rhonda

    Hi! Would we have to travel back to a incident that was mentioned in the Bible? If not, I would like to go back to the time when Jesus was a child and see what He like. There is so much of His life that is not talked about in the Bible. He must have done miracles before His first public miracle at the wedding because as Mark Lowry says “if he’d never done one before how did Mary know he could do it?” If we have to go back to a time mentioned in the Bible I would like to see when Christ was tempted by Satan. I want to see what Satan showed Him and offered Him. I would love to hear how Jesus answered all the temptations with scripture. I have always hoped that when we get to heaven there will be a great big movie theater with the history of the world playing – “Now showing in theater #1 – Creation, now showing in theater #2 – An evening in the Garden with God, now showing in theater #3 – Oops! The Great Mistake…..” I want to see it all! I think you guys are great and love your shows. Thanks for your hard work!

  6. Oh and if I could time travel back in the bible it would be when Paul started his ministry, cause I want to know what his affliction is! And I would want to pick his brain.

  7. John

    I would think that time travel for us would be using fallen angel technology. So, what if we went back to meet Jesus and he speaks to us in English and says something like, “What the heck are you doing hear!”

  8. By far one of the best interviews to date on canary cry radio. Thank you for introducing this man and his ministry to me!

    Bless you guys 🙂

  9. Jonny

    Only half way through this one, but I didn’t comment on the last podcast and have to say this is a very interesting interview. I love me a bit of hollow earth and the Nazi angle is extremely compelling.

    I think I came across the whole Nephilim thing perhaps through Tsarion a little before Ancient Aliens started becoming popular with the concept. But the whole ancient aliens stuff was always a bit hokey, it wasn’t until I think your show and some other youtube videos that I began to have a solid understanding of the Nephil.

    Trey Smith does some very interesting stuff on the Nephilim:

    Pehaps you guys may be interested in interviewing Trey?

  10. Brother P.

    Great guest, and some really interesting ideas.

    I’ve often thought that the Calvinism-Arminism schism could be resolved by a new understanding of the nature of time — the split arose before the days of Newton, yet even now neither side seems interested in calling a truce and trying to work together with their opposition on an updated soteriological model. (I think that if they laid aside their respective ‘systems’ and just considered Scripture in the light of Einstein’s insight that time is in fact part of the created world — whereas of course God is not — then the bulk of their dispute would probably end.)

    As to time-travel, I don’t know what I think of the idea, but if it can be done somehow, then — if my understanding of physics is right — it will be unidirectional. Specifically, it will be possible only to travel into the future, rather than go back into the past. Stephen Hawking has said as much, pointing out that backward time-travel would violate the Principle of Causality.

    …However, supposing bi-directional time-travel is possible, the Bible destination I’d choose would be prelapsarian Eden. I’d take a crate of something nice & cold, a George Foreman grill and an axe. …And the four of us — The Lord, my naked forebears & I — would all enjoy a nice barbecue. Of tasty snake steak. 😉

  11. Chad

    Quick thoughts…..

    On the emailer who brought up issues on the KJV versus original text and/or NIV etc…

    The emailer brings up some very valid points regarding the differences between the KJV and more modern translations. I am amazed every time I walk into the Bible section of a bookstore and find even MORE newer translations. It is a symptom of the continued dumbing down of our culture IMO….
    Though I appreciate that even the “simplest” of folks can have access to the Gospel with these progressively simpler and simpler translations….at some point you have to wonder. I have also found that the more recent a translation you look at the more “teddy bear” Christian the translations become. What is with this continued progression toward a “wimpification” of God and Jesus?
    Anyhow….there is no true word but the original text. The KJV is FAR deeper and more detailed than the newer versions but you cannot escape the inherent complexity of the Hebrew and Greek. In addition to multiple meanings for the very same word the Hebrew and Greek also incorporated numeric values for letters and words in their language. The languages are many magnitudes more complex and much more multi-layered and detailed than our modern, dumbed-down, English language. There is no way around it.
    Whats great about this 21st century in which we live, however, is that you can have your cake and eat it too! Read your NIV, your KJV, whichever…..but cross-reference on a website like the and look at the Greek or Hebrew. It is not difficult, complicated or requiring of advanced computer skills…..just click the word. When you do this you can see a plethora of additional information in connection with the original text. You will find in short order that there are an abundance of instances wherein 1 single word is used multiple times throughout the scriptures when in fact that word has more than one meaning and has a much different context from one chapter/verse to another . Oftentimes it gives one context that was previously hidden or at least not readily available to the reader.
    Amazing times in which we live.
    Keep up the good work team Canary’s Cry!

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