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CCR 055: Tom Horn Interview

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CCR 055: Tom Horn Interview

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After a year of reaching out to one of the more well known names in the world of Christian Conspiracy Theorists, we finally landed author Tom Horn of Raiders News Update for an hour long conversation. Tom Horn is the author of several books including Nephilim Stargates, The Ahriman Gate, Apollyon Rising 2012, Forbidden Gates, Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here, Exo-Vaticana, and most recently Zenith 2016. He has also recently put out a documentary called Inhuman: The Next Phase of Man is Here talking about the topic of transhumanism. In this discussion, Basil, Gonz and Tom Horn talk about the latest developments in the world of biotechnology and the push for the breach of the divine order of creation between humans, animals, plants, and any living life form. Tom Horn believes that all of this is setting that stage for the infrastructure that will allow the fulfillment of Revelation 13 and the infamous Mark of the Beast.

While there are many indicators in the world leading to the formation of this technology, the aspects of techno-politics from the spiritual, moral, and ethical angles have been largely ignored, especially by the church. What is alarming is that such advancement in biotechnology and nanotechnology is beginning to change the landscape of not just our inherent physicality, but also the social and cultural milieu. Tom Horn does not believe that all technology is evil, however, anything that does change our very nature of being human is where he draws the line. What is most alarming regarding the technological revolution is that of getting in contact with spiritual entities, or entities from another dimension via the technologies that will become available to us. Tom Horn also touches on the topic of the Papacy and he and Cris Putnam were startlingly accurate in their prediction about the timing of the last Pope stepping down and the character of the new Pope currently in power of the Catholic church.


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