CCR 056: The Moon Episode


One of the earths grandest mysteries might be that giant golf ball like orb dancing in the heavens. Its origins are unknown and its purpose only slightly understood. Speculations as to what it actually is range from simply another celestial ball of dirt in space to an alien space station, housing reptilians, unicorns, and bat-people. It’s been worshiped and prescribed godlike qualities for it’s unique and rhythmic cycles that govern our oceans, calendars, and even our behaviors. It’s been with us as long as we can remember. It’s the moon.

In this episode, we discuss everything from the mundane theories to the insane beliefs about the moon. We cover everything from the basic scientifically verifiable facts, to all the speculative conspiracies surrounding the moon. We also get into the Bible and what it has to say about the moon. In particular, we discuss the many places where the moon is used by God as a signal for the Day of the Lord as well as what the moon will look like when the new heavens and the new earth are formed.

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Data’s Head:

Alex Collier 1996 Lecture:

Spaceship Moon:

David Icke on the Moon:

Chris White debunking Mark Biltz:

Bart Sibrel: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon (Movie)


Bart Sibrel Getting Punched in the Face By Buzz Aldrin


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  1. Brother P.

    You’ve written “Chris White debunking Mark Biltz”: did Chris White actually say he was ‘debunking’ Mark Biltz? I’m not sure he uses that term when speaking of sincere fellow believers (although it’s perfectly right to use it when tearing down the deadly lies of New Agers and other peddlers of a false gospel). And irrespective of whether Biltz’s ‘Blood Moon’ ideas are right or wrong, he simply is not in the same category as Tsarion, Maxwell et al. Perhaps the wording on the link could be altered to something more generous (and a little less inflammatory!)…

    (I’m aware that Chris White — unwisely — did a video called “Debunking Jimmy DeYoung”, the title effectively bracketing a genuine blood-bought brother in the Lord with godless heretics like David Icke, simply because DeYoung had an unusual End Times interpretation, but I think Chris learned from his error, and chooses his words more charitably now — I hope so, anyway…)

  2. You guys sure were having fun on this one.

    The only thing that I wanted to jump in on was regarding the commentary you shared from Chris White on the titrad moons and eclipses. I am not intimately aware of all the theories involving Jewish holidays corresponding with upcoming eclipses but I have looked into the topic enough to clarify that it starts on Passover in April 2014, not 2015.
    Another point is that to take past instances of these correlations and draw a concern over whether the event is perceived as positive or negative for the nation as indicative that it is not a solid theory does not seem well thought out. Events whether assigned as positive or negative should be understood to be taken as positive in God’s eyes every time. While we on earth assign negativity two things like tribulation, God uses it as a way to wash his people clean and refined them – make them pure. So blessings and tribulations are not necessarily a bad thing. Honestly, people should pray further for tribulations so that they can be made fully ready as the bride of Christ.

    I have been building a theory of my own and it does not focus on the rapture as primary result. I have developed a mid-trib rapture belief anyway with a personal estimate of still having 40 years or less before it occurs. Rather, if there is significance to events in the nation of Israel aligning with these signs in the sky then it seems much more likely to me that there will be a fulfillment of prophecy during this 2014-2015 time frame. As we consider all that is happening in the world at this time we may be seeing the foundation being figuratively set in place for a new temple to be built in Jerusalem. I do believe that between activities escalating in Iran, Syria, and a high possibility of seeing an earthquake that threatens the stability of the Temple Mount, we can likely see a great many things change over the next two years. I am staying keenly attentive to all factors that may foster this into reality and I do share updates on this topic on my own ministry web sites.

    Thank you for making the time to focus an entire episode on this topic and I congratulate you on how your show wrapped up selecting the verses that you did. Any bible study around a blood red moon and the Day of the Lord is most certainly a complex, mysterious, and exciting topic. I for one take great interest in it to the point that I have even made it (the red moon) my ministry logo.
    God bless you both and I look forward to hearing more from you soon.

  3. Jamie dillon

    You guys are hilarious!!!!

  4. Brother P.

    You guys need sleep. Basil especially (just look at him).

    That said, I enjoyed the show: Basil’s German accent may not be German, but it’s a perfect impersonation of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Popish New Ager Newt Gingrich‘s pronouncement about a moonbase shows how totally finished US politics is. Talk about weapons of mass distraction.

    And you’re right: that moon-landing-conspiracy guy was obviously hoping for a punch in the face — literally doing everything he could to make Buzz Aldrin lose it with him. But it backfired: it wasn’t the puncher who looked a jerk in the video, but rather the punchee. Imagine making all that effort to get yourself smacked in the face for nothing…

    Listening to the crazy ideas on the first part of the show made me think of that quote by G.K. Chesterton: “When a Man stops believing in God he doesn’t then believe in nothing, he believes anything.”

  5. Brother P.

    Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the show was your scoffing about unicorns on the moon. Moonicorns are real — as fifteen seconds’ Googling would have shown you, had you bothered to investigate (concrete photographic proof here). There’s even published research on these creatures. Sheesh.

  6. William

    Hey, that’s a really good quote, and soooo very true! Look at some of the kooky new age beliefs there are. This episode had me rolling on the floor laughing my socks off too!
    Great stuff, entertaining AND enlightening. I’ve never held much for the moon landing conspiracy idea before…maybe its because I just don’t want to believe it…

  7. wez

    Cheers guy’s not sure I learned a great deal but it was highly entertaining.How ever there is fascinating story to be found the occult roots of rocket science from its alleged roots with the Vril or German metaphysics society through to Jack Parsons and his Babylon working ritual and the very occult symbolism of the NASA mission badges.I believe this would make a fascinating program to which you could possibly add some info on the various UFO religious cults such as the Galactic Federation of Light

    More info can be found at

    Ps,may I also recommend an interview with the ever excellent Collins Bro’s

    1. wez

      Sorry please ignore last link for Collins and see

    2. wez

      Sorry please ignore last link and see

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