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Every news report you see, from main stream corporate television to alternative online media, starts with a presupposed worldview. But seldom is there a news source that changes their perspective in the middle of their existence. That’s what happened to Natalina, the hostess of the website Extraordinary Intelligence ( Natalina began the website as a place to report on the strange, paranormal, and conspiratorial topics of inquiry all from a rather new age point of view. But after coming to faith in Jesus Christ, the trajectory of her website changed. Now, Natalina reports all of the Extraordinary Intel from a firmly grounded Biblical worldview. The change was dramatic and something that caused some of her audience to abandon Extraordinary Intelligence, but Natalina felt that it was more important to approach fringe topics with her convictions about Jesus Christ than it is to try to retain an audience. As a result, Extraordinary Intelligence has become a place where the reader can trace Natalina’s journey from new ager to believer, all in the context of addressing the supernatural, paranormal, and conspiratorial topics of our day. In this discussion, we hear about Natalina’s journey and testimonial of how she came to faith, as well as various topics including the recent article she published on Extraordinary Intelligence about Diane Reidy’s recent outburst, her encounter with the group Anonymous, demonology, the problem with the modern day institution of church, and more.


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  1. Basil, Gonz, Natalina and all who read this comment,

    While I agree with Natalina that the news media may be misrepresenting the situation by reporting that the audio is from her outburst on the House Floor, this does not necessarily negate the possibility that she was convicted to do this. Also, while I agree Christians tend to overhype things like this when people stand up for their faith in public, particularly politicians again that doesn’t negate the possibility the Holy Spirit convicted her to do this. Also, while I agree it’s more than likely haughty, misguidance/misunderstanding or possibly deception in her and Dan Reidy claiming prophetic appointment….again this doesn’t necessarily negate conviction from the Holy Spirit to do this. I’ll make a couple of points to exemplify my thoughts in a moment.
    I’ve checked out Natalina’s article and listened to the show and I want to stress that I’m not here to defend the misguided appointment of prophetess by sensationalists and the failure to deny that title by Ms. Reidy and her husband. I’m here to stress a caution amongst those who proudly wave the logic and reason flag amongst Christendom. Not to imply there’s anything wrong with that, just that I always hear people who wear the logic/reason badge harping on the more “spirit driven” believers.

    Here’s the thing and some commenters have already pointed these out. John the Baptist stood in front of an unbelieving public and a secular leader and had a disruptive outburst. Jesus had several disruptive outbursts and claimed several things contrary to the status quo at the time. See the incident where he kicked the Money Changers out of the temple among other things. At times Paul had what would be considered disruptive outbursts amongst unbelievers. The thing here is that most of the time a Christian speaks…to an unbeliever it will be considered loony, insane, disruptive, offensive, etc. Take your pick of what label they will throw at us. Granted this does not negate the damage hyper-sensationalist do to the Christian identity, but the overall problem I picked up from the show and the article and supporting comments of the article are the intellectual Christians seem to conveniently over analyze when a Christian claims supernatural conviction. I know we’re supposed to test the spirits and I’m not saying we shouldn’t analyze a message, but to say we don’t like the way it was presented…I’m not sure. She wasn’t jumping up and down; she surely wasn’t doing what the woman on the plane was doing, which I’m not sure why it was linked to her time on the House Floor. Since the woman on the plane clearly has a demon. I don’t see where Diane’s speech on the floor screams of uncontrollable bursts of shouting nor did I hear foul language similar to the woman on the plane. Ms. Reidy simply walked up calmly, although some would see a hypnotic like walk in this, and spoke no different than anyone would at a podium. It seems to me that her outburst after being dragged off the floor was part emotional and part trying to finish what she couldn’t on the house floor.

    Does her and her husband’s failure to deny the prophetess title mean this is demonic, arrogance, etc? Well the failure to deny the prophetess title may be chalk full of arrogance, but consider Moses’ crime. Did his crime of arrogance immediately negate his appointment of speaking from conviction or on behalf of God? No.

    Nor does her insecurity about making these statements indicate foul play. Moses didn’t want to go to Pharoah, then he told God he wasn’t a good speaker. Jonah was disgusted with the idea of speaking to Ninevah so much he ran from the opportunity and was swallowed by a giant sea creature in order for God to teach him a lesson and get him to give his Spirit led speech to the Assyrians.

    Also, I believe Russ Dizdar brings a lot of needed information on SRA, MPD, DID to the table, but simply sighting that 3AM is the time Satanist do their rituals and stating that the white haired man talking to her may indicate she was triggered is not definitive. For all we know he could have been “in the know” that she had this on her heart to do and was encouraging her to make her stand at that time. Or he simply could’ve been a co-worker finishing up business before she took the stand to speak. We don’t know.

    This is why this sort of knee jerk reaction against someone being led to have a Spirit led outburst in public bothers me. There’s coming a time when no matter how logical, reasonable, well thought out, well delivered, well presented, rule following, etc a Christian speaks will be considered insane and disruptive. There’s coming a day when no matter what we do, how kind we act, etc…we will be called extremist.

    Lastly, I want to stress that I’m not defending the prophetic claims of these statements. I’m not disagreeing with them. I’m not even defending that they came directly from God. I just think the analyst leading to the conclusion that they’re not is wanting. I don’t think we know enough and even if we continue to be fed negative points about the Reidys, remember God used a Donkey to talk to Balaam. The problem will come when Ms. Reidy and crew start to contradict scripture. That’s when we know for certain there’s an issue. However, this is not to say we can’t see any red flags. I just don’t see the “disruptive” behavior mentioned here or think the “society will label Christians as nutcase extremists” as a reason to be sort of “hush hush” about conviction and the public presentation of such.

    Enjoy the show, keep up the good work.

    1. Brother Roy,

      Hi! I just wanted to take a second to tell you that I really don’t disagree with much that you’ve said here, and perhaps something has been lost in the translation as to my aims with the article and the comments I’ve made. I have stated that I have no idea whether this was a word from God or what the motivation was. My only purpose was to give consideration to the idea that there MAY be an alternative explanation, and I laid out the information at my disposal that would support the relevance of being sober minded with regard to the Dianne Reidy situation.

      None of that is to say that I know any better than anyone else what really happened. I have and entirely supernatural worldview, therefore there is no desire whatsoever on my part to undermine movements of the Spirit. I’ve seen wonderful things with my own eyes, and as you could probably glean from my testimony… my own conversion was a 100% spirit driven supernatural experience! So I really don’t think it is fair to claim that I’m in the camp of people trying to stamp out evidence of spirit driven events.

      In your comment, you lay out the case just as I did, and you admit that claims by the media have been misleading/sensationalized, you raise the same questions that I did and concede that there are reasons to ask those questions, which is no different than what I’ve done 🙂 The only problem is that you somehow conclude that I’ve made up my mind about what happened, and state that I’ve come to a conclusion on it which I have not.

      It is ok to ask questions. It is ok to be skeptical. In my mind, it is important that we do not accept all things at face value and attach ourselves to every self proclaimed prophet with reckless abandon. We’re called to test these things and to keep a sober, vigilant mind. That’s all!

      God bless you brother. This is an amazingly wonderful and supernatural world formed by a God with limitless power and glory. I would never dream of trying to undermine His ability to move through His people or anyone He chooses. I just personally believe that it is ok to ask the questions. In fact, I think it really is what we’re supposed to do, right?

      1. Natalina,

        I think that in my usual haste to write a response during down time at the office opened up a wondrous amount of time to fat finger keys, make spelling errors and forget whole words that would make some statements better read as a generalized statement versus an aim at you. Granted, the comment is a response to your interview, but also a larger response to some things I’ve heard from intellectual believers versus spirit led. What also might’ve helped would’ve been a decent amount of “I dunno, it could be this” throughout the show. I didn’t really hear any of that. However, again, my contention is with the over arching idea that any display such as this would be taken as somewhat insanity and I couldn’t really understand the connection with the woman on the plane.

        Well I’m not going to bog you down with repetitious statements. It’s fine to ask questions, and I do agree with the misrepresentations in the media and from the Reidy family. I do agree this is a red flag, I just know from experience God does not always work in the way we believe him to work and that sometimes we, the believers, sometimes unwillingly place Him in our own boxes for a variety of reasons. Not saying you did this, just pointing out why I reacted the way I did.

        Again questions are fine, but like you pointed out in your opening statement to me that something was apparently lost in translation.

        God bless,

    2. Hey Brother Roy,

      Natalina beat me to it. But just to rehash, I agree with most of what you said there. I don’t think any of us can be certain whether that whole thing was God inspired or not.

      The difference is that with Biblical examples, we know those accounts were written down as God’s Word. So we can have confidence that it was inspired. With this, it’s not so clear. We have media muck, and our own preconceived notions about it, so healthy skepticism is good. But like Natalina said in the interview, to automatically label her a prophetess? Not so sure about that.

      God can use all things for His ultimate goodness. So no matter what the truth is regarding this event, we can use it as a point of conversation to wake people up, to talk about Christianity, to talk about logical/rational perspectives on the issue, to talk about he supernatural angle on the issue etc etc etc. And who knows, someone might come to understand the reality of what Diane Riedy said in the clip which was that this country was built on Freemasonic beliefs.

      Thanks for the comment and taking time to listen to the show. We appreciate the support! Blessings.


      1. Gonz,

        Thanks for responding. I agree with everything you said. My only contention would be pointing out that the events/examples from the Bible serve to help us gauge whether or not things like this are reasonable or unreasonable within the confines of Scripture. I reacted the way I did because the implication I pulled from the show, and unfortunately Natalina’s blog as well as supporters of her article in the comment was that No Christian should blurt out “truth” like this…it’s disorderly and will be seen among unbelievers as extreme and insane and lead to them treating us like Islamic Extremist. Also like Natalina said, something apparently got lost in translation because as she stated it wasn’t her intent to imply that.

        I do agree with healthy skepticism, I agree attributing prophetess to her is also knee jerky and misguided and I agree this opens up conversation.

        I guess in responding the way I did is my fear of seeing in scripture people like Ehud, Moses, Samson, Elijah, David, list goes on and on of people getting called to do things that seemingly goes against the grain of what the religious feel in that day…whether that be mainstream, alternative or fringe…and those religious peoples decrying that calling placed on that individual because it goes against the grain. In this…I know I’m preaching to the crowd because a great deal of what you and Basil deal with goes against the grain.

        If there was a misunderstanding of failure to see everything laid out on my party, then my apologies.

        God bless,

  2. simon

    great episode guys. the moon episode, on the other hand…not so much

    1. Jrandom

      My wife and I actually liked the moon episode. I also appreciate Gonz bringing up the fact that a professional webmaster should have a back up. It went from “I had to rebuild EVERYTHING from scratch!” to “Well, I had most of the files backed up.”

      I believe that Nat is the real deal, but she needs to not be looking for sympathy from a discerning crowd.

      God bless and keep up the good work.

      1. Hey Jrandom, I liked the moon episode as well!

        Quick point of reference – when I was referring to “rebuilding from scratch”, I didn’t mean I had to re-write the articles. The articles were saved as a backup, however the “scratch” I was talking about was with regard to rebuilding the site itself. At that time, it was much more elaborate, with lots of bells and whistles, which I’ve actually cut back on. I had to recover lost plugins and files etc, not to mention the fact that I’m not exactly a champion at coding. That stuff can be HARD! “Professional webmaster” is probably not a title I’d bestow upon myself. lol

        Never was I looking for sympathy, however. That’s kinda silly. I was just answering the questions Basil and Gonz gave me, and I wasn’t gonna lie. Losing my site and having to rebuild it totally sucked! But no one has to feel sorry for me. It was a couple of years ago now and this is probably the fist time I talked about it in quite a while. I believe you read a bit too much into it, my friend 🙂

  3. Claudia

    I really enjoyed listening to your program & I can remember when I first heard the account of Mrs. Reidy’s outburst I felt something was amiss & I don’t have anything to support that other than my gift of discernment. As I read all the articles & listening to all the comments praising her & the event, I began to wonder if I was the only person who couldn’t view this with such enthusiastic confirmation of a move of God. I’m just glad to hear that I am not alone in my thoughts. Thanks for your show, I enjoy it very much. God Bless!!

  4. londonhermit

    The Bible does say let everything be done decently and in order. These episodes are very reminiscent of Paul and the girl with the familiar spirit where she was shouting over and over, “these are the men of the most high God, hear them”. I smell the a rat or should I say serpent.

  5. Brother P.

    With the rather meagre evidence available, it is not really possible say for sure one way or another whether Diane Reidy’s denunciation was Spirit-driven, frustration-driven or even serpent-driven (as some have suggested). I was amazed at how much time and effort has gone into the speculation on both sides, though. Strange.

    The woman on the plane was bound for Tampa. …Which is of course in Florida — formerly the Sunshine State, but these days more like the Altered State. The inclusion of a “Don’t you ****ing touch me!” in between the repetitions of “Jesus, you’re my Savior!” was interesting: what that says about the state of American Christianity, I wouldn’t like to say… 😉

  6. Brother P.

    It just occurred to me what exactly the woman on the plane was doing: all becomes clear when one sets down her words in print…



    (verse 1)

    God, you’re my Savior
    God, you’re my Savior
    God, you’re my Savior
    … (x33)


    Don’t ****ing touch me!

    (verse 2)

    God, you’re my Savior
    God, you’re my Savior
    God, you’re my Savior
    … (repeat to fade)

    Why, she’s obviously just singing a modern worship song! (They don’t call them ‘hymns’ nowadays, do they?)

    …And when one considers that she’s headed for Tampa, her vocal style is very much in the local vernacular.

  7. Esther

    I’ve always wondered about what it meant when God says that “the blood cried out”. God also says that the life is in the blood. Interesting to think about anyways.

  8. That airplane outburst is quite insane. It reminds me exactly of that demon that Paul casts out of the woman in Acts 16 : 16-18 — «On one occasion, as we went to the place of prayer, a servant girl possessed with a spirit of divination met us, who brought her masters much profit by fortune-telling. She followed Paul and us, shouting, “These men are servants of the Most High God, who proclaim to us the way of salvation.” She did this for many days. But becoming greatly troubled, Paul turned to the spirit and said, “I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her.” And it came out at that moment.»

  9. Nick

    The woman on plane incident seemed like Philippos Daniyyel said, demon possession. Notice she repeated God and never said Jesus. Loved the show, was good to get to know Natalina.

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