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CCR 057: Extraordinary Intelligence with Natalina

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CCR 057: Extraordinary Intelligence with Natalina


Every news report you see, from main stream corporate television to alternative online media, starts with a presupposed worldview. But seldom is there a news source that changes their perspective in the middle of their existence. That’s what happened to Natalina, the hostess of the website Extraordinary Intelligence ( Natalina began the website as a place to report on the strange, paranormal, and conspiratorial topics of inquiry all from a rather new age point of view. But after coming to faith in Jesus Christ, the trajectory of her website changed. Now, Natalina reports all of the Extraordinary Intel from a firmly grounded Biblical worldview. The change was dramatic and something that caused some of her audience to abandon Extraordinary Intelligence, but Natalina felt that it was more important to approach fringe topics with her convictions about Jesus Christ than it is to try to retain an audience. As a result, Extraordinary Intelligence has become a place where the reader can trace Natalina’s journey from new ager to believer, all in the context of addressing the supernatural, paranormal, and conspiratorial topics of our day. In this discussion, we hear about Natalina’s journey and testimonial of how she came to faith, as well as various topics including the recent article she published on Extraordinary Intelligence about Diane Reidy’s recent outburst, her encounter with the group Anonymous, demonology, the problem with the modern day institution of church, and more.


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